Ex-Trump aide: GOP praise for Pence shows Trump is ‘weakened’

Ex-Trump aide: GOP praise for Pence shows Trump is ‘weakened’ 1


  1. I have to give Pence a little thanks for doing the right thing he did go against a mob boss no one wants to do that but he did help create that mob boss so he is to blame a little too

    1. nah… “how much for my loyalty” is the GOP question. Remember; “do I have your loyalty?”

  2. En masse! Do it. There is strength in numbers. Frankly they should have expressed their true feelings about trump after he blew it in 2020.

  3. Standing ovation for the guy that clung to the shoulder of trump until he finally accepted saw how insane he was…a little…..too late ….mate

    1. No, too late would have been realizing what had happened after he got in the secret service car. He was just in time.

  4. If Mike Pence was running for “statue” he’d definitely get my vote. He’s good at staring off into space with a blank look.
    For four years he stood by silent throughout the ridiculous Trump Covid “response”. Basically all he did was use the ATM without robbing the bank. He’s no hero, he did his job. Why is that so praiseworthy or entitle him to be president?

  5. 92% percent of Democrats* are strongly engaged in this election. It’s the first time this cycle that Democratic interest in the race, in the elections, has surpassed the Republicans. So, people are coming together who are the majority in numbers.

    1. @D.W. Holder right 👌 it’s the top rated show that is fake, not cnn lol. You’re getting duped every single day 🤪

    2. The democrats would’ve had my vote if they didn’t push pronouns and trans ideology so hard on children

  6. Allison Camerata was about to burst out laughing, which is what I did when I heard “privately they all want Donald Trump to go away”. Hahahahaha…. Like a bad dog or a super hot sunny day, not even important enough to shame, just “go away”.

    1. You don’t think it’s funny that you fall for this stuff? It’s always private lol, wouldn’t you like to actually hear someone say it ? You’re the one laughing? 🤨lol

    2. @WE THE PEOPLE 🙌 I regret what I said. Sorry. Long live the Conspirator.
      You guys have had every chance to present proof of fraud. But if anyone says “here, have the microphone, tell us about your proof” you guys start “hey, who brought the proof? Did we leave it in the car?”….
      Going against the vote of the people is the most un-American and un ethical thing to do. Aren’t you ashamed by your total lack of virtue?

  7. Trump: Mike, help me overthrow democracy or I won’t be your friend.
    Pence: Mother won’t let… I mean I can’t, sorry.
    GOP Members: Pence is a hero 🥇
    The rest of us: 🤮

    1. “Artificial intelligence algorithms can test what content works and what does not over and over again on millions of people at high speed, until their targets react as desired.”

    2. @Tomas Pita Tom. I understand your desire to separate the two !! Who wouldn’t attempt the same ?

    3. @Tomas Pita Tom. Are you maintaining that ‘social media’ has more integrity than msm? What are you getting at ?

  8. if they all come out in public and say what they think, trump will definitely draw back in his corner and shut himself up. plus, they give their voters an idea what to do. Only when they’re acting cowardly like that, paper tiger like trump can act like real tiger.

  9. Why are we giving so much credit and attention to people for just doing their job?!?! My GOD!!! the level of privilege and disconnection is obscene.

    1. @Mick A It’s like the literal fabric of reality is tearing in front of our faces. I swear, I have moments I have to second guess myself because it’s enough to drive someone mad.

    2. @Neo LeRod — My question is when did a large percentage of the American population lose the ability to recognize bullsh!t when they smell it? At this point, the fact that Trump still has a ‘base’ of voter support and enough support that the Republicans still kowtow to him simply blows my mind.
      When Cassidy Hutchinson said, “I was trying to focus on the good that President Trump had done” all I could think was that I’m going to need a list of these good things, since I can’t think of any.

  10. Pence actions don’t suggest that he is a strong actions speaks louder than words and his actions?

  11. There’s no inconsistency. They’re trying to play both sides of the fence, still hypocrites, 100%

    1. @dr funky exactly. The reason McConnell, McCarthy, Graham all say the truth one day and walk it back the next.

  12. “Inconsistency within the republican party??? 😱 Say it isn’t so! 😄😄😄 That’s quite the understatement.
    ‘They want trump to go away’….😄😄😄…. so did over 81million of us.
    (But he just didn’t go far enough away dammit!!!)

  13. This is like everyone praising the man who pays child support on time… like Chris rock said… “That’s what you’re supposed to do!!” How low the bar is for politicians.😑

  14. I can’t imagine ‘Mother’ (or any of Mike Pence’s family, honestly) letting him run in 2024. They would all be in constant danger from Trump’s supporters.

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