1. Just for a second grasp this, he is the former President….imagine Trump taking up arms to support President Binden. Now back to your previous reality.

    1. @Belly Dancer Em They on their own , stop begging others to fight with you , that’s not bravery.

    2. Why the double standard? Kennedy didn’t tolerate Russia on America’s doorstep during the CMC so why should Putin tolerate US forces at their doorstep? Brandon and his fully woke neo-liberal globalist order are such hypocrites just like when invading capitols used to be okay w/Dems, Pelosi praising the invasion of the Madison WI state capitol as “An impressive show of democracy in action”. Delusional hypocrites! LGB!

  2. I see so much pain in Ukrainian citizens and leaders, my heart is bleeding when I see such things. May God protect you all.

    1. @John Muthan
      They could not avoid it. Putin has been aiming to reclaim lost Soviet states. Everything he says is just a pretext for invasion,

    2. @Ro Ems nope, that is what our western medias vomit to hide the Minsk2 scandal and USA interferences in the region/country and upon northstream2.

    3. @MegaRzen so the Ukrainians are not neo native fascists mnñnnn not sure about that. Well they were last week what’s changed?

    4. Your heart would have no blood now if you seen how many civilians died due to usa invasions .. usa so good in making news and shows that they invade the country to protect the people freedom.. after 10 years they will say it was mistake to invade this country and they will leave. Hope your heart is in good health now.

    1. @Bruce Williams Bruce, Putin is a nasty arrogant bully who is a liar who operates by bullying other countries and and by establishing puppet leaders in some of the Eastern European countries which border Russia 🇷🇺 which he is attempting to force on Ukraine.

      In other Eastern European countries which borders Russian, Putin threatens the leaders of the those countries in order to coerce them to not form mutual protection alliances with other countries and establish strong militaries in their countries by threatening to invade their countries.

      In Putin’s world view, his mission is to use military to threaten and coerce all of the Eastern European countries that are now independent but were once part of the old Soviet Union to again capitulate and submit to Russian rule and domination.

    2. @Kevin Arrata ive tried to save face from my moms friends. she forces me to gord them . it sucks, becuase i bascially blow snakes like you suck air

    1. @Pragmatist It’s like you are the total opposite of a pragmatist. Most if not all on this thread do not believe Putin is Christ incarnate, but they do believe that taken everything into consideration, Russia, not just Putin, but Russia, has good reason to feel threatened by NATO expansion into the Ukraine. You might think otherwise but guess what it obviously doesn’t matter, because millions of Russians disagree with you. Now that being said, even a foreigner with no beef in this fight will definitely come to the conclusion that NATO is most definitely a threat to the Russian federation, and the United States of America is threat Numero Uno.

    2. @David Aponte Driving out ethnic Ukrainians? No one is forcing them to leave if they want to stay. I assume you mean from the two regions that declared independence from Ukraine already and were only part of Ukraine as a part of a good will gift from Nikita Krushchev? Where there live 3 million ethnic Russians who don’t speak Ukrainian or identify as Ukrainian? Crimea is somewhat different but then again there is a price for waiting to use diplomacy only after you refused to use it originally and made the winner of this squabble pay for it in Russian lives and treasure to get you to even consider a bilateral deal. The Russian people will demand that and they aren’t confused about who is responsible unlike most.

      The time for keeping that territory long ago past and that is why it is reasonable. He better sign soon though because he doesn’t have the cards to do better and some bloc of Ukrainian leaders knows this already and will put him on trial in a blink to get these terms if he holds out over delusions and unobtainable goals. He got them in this mess and he better get them out before they hold him accountable for the role the played. The game is over and he gambled and lost.

  3. Putin underestimated the character of Zelensky. Putin underestimated the courage of the Ukrainian people. Putin also underestimated the patriotism of Poroshenko. Just a few weeks ago Poroshenko was supposed to face charges of treason in a court in Kyiv. As he said a couple days ago, Zelensky is his political opponent and Putin is the enemy.

