1. @Michelle Brown no, POTATOHEAD thinks he is, only he doesn’t know WHERE he is🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. @Colin Milks Good reply but you don’t want to trigger the American hating cnn viewer as the might loot and burn the city down

    1. @Johnathan Davis   You only repeat what you see on US media, specifically left media. But here are the things you fail to see as a westerner. Did you know about US sex crimes on Iraq women and kids? About US was crimes against Afghani civilians? Do you see what US has done to Libya? Also.. US supported terrorists in Syria against the anti US Syrian government. Basically US armed ISIS just because they hated Assad. Also.. US must have left Afghan when it realised that Bin Laden wasn’t there. But they had to destroy it.

      Western friend, I can go one listing down atrocities of the US that you never knew of. Middle East, Asia and South America have suffered due to American need for natural resources. How many illegal regime changes?? How many times has the US supported dictators. Still it supports.

      You don’t seem to know any of the above. May be because you never suffered in the hands of the US. US military is one of the worst when it comes to war crimes, but thanks to US media power and $$ power, it’s all hidden.

      Trust me.. US is the most hated around the world!!! Putin and Russia are considered saints compared to US atrocities.

      I have seen horrors of the war, I suffer to this day. So I don’t wish war upon any country including Ukraine. However, Russian security and integrity is vital for the security of many other countries and for the balance of power. Therefore, I and many others will have to support Russia on her mission to protect herself..even if it means the total destruction of Ukraine.

    1. @Максим Леонидович Said the Russian bot.😂🤣 Ukraine is a sovereign nation, whether you like it or not.

    2. I don’t think so PUTIN is obsessed with UKRAINE to remain part of Russia. I hope and pray he won’t slaughter the Ukrainians.

    3. @Andrew Key what a profound lie! Every word you wrote here is a lie. Ukrainians regularly hold democratic elections and are free to choose their government. There aren’t any neo-Nazis in our government, our President Zelensky is a Jew, and we do not honor or celebrate any Nazi dates, that’s ridiculous. Before Russia seized Crimea and invaded parts of Eastern Ukraine, Ukrainians didn’t want to join NATO, we were fine as a neutral state. But things changed, and now we see our membership NATO as our only chance to withstand as an independent country next to our abusive and restless neighbor. Russia invaded Transnistria in Moldova, Southern Osetia and Abkhazia in Georgia, and it wasn’t because of NATO, that’s the thing, these countries fell victims of Russian aggression because they were not members and couldn’t rely on NATO for defense.

    4. @soylentdean Yes , but then what is called The Great Game comes to a screeching halt. After this what country with nuclear weapons would ever give them up. Ukraine did and now look.

    1. UPDATE:

      Accurate information below, of troops, the 2014 invasion, what’s happening in the background and new objectives.

      1. Donbas Region -Russia “putin” wants to annex this one next to continue the land bridge to Crimea because they never got to do this on their first assault due to Ukrainians fighting back. After pushing them back the so called rebels “LITTLE GREEN MEN – I DON’T KNOW WHO THEY ARE” putin said, Ukrainians started attacking Crimea and at the same time the Donbas region. The Ukrainians directed their attack mostly in the Donbas region due to being a industrial hub of the country.. they almost got it back but russia “putin” interfered and the same went to Crimea. It’s never about the invasion, NATO, or whatever reason(s) putin uses.. it’s outside of the picture and you need to understand this monster in a way you never done before. You don’t play the chess-board even when you’re a pawn! You play the game in order for you to be part of it but this does not mean your actually there playing it. You’re dealing with putin that keeps taking because you keep giving by losing.

      2. russia wants to connect the Donbas region to Crimea “taking over all warm water ports that Ukraine has” all the way to Moldova. The thing about this is.. the main focus will be the Capital of Ukraine but the main target is The land bridge. But if russia “putin” see a window within the scopes of multi formation attack.. then Donbas will connect all the way to Poland/Baltic States to land-bridge kaliningrand “a Belarus gateway.”

      3. putin isn’t stupid to invade the entire country “he can do this” but he won’t be able to hold it together for a very long time. That’s currently the information we got from my Russian military friends in “Mother Russia” aka Belarus, Donbas region, and Crimea.

      4. U.K. Hacked and shut down. Ukraine hacked and shut down several days ago. Canada hacked and shut down earlier today. Who’s next!

      5. Two Georgian states – Information not available.

      NEW NATO FORMATION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9rfWFLgYCg

      VERY INFORMATIVE INFORMATION 02/19/2022 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQdIiLt-4iI


      Here’s the problem with your statement comrade. If U.S. was part of the USSR and it became like Ukraine “okay.” You have a lot of russians living in the U.S. So what you’re saying is putin thinks he cane invade it because the government think very different than his and that everyone in it or most of the people in U.S. are russian.. so putin wants to “MERGE” both country and he becomes dictator in both countries for life. Is this what you said here MF? because I think you need to fraking wake up. This is not 1945 and shi t, it’s actually 2022 in the 21st century.

      AGAIN, THE PURPOSE OF THIS SHI T IS TO PREPARE FOR WAR IN THE FUTURE/ troops readiness and equipment staging are key principle for future conflict and at the same time.. looking at opportunities and vulnerabilities and how others would respond. And at the same time… look and read below:

      After placing 198k troops on your border.. what do you expect huh? You have to learn to think magical my friend like fairies.

      So putin doesn’t want Ukraine to join NATO but it wants it to join the Russian block. What the F? Well, F putin. UKRAINE FOR NATO/EU.

