Ex-Trump Lawyer Admits Big Lie Was Lie | All In | MSNBC 1

Ex-Trump Lawyer Admits Big Lie Was Lie | All In | MSNBC


In a court filing defending Sidney Powell from a billion-dollar defamation lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems, her lawyers said the election fraud claims she made on national television for months were not at all true and too ridiculous to be defamatory. Aired on 03/23/2021.
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Ex-Trump Lawyer Admits Big Lie Was Lie | All In | MSNBC


    1. trump will go to jail same day hillary,bill,george,rumsfeld obama and the rest of the gang but it will never happen.we got our new puppet,live with,or dont.one day people will wake up that all politicians are corrupt cause everone can be bought.sad and pathetic,butt true.waitting on super jesus to fix it all.

    2. @joe kim you either drink on drugs or both… Trump is the worst president in modern history… Since you believe anything I got a bridge for sale in Brooklyn… Leave you credit card info

    1. It doesn’t speak well for the legal community that she hasn’t been disbarred _before_ now. Same for Rudy Giuliani and William Barr.
      Ronnie Jackson and Scott Atlas should have lost their medical licenses by now, too.

    2. Confidentiality people seem to have forgotten that anything you say with your lawyer is confidential so if she is saying things she has broken the law she should be arrested I really don’t care what she’s saying the fact that she’s saying it shows that she can’t be trusted which means she could be lying about lying her friends and family could have put pressure to admit to something she never did as it would be better for her social standing in this hate Trump Day & age

    3. @Anandan Kannoosamy plus confidentiality is illegal to break between you know that thing attorney-client privilege

    4. Why is that? Why shouldn’t she keep her license- she did nothing wrong. It’s the DNC that rigged the election, not her. The 1.3 billion lawsuit against her is for pure intimidation and she is NOT backing down. She will not be bullied by these creeps and she is a hero for it and one of the only ones standing up for fair elections. Most others have buckled under the intimidation tactics. All this time they are hiding the machines and ballots, they are destroying evidence. Ballots are being shredded, machines are being deleted of all election evidence and ballot images- what are they hiding? It’s just stall tactics until they can get rid of all the evidence. They claimed that the machines are not connected to the internet and that was a total lie! Democrats were even writing letters warning of problems with these machines. Texas refused to use them because they are not secure at all. If you think these machines are good, you are sadly misinformed.

  1. “It not MY fault for lying to you its YOUR fault for believing me”. The old Tucker Carlson defense.

    1. @Living Water Scripture Devotionals says a sad soyflake that I just educated.
      Tell me beta… If russian disinformation hurt Hillary’s campaign in 2016…
      Why can’t you ignorant slobs name any russian lies about Hillary from 2016?
      Cant do it can you? I know you can’t.
      Who’s ignorant?
      Here is another nugget for an low info msnbc sheep.
      There is NO evidence that capitol cop was murdered. No fire extinguisher was used and no sign of blunt force trauma. Nyt redacted their lie and didn’t bother to say anything.
      I could educate you all day.

    1. @Kellie Patrick no there weren’t any investigations. The Supreme Court didn’t hear it either on procedural grounds, not evidence.

    2. @Big Hawn Trump’s attorney’s didn’t even allege fraud in most of the 60 or more court cases. What little evidence they brought wasn’t even worthy of a lower court, let alone the Supreme Court.

      Trump lost fair and square. He had the lowest approval rating of any President in modern history. Then he tried to steal the election from Biden by convincing all of his followers in the ‘court of public opinion’ what he couldn’t even bother to prove in a court of law.

    3. @Kellie Patrick it wasn’t all about voter fraud but voter procedures. there were plenty of affidavits that were never heard. There were too many anomalies and irregularities to be fair. To suggest otherwise is just ridiculous. The double standards and hypocrisy from the left along with leftist supporters such as yourself are astounding. God help us.

