1. Herschel Walker had no business being a Senator, but in gracefully conceding the election and saying “no excuses” he showed more leadership chops than Trump ever did.

    1. The amount of garbage rambling in this thread is hilarious. He was nominated by the people, neither candidate got 50% of the vote, went to a run off and was still close. You don’t need intelligence to be a senator. Your only job is raising your hand yes or no. Most of the bills are written by staff, influenced by lobbiest, and voted on with unanimous consent. How unaware. The people claiming they want “competence” is mind boggling. To get to the point of being on a ballot, you have shown competence and support of the people.

    2. You all should really get outside your information bubble of just agreeing with each other more often. You clearly don’t share much time in reality, to even understand the subjects you discuss.

    3. @IYamWhatIYam I do not say he is changed man. Just, that he deserves credit/respect for this one action. Compare him with Kary Lake.

  2. Walker was a terrible candidate but at least he accepted his defeat gracefully. I hope Trump’s watching.

    1. @Dean Romanado 232 out of 252 Midterm Races WON who had my Endorsement, and the Fake News is working overtime to try and create the most negative narrative possible. No, the REAL reasons were other than Trump, and I can name them ALL!

    2. @Rick Keeton 232 out of 252 Midterm Races WON who had my Endorsement, and the Fake News is working overtime to try and create the most negative narrative possible. No, the REAL reasons were other than Trump, and I can name them ALL!

    3. The Biden Administration and the FBI paid
      Twitter to censor Free Speech and
      Suppress information, That’s Treason!!

  3. Trump since 2016-“I can’t release my taxes because I’m being audited.”
    Jury yesterday-“We looked at your taxes and they show you’ve been a liar, a fraud and a thief your whole life! GUILTY on all 17 counts!!!!!!!”

  4. Walker said to trust your elected officals, to trust the constitution, and to not make excuses for losing, to the party of the Big Lie.

  5. What a relief for Georgia in terms of actual leadership and the fact ..Rev. Rachael Warnock is creditable and ..sharper than Herschel Walker ever will be. Yup. Thank you for this reporting job tonight. Most appreciative. 🌻✂️🙃Yup.

    1. not by much. He keeps fathering kids and not supporting them… He beats up women, GF’s ex wives. Holds guns to people heads. He is seriously cte infected.

    2. He’s more Werewolf than Trump. Still a monster though, please stop giving him any credit. Conceding is part of the election system. Don’t be soft on any of these GOP monsters, they’ll tear Democracy’s throat out given the chance.

  6. 4:39 don’t forget about Kari Lake too. Until Donald dies or goes to prison, he’s not letting the GOP break away from him that easily. And even if he ultimately doesn’t run in 2024 (and I strongly believe he won’t), most of us won’t let the GOP forget what we went through while they stood by him over the last 6 years

    1. When trump loses the nomination to Duh-Santis in two years, he’ll become completely unhinged and go on a jihad against his own party and maybe even run 3rd party. He’s done it several times already, costing the GOP control of the senate in 2020 and this year. Please god, make it happen 🙏🏼 😂

  7. Herschel Walker when he lost: “There are no excuses in life:”
    Kari Lake when she lost: “Arizonans know bullshit when they see it.”

  8. I haven’t exactly been a fan of Herschel Walker’s political aspirations, but his graceful exit earns him some respect.

    1. Nope if he’s smarter and played the fool or if he’s dumber than a box of rocks makes no difference.

  9. Finally someone who pointed it out. I am no Walker fan and I’m grateful Warnock won, but however terrible of a candidate for the actual job Herschel Walker was, he certainly showed more grace and spine than the vast majority of Republicans in Congress, starting with their leaders. The media attention-whores were so busy talking about winners and losers and the next election, that they totally missed his crystal clear statement about the Constitution. Thank you, HW, if only for that. I hope you get to fulfill your dream as a werewolf 😉

    1. I suspect it is because the republican push was no matter how bad the guy is he is a republican so one more republican in the senate

  10. That was the best speech I’ve heard Walker say since he been running for Senator…Guess he learned something 🤷🏽

  11. Amazing! I did not exp7for those words to come from his mouth! That was more grace and honor than I have heard from the whole Republican Party in many, many years!!!

  12. Flawed as Herschel Walker is, he knows how to accept defeat like a man. Others cry out foul and just hang on to the lie. The first is admirable. The latter is pathetic, especially for a 76-year-old man.

  13. That concession speech was Walker’s finest moment…it couldnt have been easy but he was very gracious and finished proudly. Wow I didn’t vote for him, I believe in giving credit where credit is due.

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