1. @John David Wolf Trump taking a break til 2025 is the best thing that could have happened, now we get 12 years of his influence saving the USA 🇺🇸

    2. @TrumpRulesYou- FOREVER : If 45 continues to state that he won the 2020 election and that he is the legitimate president for 43 more weeks, then according to the 22nd amendment he would be ineligible to run in 2024, thus saving America from one of the worst presidents in our history.

    3. @John David Wolf and Biden being the worst President by far, he is a pathetic weakling and u know it

    4. Who cares. You poked the Russian bear thinking the US would help. He was wrong. We aren’t coming to help. Ever.

    5. Who gives a fck about civilians all u should b worried about is trump nothing else matters but that trump is a enemy to us that’s it that’s the biggest and most important issue here trump is the enemy all else does not matter no lives no rights no freedoms no truth just HATE TRUMP PLEASE . PLEASE JOIN THIS HATRED WAGON RN WE ARE STIRRING IT UP AGAIN AND WE NEED SUPPORT ARE U WITH US

  1. It was awful what Trump did to her and her career. Guy is despicable. Hat’s off to M.Y.
    for her resiliency.

    1. The biggest problem with the Democratic Party is that it likes to negotiate with the enemy, and every time it negotiates, the Democratic Party will give in in exchange for the respect of the enemy, but the enemy of the United States has never really respected the Democratic Party, and the Democratic Party feels that it has achieved great achievements and victories。

    2. @S D – Volodymyr Zelenskyy🇺🇦👏, Charlie Chaplin👏🤚: https://youtu.be/kxwNhxeIaKs Hitler and Putin and Hussein… Evil 😈👿 … Murder is murder. Killing is killing. Holocaust is Holocaust. No matter WHAT !!!! Be vegan ✅, or you’re a hypooocrite !!!…. Do you murder innocent animals bludgeoned to death for a 5 minute meal !!!?? Coooo-ward !!! 100% !!!!
      https://youtu.be/kxwNhxeIaKs .. Are used to be a hypocrite. But now I don’t. I don’t stab animals for a 5 minute burger etc. And I’ve gotten bigger and stronger and fitter on a plant based diet. Scientific fact. And I don’t stink anymore. Shoes and socks and feet and armpits are absolutely clean and fresh. Favourite is plants and fruit and nuts and berries and tubers and lentils and beans and potato etc. No fibre if you eat animals and their secretions. It stays in your body and rots.. 🧟‍♂️🦠💩🥩🍳🥓🍣..🔴… !!!! YouTube delicious vegan food. Which side of history are you on ??. Time to change ✅🌎😉

    1. @bob trump You don’t even recognize the orange messiah’s own words!? For shame! Vote for him in 2024, but you are a goddam RINO!

    2. @Will get better eventually Another idiot in your feels now? It is easy enough comment to tell them to go cry somewhere else. How is that for limited vocabulary?

    3. You was pissed they fired her for her refusing to look into why hunter was making over $50,000 a month sitting on a energy board in Ukraine??? What’s he know about energy?The company was called Burisma Holdings? Let’s hear doe why you was pissed 🤔??? 🇺🇸….

  2. Wholeheartedly agree with the Ambassador’s position that the US provide more defense systems for Ukraine and its people.

    1. Republicans are asking why Biden hasn’t sent more weapons, when they voted against impeaching Trump for holding defensive weapons for Ukraine hostage.

    2. Trump sanctioned Russia more than any other administration.

      Trump handed more aid to Ukraine than any other administration.

      Trump made NATO spend the most GDP on military budget.

      2014: Putin invades Crimea.
      2015-2021: Nothing.
      2022: Putin invades Ukraine.

      Brainwashed democrats; HhoW thIs iS aLl TruMps FaUlt

    3. @Rei Trump was impeached for trying to get Ukraine to lie, in exchange for defensive weapons they needed to prevent this attack.

    4. @Rei I look forward to describing my meals to starving Russian trolls in the months ahead. Tonight, I had a big bacon cheeseburger and fries with two beers for the equivalent of 1300 Rubles. 😆

  3. Yet another persons life that Donald Trump ruined because of the fact her competence and skills far,far exceed his! That goes for just about anyone in Kindergarten even. Me heart goes out to Marie and all of the people in Ukraine. Slava Ukraini!💛💙👊

    1. @Elizabeth Stanley his quick response lol that’s a joke he did nothing for months and said on TV not to worry about it. He said I got off the phone with China and they said they have it under control and that it wouldn’t come here. He didn’t stop International flights even though it was everywhere, he didn’t close anything or tell people to wear mask. We slowed down the spread in NYC cause our governor shut everything down. It sucks but that saves lives

    2. Small hands and narrow minded dumb trump is always jealous at anyone who has a great mind and a kind heart.

  4. Marie’s insight on this topic is enlightening and it shows why she became the US Ambassador to Ukraine. It’s unfortunate that she was forced out of her position by the orange toddler.