    1. @Soljaizm I’m making putin responsible of allowing the cosacks to enforce his stupid rules, i’m also making it (because he is not a person) responsible of every single life lost (ukranian or rusian) and damage incurred in ukrain resulting from his insidious meddling with ukrania’s internal affairs.

    2. @Marcos Caleb RU is a toothless paper tiger now
      In a bit RU will just be reduced to nothingness…

    1. @QBziZ the 1 million plus dead is actually right on the Money we killed a ton of people in drone strikes.. hard to tell who it is from miles in the air

    2. @Tyler Miklos I cared when they invaded Georgia and knew exactly what they were going to do in Ukraine based on what they did in Georgia.

    3. Are you planning on joining the army or something because otherwise there is nothing you can do to stop it

    4. @Owen Mersk uhm…CNN lean more toward democrats and democracy. Freedom. Fox is more right wing extremist. Ones who try to interpret the Bible themselves to hurt innocent people, yet they commit the worst sins. Sorry.

  4. He’s completely right Im stating the obvious but ya he is 100% correct other countries must stop buying Russia’s oil/gas & find alternative sources

    1. @Two parties, one oligarchy NATO does not “expand” and people seriously need to stop spreading that bs. It’s members all join willingly, and countries with corrupt autocracies like Russia’s are a big reason a lot of countries feel compelled to join.

  5. Mr. Poroshenko is a great representation of Ukrainian strength. He is unafraid and tackles the challenge head-on. … Best English speaking Ukrainian representative I have seen thus far.

    1. Putin aides and the Russian ambassador should take a closer look at their country if they are not aware of the suppression of speech.📢📩📱🙏🙏

  6. Loved the respect the journalist shows by not interrupting the former president, even though producers were probably pushing him to do so because the president gives long speeches for every response. At some point, when the producer puts both on screen with the map, you can hear the journalist saying “right”, “right”, and you can also hear a voice coming from his earpiece, but he has the sensibility to know that the former president doesn’t know when will he be able to talk again so he wants to deliver the messages that he thinks are most important; and I just love how this journalist conducts himself even amidst the pressure; you can even hear him telling on-air to the producers at some point: “hang on;” I love how he IS in control although for tv air time it seems as if he isn’t. But his journalistic instinct tells him he has to let him speak his way. Not only because everything he is saying is newsworthy, but because it is the moral thing to do in such a situation. This is not a guest you cut off and bring back later in the day or on another show; this is not a guest that you impose upon; these are people who might be killed the next minute. Anyone knows the reporter’s name?

    1. Don’t know the name of the reporter, but absolutely agree. This man led a “new” country and is now fighting for it. You let him talk. 📢📢📢

    2. Well-noted…this is a good point. Poroshenko is able to speak in ways Congressmen and NATO members will understand, I hope. And it is important to have his voice heard in addition to that of Zelensky.
      Whether these appeals will propel Western nations to act in ways that have more teeth than they currently are doing…this is the question. I am convinced Putin will withdraw at some point, claiming mission accomplished, having stolen the Black Sea access away from Ukraine, but will the retreat come before most of the infrastructure of Ukraine has been dismantled or destroyed? It is urgent that he be forced to leave before it gets anywhere near that point. If supplying defensive weaponry (in sufficient numbers) and aircraft is what it takes, then that is what we absolutely need to do…not next month, but right now.

  7. By the patriotism of president and ex president and the people of Ukraine, Ukraine has sacrificed so
    Much fighting for our freedom, NATO countries should Immediately admit Ukraine as a member.

    1. We cannot admit countries that are actively engaged in conflict, or else NATO would be expansionist, in which case nuclear war would be inevitable. Global suicide does not help anyone. The whole point is that NATO is strictly a defensive alliance, which explicitly means that NATO is not a threat to Russia, which is why Putin is wrong and The Reason why this war is unjust. If we had admitted Ukraine now, then that would prove that Putin is correct and that we are the aggressor and that would prove that his war against Ukraine is just. He would be right and we would be wrong. That is why we are not going to do that. Ever.

