Ex-Trump official: President's Proud Boys threat was real 1

Ex-Trump official: President’s Proud Boys threat was real


Former White House National Security Adviser John Bolton reacts to President Donald Trump calling on the far-right group Proud Boys to "stand back, and stand by," saying that Trump "knew exactly what he was saying."

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    1. Of course Trump didn’t seperate children from Parents. Unbelievable that Latinos sell out so easily. We are the Judas Iscarriot people.

  1. For those who didn’t get it donnie boo boo just gave his goon squad a yellow light so be mindful.

    1. @Rick Castellon You guys should have picked a better. People who vote third party can be mad at you for the same reason your mad at them.

    1. @Rahim Majid Richard Spencer supports Biden, literally a white nationalist.
      Makes sense considering democrats are pushing for segregation and trying to remove the Civil Rights act in California.

    2. @Luis Hernandez The name of the founder of Proud Boys is Gavin McInnes. Dunno about you, but that name doesn’t sound very Cuban to me.

    3. Donald Trump has repeatedly condemned and disavowed white supremacist groups, hate groups, David Duke, etc. Here is a compilation of every time within memory of disavowing those groups on the heels of the first debate, where headlines STILL paint him as someone who refuses to deny these groups. youtube.com/watch?v=bZWJdQysUw0

    1. @Hank Chinaski Congrats, you just failed your civil science course. Are you not understanding what every media outlet is telling you? Trump does not need votes. This time around the popular vote will not make a difference. It can only be a step to get him out even if needed. Look up how the electoral college works and what the Trump campain is doing. They are stacking the electoral college via legislature in many states. If the voting process fails which we know Trump will assure Republican Legislature of the states they own picks the electorates which swings the votes in Trumps favor. If you had the senate this could not happen but right now you don’t. See the problem and understand now WHY it’s a constitutional crises the popular vote can not fix? What he does is legal for which no-one can or will impeach him. That’s what all of your beloved leaders already said. Both sides know it can’t be done. If Trump gets his judge on the supreme court he has won. There’s no way around it scholars say.

  2. “I’m worried that a second Trump term will cause irreparable damage but nah, i won’t vote for the only other person able to beat him. Lemme write in casper”

    John Bolton is not a serious human being.

    1. John Bolton is, first and foremost, NOT a patriot.
      A write-in in this election says flat out that he doesn’t give a sh!t about our nation.
      BIDEN/HARRIS 2020!!!
      #traitortrump for LIFE IN PRISON!!!

    2. That’s exactly what I was thinking!!! He’s going to sit on the sidelines again, watching everyone else do their job to make sure trump is a one term president.

  3. Your best ammunition is your vote.
    Check you’re registered – don’t take it for granted. Too many lists being cut.

  4. He said a bunch of stuff that made sense but then ended with “I’m going to write someone in for president.” Frankly that’s dumb. If you think trump is dangerous then you should vote for whoever will ensure he doesn’t get elected. It’s a wasted vote from someone who wasted their time in the White House.

    1. Jeff B …You can’t see the immorality that is DJT because your embrace of his values tells us that you, and all who support him, and his actions, are cut from the same cloth.

    2. What about under goerge Bush? You guys are the best tv show ever made because you don’t realise how small the bubble you’re in is.

  5. When the radical war hawk of the past is now considered a reasonable man….hmmmm this is a strange timeline indeed.

  6. “I totally disavow the Ku Klux Klan. I totally disavow David Duke. I’ve been doing it now for two weeks. You have to be, like, the 18th person to ask me this question,” Trump said in response to globalist Fox News propagandist Chris Wallace in March 2016.

  7. People need to live stream these voting locations so that if these armed militias show up we can full transparency.

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