1. Blame the current government for everything. Offer real viable solutions to fix these issues for nothing.

    1. @菊行條野 My boss always said. Don’t come to me with problems, come to me with solutions. Work as a team.

    2. Solution is to stop wasting. Stop wasting on ArriveCan. Stop wasting on McKinsey. Bring spending under control. What other solutions are you looking for?

    1. Doug Ford for Prime Minister!
      As long as pp is leading the CPC, I will never vote for one of their candidates.

  2. Never , ever trust the smiling politician that tells you everything you want to hear .
    Politics is 100% Illusory.

  3. Canadas regressing under Trudeau. Pierre isn’t wrong that a lot FEELS broken. He never said it’s all broken but that it feels so.

  4. They don’t think Canadians are buying into Pierre, but they really are 😆

    I usually don’t vote but he has sold me! My mom has never voted conservative but told me she will be this time around.

    I’m also Indigenous and have other indigenous friends who are heavily involved in the indigenous community and what I’m hearing from them is everyone is done with Trudeau and will be voting Conservative.

    1. I just had dinner with friends that heavily supported liberals. I for one, haven’t been a Trudeau supporter for a few years now, and we have had some heated discussions why i changed.
      With healthcare system collapse, travel issues and now interest rates going up they’re not happy. They have 2 children in their early 30’s that might have to foreclose because morgages are through the roof. After they struggled through lockdowns, keeping their homes. They all are voting Conservative.

    2. Liberals
      I always wonder what happened ?
      You know the one that NERD in high school.
      A person who is extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable about a particular subject,
      Now I want to Vote ☑️ for him. Poilievre!!

    3. @Tom Cotter He’s a math nerd from common blood. I’m happy with anyone who can A. Do math, and B. Knows what it’s like to not be wealthy.

    1. Not going against PP. Conservatives have 0 chance until they get a real leader. Not a whiny screaming little kid.

  5. The grievances are facts! When challenged on issues, it’s the same answer….dental for under 12s, 500$ rent break, rebates for carbon tax, we are here for Canadians….. Think you have the wrong frat boy name. Pierre for PM!

  6. Poilievre does a great job of highlighting Trudeaus many failures. Keep the pressure on. The liberals are on the run now!

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