Exclusive: Rachel Maddow Interviews Lev Parnas – Part 2 | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Exclusive: Rachel Maddow Interviews Lev Parnas - Part 2 | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


    1. @jerry i Jerry boy, Epstien was visited 48 times BY CLINTON while in prison, went on numerous trips without secret service. CNN and MSNBC will make you stupid.

    2. @Tom Waddle You keep repeating yourself.

      Thanks for proving that even when presented with evidence, (such as what was released today that I linked), you are completely blind to it.

    3. Why did the Trumps White House provide Lev with a Lawyer? He fired them because he believed they were not acting in him best interest. I wonder why?

    1. @Drake Fire Hey Drake, you mean Trump WON the majority ELECTORAL vote — If Hillary got the popular vote, how is it that you morons still think that Russia tampered with the election?? seeee….CNN and MSNBC has taken your God given ability to THINK away from you.

    1. @No Ma’am Oh, please. The only one spewing nonsense is you. Parnas has already handed over documentation which collaborates his claims.

    2. Remember Rudy Gilliani, said he knows where bodies is buried. This statement normally spoken from a Mobsters and Hit-Men.

    3. @Drake Fire where have I heard this story before? Every week for the past three years there has been a story about something that will bring down Trump. Your inability to recognize patterns and your bias is clouding you judgement.

    1. Knew I should’ve bought the case of popcorn instead of the 20 bag size. Who needs to go out to a movie with all of this going on. Stay tune.

  1. Lev will be the star witness if he is promised immunity. Imagine him explaining about THE MONEY. You can be certain that TRUMP got his hands full.

    1. @No Ma’am Given how much evidence he’s already shown about his connections to Trump? Sure take the word of the man who’s lied over 16 thousand times since he’s taken office, over actual documented evidence.

    2. Hey Campbell, anyone who is ANTI-Trump and ANTI-American is a Democrat hero. They care NOTHING about the truth.

    1. Yes, Lev Parnas took a real chance revealing all his information, which is alot! I for one am grateful that he did!

    1. Would they listen, hear and understand, what is being shared here?
      I don’t think so: they r afraid, so afraid of being wrong, of losing the little doubles and stuff they have … Fear is a killer

    2. After 3 yrs of this nonsense, windmills, toilets, lies, lies about the lies, the turnover, etc, etc, if they’re still with him, NOTHING will change their mind. Im not going to try to explain it or figure it out anymore.

    3. They are intentionally BLIND to it! LOVE is Blind and their Pride is now “on the Line”. And that hurts. And they are immature A-Holes! Still in Jr High in Queens

    4. All ‘Playground Tactics’ I mastered by age 6!! Defended my little Brother from the town kid-bully Too!!! These dopes never made it to That Milestone! Back to the Future and ‘PoohPooh’ is BIF the bully!

  2. Remember folks , William Barr visited Epstien 24 hour before he was possibly murdered and the camaras were turned off? that very day This is the investigation we need to concentrate on

    1. Tom Waddle I think it was in relation to the time frame of the suicide. Was a Clinton in his cell 24 hours before? I think you missed the point of the post and now you are trying to change the conversation with a new unfounded accusation. I like to call it this dance the faux news shuffle.

    2. Barr is a true believer which is the most dangerous type of person. There is no crime too low for a true believer, they can justify any act if it furthers their agenda. Look up Barr’s speech where he threatens communities that protests against police corruption and pay attention to where he mentions something called “The Final Resolution.”
      We are living in scary times.

  3. I believe Lev Parnas, just because he’s talking does not mean that he’s lying. He is afraid and if it were me since I’m going to jail I’m telling all I know

    1. Yep same exact way Micheal Cohen one of the Drumpherteer’s did. He also had next to nothing to gain, other than protecting themselves & families. & maybe even living w/themselves after this horrible page in history is over. That & Parnas probably doesn’t want to end up like that trash bag Epstein.

    2. @Swampy The only payback I want to see is the GOP totally decimated in November and Trump on his way to prison.

    1. As cult-like as those who have sought to remove him from office for three years? They have a name for themselves, the Resistance. Sounds pretty cult-like.

    2. Sunniya LA I totally agree with you they all follow the cult of the Orange Overlord no matter what vile stuff he does.

  4. I just want to take a moment to reflect and thank Ukraine’s Zelensky for standing up against trump’s dump swamp corruption tactic, if ukraine did do the false report on biden none of this would have come to light

  5. Parnas described this perfectly, this is Looney Tunes. A really dangerous cartoon show, starting Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham. This is really sickening for me and I suspect many other veterans. Renegade, 101st.

  6. Witnesses and documents, anyone?? So many are just now learning about the whole ugly mess that’s been going on since day one. Innocent people don’t fight to keep witnesses and documents out of a trial.

  7. “I dont know that guy, I hear theres a picture of us together, but I take lots of pictures with lots of ppl.” So to any Tumptards, how many pictures do allow a person you “DON’T KNOW” to take with you, your spouse, your kids, and your friends…But hey I’m sure someone will rationalize this

  8. Every voter needs to see and hear this – in the daily firehose gush of lies flooding our airwaves by the GOP and Trump – facts and truth are precious bits of gold. We deserve to know the facts! Thank you Rachel!

  9. if any one deserves a pardon, it is this man and I hope the next President will grand him that for his act of bravery of comming forward!

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