Ex-UCP MLA: The ‘trust is all gone’ for Jason Kenney; premier should step down

Independent MLA Drew Barnes speaks on the resignation of Premier Jason Kenney and the division within the UCP.

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    1. Considering that most premiers / PMs / what have you, are lucky if they can pull in 38-40% in a multi-party vote, I’d say 55% is in fact, pretty darned strong by comparison. It’s a pretty rare occasion when someone gets more than that.

    2. @Grenade Baseball That’s of the general population. Kenney barely has 50% of his own party…. Still, everything is relative. Maybe barely 50% is better than the other prospects could get.

  1. i mean i didn’t lose trust in kenny his covid response was to harsh but he did pretty okay considering how hard the liberals and biden screwed alberta with the cancelation of the pipelines and the rail line that was gonna be built he did bring in movie producers and was making meaningful gains with his lawsuits

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  3. UCP has nobody to lead them. If they don’t fix that NDP again but never Liberal.

    1. I heard mention of the UCP digging up the corpse of Rona Ambrose and nominating it for Premier of Alberta. Desperate times.

    2. @Graham McFadyen Hill Rona Ambrose well at that point they mid aswell just pack it in.

  4. Kenney will try to slither into some cushy job. He hasn’t ever had a real job…in which you do real work…instead he has had numerous parasitic political situations.

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