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  1. When the White house starts supporting dictators around the world instead of democracy ,I’d say it’s time to worry.

  2. Kremlin Kennedy? Seems about right.

  3. Michael Previs | December 2, 2019 at 5:48 PM | Reply

    Well paranoia is a side effect of Adderall abuse

    • And dementia

    • My understanding is that Adderall short-acting was ceased a couple years ago, replaced by time-release Vyvanse……. the former a source for euphoria, the latter a source for caffeine-overdose anxiety. The former wouldn’t make you wish you hadn’t taken it, the latter’s jitteriness makes cessation of use a probable……???

    • @One World Not sure what Vyvance is… But, I seen a Tweet Picture of him professing his Love for Mexico whilst eating Taco Bell… that Clearly exposed a drawer full of Discontinued Sudafed here in America… And heard after his Dr. got him off his Addiction and Abuse of Adderall… He started Abusing the Sudafed!!??😞…

      Which of course is the Last thing that someone w/ Our Nuclear Codes… Needs to be Abusing!!??😜😝😣😒.. #IMPEACHTHEPOPFAST!!!… #VOTEBLUEIN2020!!!💙🇺🇸

  4. Does Kennedy lose credibility when he opens his mouth?

  5. Eugene Setiawan | December 2, 2019 at 5:52 PM | Reply

    Comrade GPOs are Russian assets, they are all just confess.

    • Funny, only you and Democratic socialist are using the term comrades. I do agree with you that Democratic socialist are Russian assets.

    • @Dustin Caso Were just using a word your used to hearing is all !!

    • Richard Hunt yeah, from Democratic socialist in this country. Would you like to see the video of their convention where they literally use it all the time? Never once heard a conservative use it. Let me ask you something, do you believe the Vol. 1 of the Muller report where it said no US citizens conspired with the Russian government, or is that fake news too?

    • @Dustin Caso OK COMRADE

    • @Dustin Caso why, hello, comrade! Just using a friendly term you may be more used to, since you love Russia so much, and pretend like they’re not actively interfering in elections. You know, like the FBI clearly stated they were. You know, like your dear orange leader is doing everything possible to disprove, because it can be interpreted as delegitimizing his presidency. If I were in his shoes, as a fairly honest person, i could not pretend Russia did nothing. It’s why our Congress approved sanctions against Russia right after the election! But that’s not real, because you dont like it. What a load of bullshit!

  6. Global Atheist | December 2, 2019 at 5:53 PM | Reply

    Out of all the countries in the world he picked the one that Putin wants to put blame on. Come on already, are we supposed to sit here while the GOP sells us to Putin?

  7. Rommie Overton | December 2, 2019 at 5:54 PM | Reply

    it is easier to fool someone than it is to convince them that they have been fooled.

    • @Harold Moore Trumpette.
      Apparently you don’t recognize facts.
      If all the “Bipartisan Witnesses” as well as ALL of the U.S. Intel reports.
      Let alone the other international Intel. issues to their “Ambassadors”.
      Can’t convince you and your ilk.
      Then nothing will.

      Keep on believing in that bigly golf course,
      In bed bug infested resorts

    • Oh, the irony of that comment on the CNN you-tube channel.

    • They are not fooled. It’s the GOP they will do anything to stay in power. They are soulless unpatriotic but love to wrap themselves in the American Flag.

    • @Doesn’t Matter Or we could belive Mulveny or listen to trumpy, as he has like it or not said openly what he was asking for from Ukraine. We can listen to the substance of all the testimony, including It col who went to the leagle office not once but 3 times due to the conserns. Last I’m forced to ask why is it that having no I’ll intent having done nothing wrong is the administration stopping those with the most driect knoledge from testifying under oath. These actions are not what I see innocent people do. If there is proof that will clear trumpy then show everyone how wrong they are. Ask yourself has there ever been so much chaos, and pandemonium in any administration in memory. If trumpy would like to not be investigated, it’s simple adherence to standard practices. Understand and follow the law and Constitution. Quit seeing how much can be gotten away with. If it’s not Ukraine scandal, then how about the breaking of imoulments laws or the obstruction in 2 investigations. The tarrifs that were illegally imposed on several countries that did not represent a threat to national security. The list is endless. Included in said list are a myriad of impeachable offenses. If allowed to do these things without consequences then the bar has forever changed. So you will be ok with someone in acting policy as they see fit when it’s not what you agree with. They can run as much US money through thier business as they like no problem. They can involve anyone in US elections. Hell kill two birds sell election help to countries using thier own business to broker the deal and accepting a percentage for the service. Sounds good to me the GOP will be out soon hopefully, then the other side can run wild. When it happens, and it will nothing should be said by those who set precedent.

    • @Hannah wells knew it was invented here didn’t know the back story. So thank you for that. Getting late for you I think I’m going to let this thread go been fun back and forth. With everyone learned some stuff thanks to all for that and have a good evening and a great tomorrow folks.

  8. Living here in Louisiana, I can tell you we do not agree with that chicken-little salamander hybrid of a politician…… Russia, not Ukraine, meddled in the 2016 elections……

    • I still can’t get over Russia hiring Fred Durst for propaganda. Makes them hard to take seriously.

