1. You don’t expect to be surveilled by individuals from your own country for political purposes.
    SOP for Criminal Republicans.

    1. EAGLE SHIELD trump hates America and more than half the country hates him. Why doesn’t HE move? We would all be better off.

    2. @Back in Black Still based on NAFTA…nothing new! Still based on the work of others!!! BTW, where’s your channel content?!!

    3. @Back in Black And, just what does that have to with anything pertinent today?!! It’s a fact that you are stupid!!! AYROJPS?!!

    1. @Suzanne Forasiepi When you have no facts just call your opponent a troll. Trump haters are notorious for calling people with facts trolls. So, instant fail on your part LOL!

    1. @John O I’m not sure but I sort of have a feeling Robert Clawson is being sarcastic, simply because he is listing everything Trump and his associates more or less were involved in.

    2. @Robert Clawson Big talk and grandiose claims. Show me your proof, Bub. Try to do it without linking to Alex Jones type conspiracy sites, okay?

    1. She was spied on by a private group under the president’s private attorney. If there was a true issue, a formal surveillance would be pursued under strict security. Documents would be filed and a process followed. This was informal and seems highly illegal.

  2. 🤷‍♀️what part of “everyone was in the loop” is he pretending he doesnt comprehend 🤦‍♀️🌏

  3. We have to seriously review our personal ethics and ask ourselves who we really are inside or we may lose both country and constitution. We need to step up and vote for what’s right while we have the chance. Removing Trump is at this point the most important step to preserving an America for everyone.

  4. A wannabe gangster who always craved attention and has been long observed to make odd choices in his attempts to achieve that…is unfortunately our president. However…we still have November. If y’all don’t like where he’s been or where he’s going?…Then vote accordingly.

    1. @Spearhand 6103 generally prohibits the release of tax information by an IRS employee. … The state agency must request this information in writing, and the request must be signed by an official designated to request tax information. … Exactly what Congress (the official designated body) did before being told to FO.

    2. @David Foster I would assume that an IRS employee is needed to access someones tax info. Congress would have to use the judicial system just like they are trying now to get Trumps taxes. Congress subpoenas aren’t worth the paper they are written on.

    1. ​@huh what So just what does your comment mean?! You include no substantive anything, other than parroting what propagandists spew!! Say what you mean or STFU!!!!

  5. Remember that Trump literally said, “she is going to go through some things”. I think that a couple of his goons, including Robert Hyde were planning to either intimidate Ambassador Yovanovitch or to actually involve her in an “accident”. Perhaps the interviewer might want to mention that instead of just repeating the same inane question.

    1. @R. McBride well let’s think about that okay that’s all politicians and if you don’t think so you’re delirious

    2. @Wilson Surprise…pompeo now says he will investigate! Yeah, riiiight!! He’s gonna investigate himself and the rest of the shyt crew!!!

    3. Anaru Ngamotu You’re doing exactly as pencil necked Schiff: creating a false narrative in your head. This is your truth, no one else’s. Pathetic.

    4. Turnible Spencer This is called generalizing. Same as saying “all black people [fill in blank with derogatory, highly inflammatory statement]. Maybe you have TDS

  6. —- > Well, throwing acid in that woman’s face, that Yovanovitch was honoring for her courage, was all right then. Stalking our own Ambassador for corrupt purposes should be expected.

  7. The mob laws I think called Rico laws.
    Republicans are a lawless mob.
    I think they should go thru some things.

    1. A G Trump republicans have no regard or respect for rules or rule of law. And they think they can skirt the rules because they kiss the butt of Trump. You do not have to get an A in civics to smell a big orange rat.

    2. Trump already paid 25 million, from a lawsuit based upon the RICO, after he was elected, but before he assumed office. it was regarding Trump University.

    1. @Clinton Epstein Then how do you explain Hyde’s texts and witness comments? You sound like a radical Trumpturd who will blindly defend your “Jesus”, no matter what the facts presented are. Is it that hard to be wrong that you would make such a fool of yourself?

    2. @In CogNito Yes, it is. It’s called “Stalking”. Hyde had no official position or authority. If he had been caught – by the Ukrainians, at least – he would have been arrested and faced charges. Btw, does it burn you so badly that you have to resort to school yard insults to a woman you don’t even know? How old are you? 12?

    3. @UCPAbXUeTJtK5MduNIcaZL_Q She was citing trump’s illegal “shadow government operations,” watching and reporting corruption…that was her job. Apparently, she was performing her job too well for trump and his backstabbing, corrupt minions!!!

    1. @Vera Wallace Cohen and Parnas would say ANYTHING to avoid prosecution. Cohen skimmed Trump ,got caught and got fired and sold his story to FAKE NEWS PROPAGANDA CNN. Same thing with Parnas. TRUMP WILL BE ACQUITTED AND VINDICATED ASAP. MAGA

    2. @Looney Times It is funny when someone like me used to be a democrat but next time I will make sure to vote for President Trump along with my family and friends.

  8. I don’t know him

    I must have heard about him

    But I have not met him

    Maybe I have met him a few times

    But I don’t know him

    He doesn’t know me too

    Maybe he knows me

    But I don’t know him

    I have not heard about him

    We’ll see…..

  9. Was this guy ever called by someone at the State Department at 1 am and told to get on the next plane out for his own safety? Of course it could have been part of a plot to intimidate Yovanovych and not a real threat, but even so.

  10. “The possibility the ambassador is being spied on by a private citizen is outrageous.” is the meat of the story. The quote chosen for the headline emphasizes exactly the opposite of what the guest is saying. Is this intentional? How can it not be?

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