1. Yeah…criminals who feel above the law need to be held accountable.
    Seems easier said than done…

    1. @All Political Skykomish Valley you mean one who listens to the facts and judges according to the law, rather than one who is paying back for the appointment or let’s their own bias or spouse affect their decisions?
      Yeah…if only…

    1. Darling, I just really love your channel image. Is it by an impressionist? Maybe by Cassatt titled ‘le imbecile’? How much did you pay for it? Is it an NFT?

    2. My sentiment exactly. Grisham was part of the administration, yet she acts as though she was apart from the fray.

  2. As long as the GOP holds its irrational fealty to trump, the madness of the political mindset in this country will continue to fester and the all prevailing stench of ugly discord will deepen.

  3. The country has been waiting a long time and is expecting to see some form of justice. They cannot be allowed to walk away from this horrendous crime!

    1. Indeed justice must be served they did wrong they must be held accountable all of them 😠

  4. She needs to speak in front of both the house committee and the DOJ to ensure her message comes to fruition.

    1. She said in this video she has spoken with them _twice._ She also said because she was so far from the west wing, and because she resigned early 1/6, she wasn’t a key witness for the events of the day, but she did provide them a “road map.”
      This was all in the first part of the interview.

  5. Looking forward to watching the hearings and hoping every member of Trump’s Sedition Coalition will be held accountable for their roles in the MAGA insurrection, and attempts to corruptly overturn the free and fair election.
    We can’t call ourselves a “nation of laws” unless we enforce said laws and appropriately punish those who break them.

  6. Good for Stephanie for admitting her mistake, leaving the cult and now speaking out. She’s like the female Michael Cohen.

    1. Whatever.. she’s just as bad as the rest of them. She profited off it like they all did. Just because she has a new face and is unrecognizable now, doesn’t mean she’s different

    2. @PatMc she is different. How many of them are still hiding behind Trump’s warped sense of truth? She gets credit for jumping off the bandwagon, but she’s still discredited for having been on the bandwagon in the first place.

  7. half of me wants to take this lady at her word and honor where she is coming from, and then the other half of me is thinking that this is a load of bs and that she — acting as late as she did in the game — just wants to fast talk her way off the hook. growing up catholic with its cranky toxic nuns and bs dogma has made me quite the sceptic.

    1. It’s a waste of time really. Mayor Giuliani told the crowd trial by combat. Then he made sure to tell the crowd to peaceful protest.

  8. Wow is this what I think it is? Are people going to start moving away from him? This lady was hardcore! Did I just hear her say that she deserves some consequences?

    1. Frankly I’m tired of seeing this lady. She had around a year during the WORST parts of the Trump administration(and they were all bad) to quit or call him out and she did nothing until a book release.

    2. @VesperAegis News & Games Okay that totally makes sense! I knew there had to be some kind of angle with her cuz there’s no way she was just going to be all Come To Jesus now! All on her own

  9. I wonder how terrible my life would had been in the last year and half if Trump won, and became the President again. It’s something Democrats voters should think about, and at the same time thank the Lord that Trump lost.

  10. Why are they worried about Georgia? It was a perfect call! Even more perfect than his call to the Ukrainian president if that’s possible.

  11. Well in this life when you do anything wrong you have to pay for it and no matter who you are but sometimes very bad people find a way of slipping through the cracks🤔

  12. I wondered what Melanoma was doing. She would have had to have been in a coma not to know what was happening.

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