    1. @Guy North 🤣🤣🤣 Another triggered leftard! Thinking the failing Joe Biden is doing a good job. You and about 20% of Americans actually believe that to be true. You must love what Joe Biden has done for this country. By letting our Southern border be controlled by the Cartels. Hyper inflation. BS covid mandates. Supply chain issues. An energy crisis. Failing to build back better. Continual lies and misinformation. Getting pushed around by Putin and Xi. Failed messaging to the American citizens. 15 mental mistakes for every two minutes of Joe Biden speaking. A crack head, family member banging son. With crooked back door deals in Ukraine. He’s done a real great job dividing this country.

    2. @Keeping IT 💯
      Really have your prejudiced hat on gramps.
      Your shrine to Trump must be huge!
      Going to give money towards Trump’s new plane gramps?
      Trump was Putin’s first lady.

    3. @B. T. Let us also not forget that the Biden administration was setting up funds to get bail for BLM and Antifa rioters. The democrat party is infected with idiocy and recklessness from unqualified politicians. That obviously support the destruction of our country. Sorry losers, we not gonna allow that to happen. So keep it up with the non sense from the left. Cuz when you lose, epically in mid terms and the presidential election in 2024. It will be glorious to watch all you fools spill your brains on what went wrong. 🤣🤣🤣 Let’s Go Brandon! 🇺🇸💯 I’m sure he would agree. 🤣🤣🤣

    4. @B. T. is that why Trump tried to get a LNG deal with Poland? I guess Putin liked that. Trying to get Europe to pay more for NATO. Putin liked that also. Giving Javelins to Ukraine. I guess Putin liked that. Sit down.

    5. @extremely careless
      Are you sitting on your propagandist toilet gramps?
      Your babbling rhetoric is as profound as a toddler’s demands for more sugar.
      Trump lost!
      How old are you gramps or grandma?

  5. Worth noting… and I’m surprised she didn’t, that the military base attacked was/is used by most NATO nations for a number of operations, including staging food relief supplies along with international volunteers, Canadian combat training for Ukraine and more

    1. @pr0xZen yes, good point. I would say it’s more than ‘chatter’ though. A staging site for incoming weapons was reported in msm in Canada, before the attack. You’re likely right that until nations can deflect involvement, reporting will be minimal.

    2. The Democrats handed Afghanistan over to the Taliban and are now letting Russia call the shots in the Iran nuclear negotions. And now they’re seriously considering to let China mediate between Russia and Ukraine.

      The Dems are putting a target on America’s back and they STILL want to blame Trump for everything? You can’t win the next presidency if you’ve gotten the country blown UP!

      If China tries for Taiwan, Japan will attack China. Japan told Biden last year, *”We will defend Taiwan with you, or without you,”* If Putin takes Ukraine, Taiwan is Biden’s and the Dems next bungle.

  6. This woman, Marie Yovanovitch is brilliant!
    Russia, Putin started this war and we can’t let him set the parameters of this war!

    1. @Moldovawineimporter Moldova Traders LLC speaking of Moldova you’re next on Putin’s list, better stock up on the vodka and jackboots.

    2. She is so brilliant. Putin started this war under Joe Biden’s watch and we blamed Trump for it. It doesn’t get any better than that.

    3. @Moldovawineimporter Moldova Traders LLC Communism has fallen by the wayside. Communism has failed and we see evidence of that in both the communist Chinese and the Russians having to turn to capitalism in order to survive. Putin is former KGB. A person can never leave the KGB. Once a person is KGB the person is always KGB. The communist Chinese have had to turn to capitalism to save their government but they also are intent on world domination. So we have two communist governments who have turned capitalism but are still intent on world domination. How it works.

    4. She covered for hunter while he was making all that $$ sitting on a board for a energy company in Ukraine..You are a scrub for not knowing she is a pos .. the company was Burisma Holdings in ukraine. And don’t forget the 10 million dollar annual fee that China billionaire paid for “introductions alone” to get into with big businesses

  7. We can do something more effectively to stop the Russian federation from totally destroying Ukraine. ⭐️🇺🇦This former Ukrainian ambassador is right, do something about stopping the Russian aggression in Ukraine. (The message to President Vladimir Putin must be that …we will stand with Ukraine.) That the” evil empire “ of Russia can destroy another country, as former General David Petraeus says this morning on CNN as well. What’s next? That’s the question before us as Americans.