    2. We could not admit Ukraine as a NATO member now. They are in a war. We would be obligated to protect them militarily if they were in NATO. Sending our troops in there and providing air cover would result in WWIII. The best option I feel is for all allied countries to cut off buying oil and gas from Russia. The next best protective option is for Poland and any nearby neighboring countries to let Ukraine have their Soviet Era fighter jets which Ukrainian airmen are trained to operate. And other countries as the USA can replace the bombers to Poland… that they give to Ukraine. This course of action needs to be prompt. God save Ukraine! 🇺🇦 🙏

    3. @Diane Bannister: More simply; if NATO could admit a country that was currently at war, then any NATO member could start a conflict just to force a country to seek NATO membership. That is in essence what Putin claims we _are_ doing and why he feels compelled to take Ukraine in the first place. We cannot allow Putin to manipulate us into proving him right. The only thing we can do is to be what we say we are; an alliance of peace and defense. If it is true that Poland has planes that Ukrainian forces can use, then I agree that would be acceptable, because Putin knew in advance that countries were willing to arm Ukraine.

  8. Peaceful people do not come in tanks with guns into a neighbour country. Murderers do.
    Мирные люди не приезжают на танках с автоматами в соседнюю страну. Убийцы делают!
    Poroshenko is a real hero of the people.

    1. @Geoffrey K
      Man, you are really pathetic Geoff. Just flagging comments left and right for having a discussion. Grow up.

    2. @Ro Ems, This post is flagged as false. I am not simply “flagging comments left and right simply for having a discussion”. My job is to monitor threads in the videos that are assigned to me and run a multi-tier fact check in an effort to identify users that are actively and potentially knowingly perpetuating dis/misinformation.

    3. Zelenski is just a Zionist NY element.
      He maybe try to make a war in the rest of Europe as Hitler did .
      He’s the true enemy of Ukraine and Russia he’s working for he’s own people in NY Hollywood Zionist agent.

  9. I want to thank you as a Ukrainian for this video. this is how every Ukrainian feels, that we will win, but it will cost many many lives for no reason. We have total unity for the country and every person in the country will help with the war in some way.

    also, Putin’s idea of Ukraine as nazi is ridiculous. we do have the small Azov batallion but their neo-nazi views are absurd and have almost zero support. they only had their moment because the army was in chaos in 2014 and they volunteered to fight. We have a Jewish president and our country was savagely destroyed by the nazis.

    The vast majority of Ukrainians are normal people, just like you, who want to fight to protect our independence. thank you for the video, and слава україні!

    1. ​@PotatoPlayer Made in China. Its kind of sad to see someone struggle to write so many words in another language, and in the end it doesn’t mean anything. I pity you. But nice try, I suppose.

    1. @Helena Judge I’m against Russia which they killing the innocent people in Syria since many years but the west didn’t care for that and not remember the humanity only when the war clock their doors

    2. Putin aides and the Russian ambassador should take a closer look at their country if they are not aware of the suppression of speech.📢🙏🙏


  10. I am extremely impressed by the determination of the Ukrainians. They are fighting to protect their country from a massive army. Yet showing compassion to the enemy.

    1. Go fight with them so we can be proud of you. Who cares about you being impressed, get bloody!

  11. The history of Poroshenko may not have been impeccable during his tenure in Ukraine but this guy does have balls of steel and loads of courage. Kudos to this journalist who allowed mr. Poroshenko to freely speak his thoughts and uninterrupted. English is not his primary tongue, but he dominates it like no other!

  12. I pray for Presidents Petro Poroshenko & Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine soldiers& civilians. May they’re efforts be blessed. Amen 🙏🙏❤️🇺🇦🙏

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