  2. “The I was just kidding defence.” She should do housework and gardening for the Widows of the Dead Cops in in Washington for the Rest of her Life.

  3. I’m not saying she’s a demon, but if I were trying to disguise myself as a human… That’s the look I would choose lol

    1. Not sure about being a demon but there is something very robotic about her her mouth moves but no other feature as she leaps over piles of logic only to fall into the uncanny valley of lies.

    2. Yep! “BE-AS-Trump!”

      The MAGA mark curiously appeared (as a red hat) on the center of thousands of foreheads. Satan clearly has a sick sense of humor. Easy marks indeed.

    3. I think Sarah Huckabee Sanders is possibly even more disgusting. For that matter it seems there are a ton of hags on the right.

    1. Tucker Carlson used this same defense, a few years ago, bc he was being sued for libel. Guess what? He won!

    2. @Howard Rosen Wow, really insane world we’re in. But it’s also the same one where “the dog ate my homework” used to work. So there you go.

  4. HER defense is what’s “ridiculous”. It’s always greatto watch these parasites get caught. I’ve gotta go! The popcorn is ready!

    1. @NYCBG Yes, and here’s why, I’m not a billionaire who paid Millionaires journalists to tell you what to think.

      We’re a nation of adult children of alcoholics and people don’t understand what that means when I said that.

      One of the hallmarks of a adult children of an alcoholic is that they misplaced loyalties and they don’t get angry at the person who’s abusing them.

      No instead they get angry at the person who point out that they’re being abused

      Again, don’t stop now be a free thinker and always be skeptical of two party system.

  5. The real-world consequences of her words – were devastating and because of them, people died. Powell should go to jail.


    2. @Rambos Raiders All the Republicans have, morally, are double standards. They have no ethics, no honesty, no decency, and no patriotism.

  6. This exactly the same as when Fox News’ lawyers argued no reasonable person would take Tucker Carlson seriously.

    1. Some people got mean typing skills. Spaces between each letter. Must be the dumb and irrational person that the kraken was talking about. You know that no rational person would believe anything I say. Brought the con hook, line and sinker.

  7. Prison. Standing behind the flag, misleading public and wasting everyone’s time and energy. Throw the book at these people!

    1. why do i remember in history class in the 80’s we read traitors hang? mabey they ment poor traitors hang.we became our own mother England.now we cant run away from ourselves fast enough.well isnt that special.

  8. Shes ended up calling all involved fools as all those followers same.
    She a treasonous creature who will walk away.

    1. @Moto Shop she betrayed her country by trying to help overthrow the legally elected leadership of the government with what she understood was lies. She galvanized million of idiots with this “fraud” lie was part of what led to Jan 6. Nah, I think Skyrocketcoast has a point.
      But it wasn’t all her. Trump also fueled these
      fraud claims. And when your base worships you like some sort of god-king truth is irreverent. Perhaps dominion should also sue trump to get him to admit the same

    2. @Danny Martinez – Again, back to the point at hand, it WASN’T treason. Only a fool who doesn’t understand the meaning of treason would call it treason. Freedom of speech. Look it up.

    3. @Danny Martinez And if Dominion has nothing to hide, why did they refuse to release their machine code/software for review?

    4. She did nothing of the sort. It was a 90 page court filing this “news company” distilled to one sentence taken woefully out of context to spin a story to their shills who won’t look any further than the headline

  9. *Well, then she should be prosecuted and convicted for inciting unreasonable people against a democratically and constitutionally performed election.*

  10. “A lie makes it half way around the world before the truth gets it’s shoe’s on”
    Mark Twain

    1. “The wheels of Justice turn slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine”. Patience Everyone! Justice Will be served!!

    2. @Nancy Griffin Hopefully ALL these people will learn from all of this, one way or another! “A smart man learns from his mistakes. A wise man learns from the mistakes of others.”

  11. Republican “double-talk” also known as LYING! Disbar her! She should not be entitled to practice law in any state!

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