    1. Write to your senators and president.
      To date Putin has been like a child throwing a tantrum; “if you don’t do what I want then I’ll HATE YOU!!!”. And all the professional politicians fall for it. We just need a steady voice to call out Putin. “Vlad, stop this, stop stealing your brother’s things. If you don’t leave, then the consequence will be that NATO will eliminate your air forces. That will be the consequence if YOU decide to violate the rules. That is your final warning.”

    2. @Stevie Sevieria WW3 is already here.. Putin is just beginning. Look how he mentions other countries will suffer the repercussions if they help.. don’t you think he will see what other country he can go after next ? At this moment the Ukraine President Zelenskyy and Ukrainian people are the only ones to have the guts to stand up to Putin

  8. I love Ms. Yovanovitch’s new looks. Leaving govt service has definitely served her well. Myself having left govt service some 16 years ago, I have been full of life and energy ever since. Wish her best.

    1. Taking a page from Emmylou Harris and embracing the gray… she looks great! Feel so bad for the way she was treated, she is obviously smart and capable…

    2. @Robin Foster Thank you. I am sorry to have unintentionally misled you and other responders. I falsely assume that my name is non-American, forgetting that USA has all family names of the world. I am a retired LtCol of the Turkish Army (retired Aug, 2005). I had master’s in the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey CA (1990-92), and had a tour at United Nations, New York (1994-97). Strange enough, I took a liking to watch the hearings at the Congress back in the early 1990s, e.g. confirmation hearings for Justice Clarence Thomas, or Lincoln 5 hearings (the S&L banking scandal). Having returned to my country Turkey, my interest in US politics has continued because it is always a great concern to my country (as Russia is our eternal enemy, and US is our strongest ally). Anyway, the last series of the hearings (i.e. Trump first and second impeachment) was a scene where I came to know such great personalities as Amb. Marie Yovanovitch, Amb. William Taylor, Dr. Fiona Hill, and of course LtCol. Alexander Vindman among others. They are all great public servants and great people. My admidration for her aside, I simply recalled the looks of Ms. Yovanovitch during the impeachment hearings to her looks now, and I am happy to see her in great new looks. Warmest regards from Ankara, Turkey.

  9. She is so right to say Putin should not be allowed to dictate the terms for this awful situation. Slava Ukraini!

    1. Ya She Is Was Fired! This Ambassador refused to place Trumps Picture as POTUS at The Embassy! Now on The con communist network. Lets Go brandon took nap in Greenville DE while Putin was Building an invasion force right after the Botched Afghan Withdrawal. Coo Coo Libbys!

    2. Giving up the south of Ukraine means splitting an entire region, families and friends, furthermore it means that overnight the inhabitants have the choice of leaving their homes or becoming citizens of a dictatorship. And whats more, the Russians can do it again later in the Baltics, Moldova, etc.. all under the threat of nuclear war. NATO has to start speaking louder or else all Europe is living with a knife under their throat.

    3. @Bw Bacon Putin and The Moscow Mayor’s wife’s Asset Plus XI and Laptop from Hell : LETS GO GRANDON! Coo Coo Libby!

  10. I felt sorry for this lady at the impeachment trial. They went after her big time but she was strong and told the TRUTH, I could see how rattled she was at the trial.

    1. She lied, just like all of the rabid never-Trumpers. She denied knowing anything about the Hunter Biden situation yet declassified emails show that she must have known what was going on with Hunter.

    2. She’s a pos like Biden. She covered for hunter while he was making $$$ at Burisma Holdings in Ukraine 🇺🇦. He was on a board of a energy company, natural gas I believe it was. What does he know about energy? He smoked crack too

    3. @Barbara Centauro ‘lack of care for human life’ you seem to have a very short memory?…. let me jog it for you:
      – Laotian, Lebanon, bay of pigs, Dominican, Cambodia, Grenada, Panama, Somalia 1st time, Haiti wars…. US involved or invaded 200,000+ dead!
      Korea – 5 million dead!
      Vietnam – 1.4 million dead!
      Gulf – 25,000 dead!
      Iraq – 460,000 dead!
      Afghanistan – 241,000 dead!
      Syria – 14,000 dead! (US airstrikes)
      Somalia – 2000 dead! (Inc 2022! 21, 20  US airstrikes during covid) 
      = approx 7.15 million dead!!!!🤮 at the hands of the US 🇺🇸 👏