    • Thank you

    • did he say that Russia didn’t try to influence the election or are you just hearing what you want to hear?

    • Mark G.
      Or trump 1+1=3 …republicans well….yes.., the president is indeed right. 1+1=3….

    • Brock Rudow
      Unfortunately, there are a good number of people there that support this pos senator and the pos president….otherwise, neither one of them would be in politics, if enough people there had some common sense.
      Not trying insult all people from Louisianan, but just saying

  9. Thorolfur Beck | December 2, 2019 at 5:57 PM | Reply

    Can you imagine the mood behind closed doors in the Kremlin? They must be getting exhausted from constantly laughing, and progressively harder every month, for the last 3 years!

    • Yeah, they are laughing at the dumb azz LIBTURDS that gave them 20% of our URANIUM

    • I believe most of the Russian politicians are about to enter hospitals out of continuous deep laughter they suffered from its consequences in the past three weeks.
      America became the greatest joke for laughter in all history of Mankind to the whole world because of Pelosi and Schiff and Hellary and Biden.
      Enjoy Russians !

    • Yeah when Trump gave Ukraine missiles to take out Russian tanks, thats hillarious, or maybe when he spent billions on modernizing the US military arsenal, Russia loves that, and the crippling sanctions he has put on Russia they laugh about that all the time. Or maybe how Trump solved the Isis issue in two weeks after obama let it drag out for years. I bet that didnt even worry them at all, i bet they laugh heaps about US airstikes killing russian military in Syria the love Trump for that. Trumps just a ball of fun for Russia there best buds.

    • Trump supporters are use to being laughed at by now. They’ll just just for their Orange Walrus god to keep fist fucking them harder while he and Putin laugh all the way back to Moscow.

  10. Kennedy’s the crossdressing dolled-up entertainer from Moulin Rouge.

  11. John Kennedy looks like he was a Hee Haw extra

  12. Jesus. They’re still trying to bring it all back to the Clintons. Are we sure they aren’t robots? They sure seem to have been programmed well.

  13. Ex-Trump official warns about White House: I’m concerned
    Me: Most of us have been warning about the White House since day 1 of Trump’s presidency.

    • Molly Jo Simmons | December 2, 2019 at 9:09 PM | Reply

      Rob Li
      Ex-Trump officials offer milt toast alarm then slink away into a dark reclusive corner. Trump deciding on his own action, NO Trump is following 🇷🇺 Putin’s playbook. Kennedy & the rest of sycophants are hoping the💰gravy train💰will be their reward.
      (if they can get Trump re-elected)
      America’s very own Oligarchs.

    • @It is what it is That is really sweet. We have a lot of Irish people in the U.S. My mom is Irish. We hope to visit that beautiful land some day.

    • @sun dial I will pray your life gets better.

    • When Trump was declared the Electoral College winner we all knew it would be bad. I don’t think anyone thought his so called “Presidency” would be the penultimate disaster it turned into.

    • LOL , I just noticed that you are as dumb as that Ex Trump official


  15. Russian asset in the WH

  16. *Make America Great Again Impeach Donald J Trump and Mike Pence From Office*

    • Dolores Reynolds | December 2, 2019 at 9:40 PM | Reply

      Rainy Cat She was just a lawyer. Not involved with policy making or decisions. She already lost her career over a few tweets. Why does Trump care to expose her (and continue harassing her)? He makes a lot of noise about something so insignificant. And there are still no (zero) facts exonerating Trump. Lots of facts showing his guilt, though. A vote for Trump is a vote for Putin.

    • Dolores Reynolds 👍👍👍👍

    • @Tim Worley you are delusional, and a traitor.

    • @Trump News fucking idiot is one of Trump’s title. Along with fucking traitor and fucking criminal.

    • Trump 2020🇺🇸

  17. When history is written of the downfall of American democracy it will start with the republicans willing to trade in conspiracies over facts.

    • I did comrad

    • @Elmer Goering Oh thats sad because hes gonna be americas worst one term president. trump has never and will never be revered by anyone. Dont you grt that hes a conman? And not just any conman,one that was taught the art of the con by a man named roy cohen. Trump dscriminated against people of color in the 70s and had to pay millions in fines. Hes ceated on all three of jis wives and has made sexual comments about his own daughter.You need a new hero man.

    • America will rise from the ashes if it takes that to remove a traitor like Trump. America has a history of perseverance.

    • Rudy Penza so depressing!

    • biggs949597 s ok so you’re just a racist moron. Got it

  18. What a Confederate HILLBILLY: a shameless stupifing man.

    • The GOPRUSSIANS are opening the doors for a Russian invasion.

      Remove Trump! Remove and Replace the GOP!! “Moscow Vodka Mitch” must GO!!👉🏼👉🏼

  19. Remember when the Manchurian candidate was just a single fictional person, and not the entire Republican party? Good times

  20. Useful Idiot Kennedy looks and sounds like a crazy Louisiana grandma after 2 brain strokes.

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