Ex-Watergate prosecutor explains how an impeachment resolution works

Ex-Watergate prosecutor explains how an impeachment resolution works 1


Jill Wine-Banks, former Watergate prosecutor, reacts to the U.S. House's vote and how she sees the impeachment inquiry playing out. #USpoli

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9 Comments on "Ex-Watergate prosecutor explains how an impeachment resolution works"

  1. 😂can’t wait to see

  2. Talking about facts, I find it weird that as an ordinary Canadian I seem to know more about this whole Impeachment inquiry than all those Trumpian Republicans. It’s a shame really.

  3. Jason Diy heterogeneity | October 31, 2019 at 4:26 PM | Reply

    Witch hunt is accurate description. Were were they during benghazi, i smell something .

  4. She’s made up her mind lol

  5. How is it a sad day for are democracy Americas a Republic

  6. It’s a witch hunt. Democraps need to start doing their job, instead of wasting taxpayer dollars on this nonsense.

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