      Ukraine – 6000 dead (so far) I think the Russians still have alot of work to do to top your record in the last 60yrs 🤦‍♂️

      And you’re still the only country to drop not one, but two nuclear warheads on mainly civilian populated city’s and instantly incinerate 150,000 innocent people…. including your own pow soldiers when the war was already all but over 😳 disgusting…. the US is the real cancer on this world 💯

    4. @Hugh Jorgan 
      Yet, he still got impeached. That wasn’t a scam; the voter BS was the scam. Heck, covid-45 was/is a scam artist; he’s got you believing it 😂

    1. yeah!! why didnt she also speak up about the Burissimo deals when she had the chance?? If only. Ukrainians could of then developed their massive oil and gas fields and would have tons of money to defend themselves today……..she did not 🙁

    1. I’m happy your copy/paste keys work properly, but…are you going to post this under each and every video for the rest of your life?

    2. @David West I know what you’re saying, but try not to be too harsh because people just don’t get it and need to hear it more than one time.

      Those with hard heads, closed minds and chosen deaf ears need to hear it over and over again!..

    3. Hey Bliss Poop The History is: This Ambassador refused to place Trumps Picture as POTUS at The Embassy! Now on The con communist network. Lets Go brandon took nap in Greenville DE while Putin was Building an invasion force right after the Botched Afghan Withdrawal. Coo Coo Libbys!

  11. I always believed in this lady. She needs to be in some kind of counseling for the government.
    Although I wouldn’t blame her for not wanting anything to do with government after what trump did to her.

    1. You’re brainwashed with lies. Trump halted russian pipeline and started U.S. pipeline and Anwar. Trump armed Ukraine with many powerful weapons as Obama/Biden gave blankets. Under Trump we had record low illegal immigration, booming economy, record low unemployment, we were Energy independent, N. Korea at bay, criminal justice reform, Abraham Accords(middle east peace deal), Vaccines, etc…. Under Biden- record high illegal immigration, stopped U.S. pipeline, approved Russian pipeline, Afghanistan disaster, record high gas prices, record high inflation, China threatening Taiwan, N. Korea testing bombs, Russian war and risk of WW3, etc….. Are you so brainwashed by the incompetent corrupt dems and their mouthpiece the biased fake news that you don’t believe your own eyes??? Wake up! Biden is incompetent, corrupt and compromised! #BIDENCRIMEFAMILY

    2. Lmao, sooo, how did Trump embolden Putin in 2014 when Trump wasn’t a lobbyist, an elected official, or held any public office?? Who emboldened him to invade Crimea in 2014?? Let me guess, Liberal’s, it was Trump. Talk about stupid. Just own up to the fact, Putin thinks Biden is a weak, incompetent leader.

    3. wrong, i did my thesis on Putin’s policies. putin invaded during the Bush, Obama, and Biden years but skipped trump’s because he ordered the military devastation on hundreds of Russians in syria. if anything, obama definitely emboldened putin after not doing anything after crimea. let me know if you want to read it so you can learn something about foreign policy.

  12. The West needs to help, do more to save Ukraine, be strategically creative. The fight and resilience of Ukrainian people is heroic beyond words.

    1. Hey Paula : West Help will Limited to a Proxy war! Sanctions ( has price to both sides) Military and Humanitarian aid. No West Combat! that will lead to a nuclear confrontation! especially when Putin is cornered! This war could have been avoided!. If Lets Go brandon didn’t took nap in Greenville DE while Putin was Building an invasion force right after the Botched Afghan Withdrawal. Coo Coo Libbys! All over the world!

    2. You got a spare third country to pass those fighter jets through?
      Otherwise they’re getting flooded with anti-tank and anti-air weapons.

    3. @Suresh.M Chanmugam yeah, Trump’s Doha Agreement was a disaster. But Trump set the precedent in 2020 when he let Putin unilaterally handle the peace negotiations between Armenia and Azerbaijan which resulted in Russian peacekeepers.
      You acknowledge war isn’t an option, he’s done everything else, Putin is done for. Why are you supporting Putin by unnecessarily thrashing the US and spreading disinformation…?
      Hope you cashed in those Rubles.
      Putin is a fascist!

  13. Former U.S. ambassador Marie Yovanovitch is a good communicator. The ability to talk sense and dispel doubts and give us the Reader’s Digest condensed version of The Trump Follies is quite a remarkable feat! Thanks!

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