Ex-Trump White House lawyer weighs if Trump should be criminally charged

Ex-Trump White House lawyer weighs if Trump should be criminally charged 1


  1. When you have people do criminal acts they should be treated like a criminal. Lock him up. No one is above the law. Not even a president.

    1. First take his passport away , put on no fly , send him to a country that will accept him

    1. @GotohellQultist I’m not apologizing for trump but I’m not holding him accountable for the actions of other either. As far as I’m concerned this is nothing but an overly expensive distraction from the failures and crisis after crisis this regime has caused the last year and a half.

    2. @Dave Harvey that’s a lot of words to say you really dont care about accountability when he should be held accountable. No it’s not a distraction in any way what so ever. Your dismissal of it just further proves how much of a apologist you are.
      Why shouldn’t he be held accountable for any of his crimes? Do you think it’s fair that the wealthy doge accountability because they can afford it?
      Those people said thst they were there because trump asked them to be there.
      How about this: do you think he should be held accountable for conspiring to stay in power illegitimately?
      Yes or no.

  2. If laws mean what they intend, then EVERYONE must comply. It is not a difficult concept to grasp. We make it difficult when MONEY ALONE becomes an important caveat.

    1. @Steven `Wilgus “what about” is a great way to point out inconsistencies.
      “If laws mean what they intend, then EVERYONE must comply”.

  3. If Merrick Garland does not charge trump, Merrick Garland needs to be investigated! Because there’s enough evidence that even I could prosecute trump, with a Vo-Tech diploma!

    1. @Golf Fanatic is that how it goes?: Trump gets no credit for when things were better and Biden gets no blame for how bad things have gotten? And please explain how Trump is going to be held responsible for J6.

    2. @Golf Fanatic things have gotten so much worse since Biden took office. And the majority of people feel that way. 85% say the country is headed in the wrong direction. Biden’s approval ratings are pathetic. Things are not going to go so well for dems in the midterms.

  4. In the light of irrefutable evidence, what is “difficult” about the choice? No one is above the law, the only possible difficulty they could possibly have is trying to place him above the law.

    1. @Crispin Fornoff hearsay is perfectly acceptable in a court if it points the investigation to a fact. If a witness said “I heard a guy say they buried the body in Ralphs backyard” and it proves to be true, then hearsay is part of the process of evidence gathering.

    2. And the fear of violence if he is arrested, given he’s a criminal mob boss. I hope there are enough brave people left…”home of the brave”.

  5. The government and the people that have been voted in have done such a good job making laws to protect themselves that when they commit any crime it’s almost imposible to hold them accountable .
    When we can’t hold them accountable vote them out .

  6. Deserves some blame? He deserves most of the blame. And there’s a first for everything, let trump be your first president locked up.

  7. Ah yes let’s all listen to what the laywer, who for less than a year helped the crime president do all his crimes, has to say about these crimes… 🙄 /s

  8. No one is above the law and must be prosecuted when proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt! No ifs,ands or buts! Period!

  9. “The Justice Dept is going to have weighty decisions about prosecuting former Presidents” !!
    No, just former Presidents who are guilty of Federal crimes !!! And so far, there is only one former President to which those considerations apply.

    1. @MuchoEd and the Jan 6 committee does not convict anyone. That is not the point. That is up to the DOJ as well as any state AG such as Georgia.

    2. @Kevin Bossick sedition, violating…laws? Okay, then why doesn’t the DOJ prosecute? Because any evidence presented by the DOJ in an actual trial would be scrutinized by the defense.

    3. @MuchoEd they only prosecute after an investigation. I doubt he will get charged for that. Based on what I have seen and heard from Trump and his supporters, they should be charged with it. The Georgia case may be the only one with teeth. I am not holding my breath on it though.

    4. @MuchoEd so all those Republican former White House staff are not credible. We are not talking just a few. But I get it, you don’t care. To each there own.

  10. Using Trump as the test case in, “Should we or shouldn’t we prosecute a former president?” Well, aside from Nixon (who was smart enough to resign) this is our first criminal president. So yes, we need to prosecute.

    1. Trump once said “the only difference between me and Nixon is that he left and I won’t.”

  11. The answer to every question she asked is “Yes, ___ should be charged with a crime.” He’s not working by the hour, he’s being asked a question.

    1. Hard to break years of practice. Besides, maybe CNN was paying him by the minute. Professionals aren’t interviewed for free.

    2. Someone So Knowledgeable (Mr. Ty Cobb)…that he didn’t even remember the correct amt of “votes” that Trump asked Brad Raffensperger for [ see 3:13 ] … Ty said, ‘11,480’ instead of ‘11,780’ ! 🤦‍♂🤣

  12. You need to weigh the fact that the USA has never had such a criminally minded President in it’s history. So do we say he was a king that can never be prosecuted or citizen of the USA where No One should be above the law .

  13. Remembe. Everyone keeps saying NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW!! What is sooo hard on charging Trump. The proof is there and plenty of it. AND, we haven’t heard all of it yet.

    1. Name one piece of evidence that would actually stand up in court of a crime being committed. I’ll wait.

    2. Could be that they do not want to deal with a Civil War and it will happen if they throw him in prison or do not let him run,whichever is first.He is guilty as sin and they should be ready to deal with him one way or another.

    3. @Crispin Fornoff Read the 14th amendment section 3 explains and talks about not aiding the enemy both foreign and domestic and inciting an insurrection.Which was clear that he let it go for hours before he would call off the dogs.You cant tell me that he did not do that in front of the whole world to see on T.V..Just one of the many crimes committed.

  14. From Canada: Why do Americans argue so much about charging a crime when it clearly occurred?
    Is it your reverence for celebrity? Deference for high office? Fear of the criminal’s supporters? Refusal to admit corruption?

    1. @Joyce Moore Not sure why you need to state the obvious in capital letters. Of course Trump lost the election. What is wrong with you. Do you go outside sometimes, and shout this kind of crap at your neighbors?

      And this gem: “do you believe the same as that and are you willing to state as such?” –

      Quit acting like some wannabe lawyer, drunk, trailer park version of the Jan 6 committee. Put the drink down. Close the laptop.

  15. Sedition will be easily proved by the fact that they had meetings ahead of time, it was all planned ahead of time. Phone records and emails and texts will prove all that easily as well as records from the Willard Hotel.

  16. It boggles my mind why whether to charge a former President is even a subject of debate. NOT charging a former President, when the evidence points to the commission of serious crimes, leaves it open for a President to do whatever he, or she, wants, The very definition of someone being above the law!

  17. You could see from Erin’s countenance that the lawyer’s responses drew a lot of energy off of her. There are no ifs when the law is in question. Did Trump do something bad? Yes. Does the law take effect when someone does something bad? Yes. Should the law take its full cause given that Trump did something bad? Absolutely yes!

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