1. If the DOJ gets involved we won’t see what is happening till after the trial, let the J6 Hearing do their thing so we can get all the info

  2. I recall trump saying to maxwell that he wished her well. He’s got quite a reputation for protecting folks in high places. Thinks he’s lucky Luciano.

  3. “The truth has no defense against a fool determined to believe a lie.” – Mark Twain. ~ This sums up most Trump supporters.

    1. @TheDiamond2009 How is he plegiarising his statement if he is showing who wrote it. It would be a different story if he had not put Mark Twain as the author. He is in no way stealing Twain statement but using it as a thought.

    2. @Biz Casa I’m still better off this past year than those 4 Trump had. Those 4 years were probably the worst I have ever had in 60 years of living.

    3. Mark Twain lives on! Mark Twain is Greater than a River Boat in Anaheim’s Disneyland Amusement park. “Keep Caln and Mark Twain on”. Gregg Oreo long Beach Ca

  4. They forgot another important aspect. How many people still close to Trump would want to engage in witness tampering on his behalf? That should be one of the most risky criminal moves to take on the planet right now.

    1. @Diego motta thanks for the info. Yes this man is seriously paranoid. To the point of him being in need of psychiatric treatment just fo his paranoia alone.

    2. @Bernhard Schwarz Except for all the witnesses who have testified public. 🤣And the depositions from other witnesses haven’t been given under anonymity — or perhaps I’m wrong? If so, prove it.

    3. @Bernhard Schwarz Yes, Mr Know-It-All — exactly which witnesses have testified under privilege of anonymity? If any have, how many have not?

  5. My dad’s a narcissist and he speaks in code the same way. For example, he NEVER says exactly what he wants, he suggests it so you know what he is expecting. It’s a manipulation tactic, and it is how Donald Trump brainwashed his supporters. My mother knows the code so well, that she instinctively thinks when I speak to her I’m speaking in that same code, when I’m actually asking her a direct question. For example, “How many of those sausages can I have?” She interprets this as “I would like to have some sausages” and so she would respond: “If you give me a plate I’ll give some to you.” My question requires a number, because it is a direct question, not an implication, not code. Saying: “3” would have been sufficient, but she is so used to interpreting narcissist code that she mistakes non-narcissist code for narcissist code.

    1. @Vincent SerranoTo “We the People” paid troll. Trump University. “See that guycover there? Knock the crap out of him. I will pay your legal bills. Truth Cential. Build the Wall. His “legal defense fund”. Trump Steaks. I could go on all night.

    2. @nino d to why put a name: you know that video is cropped, right? There is video on YT of it uncropped.

    3. @Russell Snodgrass I agree with most of your argument except that in the case of Jim Jones, some accounts say there were armed guards so you were really damned if you drank and damned if you dont. I forget who played him in the tv movie but he was incredible.

  6. You only need to prove reasonable doubt. We’re way past it being reasonable to say Trump is guilty as sin for what he unleashed on America’s Constitution, Democracy and rule of Law.

    1. @Nic Lewis – Prosecutions are _”legally required to prove”_ what? *A)* Doubt. *B)* Guilt.

  7. Michael Cohen speaks the truth from experience and his heart. He did his dirty deeds and paid the price. Now he redeems himself by trying to spread the facts about the dangers of Trumpism. He has gained wisdom and integrity. Thank you Michael Cohen.

    1. @Let’s Go Brandon just a typical tRumpian propaganda bot aren’t you. Donnie love you little Teacup.

    2. Crooks don’t deserve credibility. He got caught and now he is grasping at any opportunity to make a living.

  8. The fact that trump tried to interfere with a witness after he was specifically warned not to, shows he is either stupid or thinks he’s above the law. He needs to be taught otherwise.

    1. He’s untouchable because the elites of this country don’t want to have to punish one of their own

  9. To have decided to do his time, come out swinging for the truth, the future of all our lives, Michael Cohen has a lot of courage. Everyone can have a second chance and he deserves his.

    1. Trump HAS to run. He needs the protection of the presidency to avoid prison. No way he’s going to walk away from all that power.

    1. @Bernhard Schwarz people think “the right” of basically “non left” watch Fox, but many do not. Left or right I think most people really believe in the same things and the powers that be like to keep them apart with diversionary non-truths.

  10. Michael Cohen is a prime example of where trump loyalty leads ..He lost so much, but thankfully he didn’t lose his family or his life..thankfully in the end he gained everything that is humble and good. He has become one of my favorite people.

  11. Once the “staffer” is revealed we will find out that “Trump didn’t recall ever knowing” this

  12. He speaks in code to avoid incrimination. He’s so careful and comfortable about doing it because he always wants to do criminal things.

    1. @Michael Thomas Gee Mike, do you remember “Russia Gate” and dems saying 2016 was “rigged”?
      Do you have short term memory loss?

    2. I don’t think he wants to run but the narcissist in him will convince him to do so; plus there is some level of protection if he ran — derailing attention away from Jan 6th to his campaign. But knowing he’ll be under even tighter scrutiny why would he even put that kind of energy into running again???!!!! He is basically hanging himself right about now.

  13. It’s like a cult & unseasoned incompetent mafia in one. Michael Cohen has been insightful. Glad he took the hard road to get out & speak up.

  14. Thank you Michael Cohen for speaking out and revealing this con man’s MO. The more people are aware of it, the more we can defend ourselves.

    1. Hilarious. And now we have a 50 year corrupt career politician with Alzheimer’s 🤡🤡👍👍

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