      How can you give respect to the person who invaded his neighbor for his gain only? Don’t join NATO because I will put another Belarus dictator near you and you will join my alliance instead like that gas prices act in neighboring kazakhstan. MF is a made up hype to make things look real and for putin’s army to march with their chest up lol

      And the Belarus event was to test the outcome of the invasion “PEOPLE” how Poland would respond, how much military can be prepared on that area when it’s happening, what’s the focus point and how it would be overwhelmed. These are in-placed to see the reaction on multiple location points in real time after the decision has been made.


      Here’s the best part of this story!

      putin INVADED Ukraine’s Crimea region because under that “OCEAN” there’s a very old and the biggest pyramid in the entire world under that ocean floor. Plus putin’s palace 2 is in Ukraine Crimea Peninsula. The so called “WARM WATER PORT” for it’s navies. Everything is starting to make sense now at least to me. This guy has specific objectives.. This is like playing chess but you have to not play it in order for you to win. So you let putin win by not letting him win. But what the “WEST” is doing.. preparing like chess, each time putin moves.. they counter that move! For me.. that’s not bad but if you look very closely.. you will understand all of these MFs objectives. Solution: Stop playing the guy’s game and actually get multiple things moving before he moves that PAWN AGAIN…



    2. @Buster Masten , why, because he would be standing next to Putin, saying Putin’s, not going to attack, with his 200,000 soldiers lined up at the border, I don’t see any reason why he would!
      Oh no, that would be Trump, while he tries to have US fighter jets escort the Russian in. That would be your counterfeit president !
      So yes, I will continue to pray, and I will continue to count on our president,
      President Joseph Robinette Biden, yes I will!
      And thank you Lord, that we have an actual president in the White House!
      🇺🇦🇺🇸🙏🏽🙏🏼 SOLIDARITY!

    1. You are correct. Before Prez Trump changed positions he made world
      peace. The war is STAGED! WW3 NUKES NOT REAL? same with
      alien invasion. 34 buildings will be hit by the good guys. DON”T WORRY
      tell others. have food/water ect for 2 weeks. Back up your computer/phone
      and listen to music. this is all bs. i hope this message gets out.

    1. @Jordan *716 Pretty hard, actually impossible, to evacuate a city of almost 3 million people in a short time frame.

    2. @Jordan *716 After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine was convinced to give up their nukes – based on promises by the US that we would defend them.

    3. @Frank Sears 1) Ukrainians shouldn’t have to abandon their homes, neighborhoods, jobs, etc. 2) Ukraine gave up their nukes in exchange for promises by the US to defend them if they were attacked. 3) Advocating for nuclear war is insanity. Haven’t you ever heard of “mutually assured destruction? Nuclear war could bring a nuclear winter that takes out all of us.

    1. @I am a loaf of Bread Durham: *Clinton campaign paid to infiltrate Trump servers to FABRICATE connections between Trump and Russia*

      *This was a ‘bigger crime than Watergate’*

      *Ratcliffe predicts more Clinton-related indictments*
      _”This criminal conspiracy is broad and deep”_

      *Hillary Clinton was attempting to ‘overthrow’ Trump’s Presidency*

      *Hillary Clinton dodges questions on latest Durham findings*

      $400 Millions Putin Hillary

      Daily Mail UK > *Now even Democrats call for Hillary Clinton to be investigated after Special Counsel Durham revealed her camp hacked Trump’s White House servers to link him to Russia*
      • Democrats increasingly believe that 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton should be questioned over her alleged role in the Russian secret server scandal
      • While just 44 per cent of party loyalists believed she should be interrogated last October, the number jumped to 66 per cent in a January polling
      • *Both polls were undertaken BEFORE Special Counsel John Durham last week released a bombshell report*
      • It claimed Clinton’s campaign team tried to spy on former president Donald Trump’s computer servers

  1. If I were Putin, I think I’d pull out about now. If I were Ukraine I would open up the north Crimean canal to the Crimea as a goodwill gesture. I always thought it was dodgy denying a whole region of its H20.

    1. The Ukraine is not obligated to help Russia after Russia invaded Crimea, with little green men, and those little green men were Russian soldiers. The Ukraine is not obligated to help Russia after Russia, using surrogates, started a war in Donbas that resulted in Russian backed forces shooting down Malaysians Airlines MH17 killing 298 innocent civilians, many of the Dutch. The Ukrainian people are not obligated to help Russia after Russia planted Viktor Yanukovych in an effort to take Ukraine from the inside. Ukraine has no obligation to assist Russia in taking over there country and killing there people!

  2. So…when he invades…then what??!!
    Will all the nations react?!!
    Sanctions?!! From all?!! This could be a horrible outcome to come!!

    1. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is saying that MI6 that Putin is planning the biggest war since World War II. Well that just blew up your argument.

    2. @Marc Temura  Are you talking about the same British Intelligence who were gifted information on 3 imminent terrorist attack and didn’t know what to make of the info?

    3. Come on man! You can believe every thing they say especially when they are spying on Trump and American citizens.

    4. @Jason M  Correction: A kindergarten was in the area of Ukraine where fighting with separatists has been going on for years. Where it’s not being unusual for places to be hit by shells. Doesn’t the whole world know that this fighting unfortunately has been going on for years now? Do you all forget that 300 persons were killed when a passenger plane was shot down in 2014 during this conflict? This conflict never stopped. So the propagandist all act surprised that there is shelling.

  3. They are attacking …right now in Eastern Europe. It’s just heartbreaking. ☮️🇺🇦☮️🇺🇦☮️

  4. Good reporting job from Ukraine 🇺🇦 tonight from southern Colorado. Heartbreaking story about living in bomb shelters. Yup! Heartbreaking news!❤️☮️🇺🇦🙏

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