1. Breaking wind in court was the highlight of his court appearances. The melting black hair dye was also an unforgettable moment.

    2. He’s trying desperately to save his law licence and from what I’ve heard of the hearings, it isn’t going well for him at all. He keeps trying to shout propaganda rather than just answer simple questions. He’s been told several times to answer questions, but keeps ranting. Stick a fork in him, he’s done. Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis next.

    1. It was possible to wonder whether the physical strain had caught up with Morocco and yet they poured even more energy into the game. Regragui rearranged to 4-1-4-1 without Saïss but, in both systems, Morocco held a high line and pushed forward. France were happy to sit in, hunt for turnovers and transition quickly.

    1. @Biden is Garbage My condolences on being such an ignorant mouthbreather. Look up Dunning-Kruger Effect and read it aloud to a mirror for an hour.

    1. Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”
      ― Mark Twain

  1. When widely followed public figures feel free to say anything, without any fact-checking, it becomes impossible for a democracy to think intelligently about big issues.

    1. They’re acting out a play for so called news that’s dominated by cheap content and profit, hence conspiracy theories and opinion, not fact checking stories.
      Secondly most Republicans seek minority white Christian nationalist rule, they see “their country” threatened by the popular vote majorities so target minorities and do voter suppression. By their definition people who don’t fit their ideas should not have votes, or even exist.
      It’s fascism.

    2. @JiM Why do you keep using the concept of facts exclusive to the court system & law? Then insist there is some factual evidence on Biden’s laptop? Why do you keep saying there is no evidence of trumps bad behavior & insinuating I’m biased to think there is?
      Has anyone done an investigation on what’s on that laptop except hacks? Do you know that trump took hundreds of classified docs home w him, lied a about it & still refuses to give them all back? You don’t need a jury trial to figure out that stealing even 1 classified doc is bad behavior that has sent others to prison for years over.
      With all due respect, you seem to lack awareness of your own biases & hypocracy.

    3. But that is the basis, the primary defence for the first amendment … Anyone can say anything about anything without fear or favour..or Truthfulness… Utter Utter lunacy.

    4. @kinlika the government cannot discriminate, but corporations can and should stop incitement of crimes and the stochastic terrorism strategy used to deny others of their rights.
      The Republicans don’t like it, because they’ve deluded themselves in a bubble without any intellectual rigor or regard for facts.

    1. @Augie Rockero
      How so?
      Do you even have one shred of evidence to back up any of the idiotic statements that come out of your mouth???

    2. @LA
      I went from wealthy Trumper to poor Bidener.

      My wallet misses Trump.
      But hey, the Mexican cartels and the Taliban are thriving ever since Biden took office. That’s good for Americans, right comrade?

    3. @Liberals haveitallbackwards funny I went from a poor person with trump as president and a wealthy person under Biden. I don’t miss trump even a little bit. I’ll thoroughly enjoy seeing them put him away for the rest of his life.

    1. Actually, the entire country is waiting for indictments: more than half the country eagerly so, while the remainder are dreading it.

    1. @Chuck o boy Because he’s a former President who has a lot of powerful allies and a huge influential base (magats).

    1. @Asian sex symbol
      Says the person who thinks men can get pregnant and inflation is transitory.
      You libs are such morons.

    1. Yeah? Well, that’s a good idea. See, I watched trump live on tv tell a crowd they needed to fight like hell, and that he was going to march right next to them to the capitol. And twenty minutes later a mob marched to the capitol and fought like hell with police officers from the Capitol and Metropolitan police departments, and then ran around the halls of Congress calling out ominous taunts at legislators while smearing feces on the walls and destroying priceless historical artifacts.

      I would call it malpractice if he didn’t set out to charge trump with crimes.

    1. I want those 147 RED Congressmen who attempted to deny our election and stop the inauguration of Biden investigated. Or is this another example of only “boots” being sent to prison while “suits” go golfing?

  2. I can never see this guy and not think of Ty Cobb the Major League Baseball player who holds the record high career batting average — .366. His career ended in 1928. Ninety-four years and his record still stands.

    1. @EarlClue What’s your problem? You can’t find enough contemporary lies to spread? You have to reach a hundred years into the past? “Ty Cobb was not a racist, he did not sharpen his spikes to slash other players just to steal a base, he did not kill a man in Detroit, as alleged by recent nickel writers, and he did not live the life of a bigot. Contrary to those myths, Ty Cobb exerted a kindness toward blacks.” And his record STILL stands. Don’t bother with any guff, it’s the mute button for you!

    2. Imagine being his parents, the Cobbs, way back when he was born and deciding “what the heck. Let’s go with Ty.” Setting him up for a lifetime of unwanted comments.

    1. @Dayofthedream l don’t know where you get the idea l support Trump. Nothing could be further from the truth . The Big Guy is used to refer to Biden by Trump supporters who see themselves as the only real patriots.

  3. Should Jack Smith seek and get an indictment then prosecute the former President it will be the most consequential trial in American history, to say that Democracy and the fate of the Republic stands in the balance is not an understatement. Unfortunately America and the American people need to pay this price for the sake of the rule of law.

    1. @greg mcgee Facts are facts. Your to stupid and brain washed to understand facts or right from wrong. Your a typical retrumplican cult member and you’ll always be a loser.

    2. @greg mcgee “Look Mommy!v A squirrel!”. OK, now that’s out of the way, do you think the call to Brad Raffensperger was “perfect”?

  4. I say they get everyone who is and was involved in the Jan. 6 insurrection. Any Politician involved in that appalling act should be THROWN OUT OF ANY POLITICAL POSSITION AND GET MAJOR JAIL TIME PERIOD.

  5. It’s funny how quickly that crypto kid got arrested, yet a man who clearly stole documents still walks free.

    1. Ain’t it somethin? Well, it’s not gonna change. Trump will never see the inside of a prison cell and that is the only acceptable form of accountability. Anything less is an egregious lack of judicial integrity. Unfortunately it isn’t going to happen. Five years from now he will still be a free man. Mark my words.

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