1. She is a terrible person and she’s trying to distance herself from the chaos that she herself was part of.

    1. @Sugar Doll have mercy, we need to lock a whole bunch of ’em up but that will never happen!

    2. Seditious tRump: “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by!”
      Proud Boys: “Well Master, that’s all we really can do in this 6 by 9 cell!”

  2. All those who participated in that attempted coup in America must face the full force of law🇺🇸🙏🍿

    1. @KarlBunker shouldn’t you be able to come up with something? Maybe just one thing?
      All they say on “the news” (not Fox) is, “all this evidence”, “overwhelming evidence”. They’re followers take it to heart and find themselves unable to answer the simplest of questions.

  3. I love how the GQP are all trying to distance themselves from rump. Suddenly, they’ve had revelations , they’ve kept to themselves until they might be held responsible.

  4. She was all in until she wasn’t. Just like a don’t give AF what Deborah Birx has to say now, I couldn’t careless about DeVos’ hindsight.

    1. @Doogie Bear Zero. Interesting that, in lieu of answering what I asked, you deflected by asking 2 questions. But that pretty much answers my question. So I’ll let you get back to it Troll.

  5. She should explain what her family’s charitable trust has to do with Bethany Christian Family Services adoption agency and its involvement with the ramped up child separation policy. Like, perhaps a full and thorough audit is in order.

    1. @Rohan Kurian Eleven now. I could understand 4 or 5. East coast, West coast, Gulf coast, one for Europe and one for Africa, but 11 forty million dollar each yachts is just disgusting. None built in America of course. G H W Bush put an end to luxury yacht building in the US and put 130,000 people out of work for a tax that never brought in a single dollar.

  6. Devos’s silence until now is deafening. She’s just another one from the administration initiation a redemption tour. I guess she couldn’t find a ghost author to write a book.

    1. @Doogie Bear awwhhh, lil guy is so lost he can’t even come up with a rebuttal. Gotta say, not suprised

  7. Notice her book standing up in the foreground. She’s was a terrible person in the administration.

  8. All of these people who’ve had audio released where they say things like this and then sweep it under the rug and deny deny deny, how on earth does anyone respect them? If I heard that kind of thing from someone I voted for I’d be looking for someone else to vote for

  9. This does not excuse her after she enabled his tyrannical behaviour during his time in office.

  10. I’m not going to give anyone credit for their actions. What the should have done was have a spine and not resign and lie. Do something like stop the madman

  11. She is a terrible person and she’s trying to distance herself from the chaos that she herself was part of.

  12. She didn’t resign until after the insurrection failed. She would have been happy to remain in the Trump Cabinet if it had succeeded.

  13. Betsy DeVos is the last person I’d have a conversation with about the 25th amendment. She’s nearly as mad as trump is!

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