Executive Director For The Maryland Partnership For Prevention On Vaccine Distribution | MSNBC

Executive Director For The Maryland Partnership For Prevention On Vaccine Distribution | MSNBC 1


  1. Shouldn’t it go smoothly because Trump supporters probably don’t want or need a vaccine for a Democrat hoax?

    1. @josef mengele You should never say that to someone in the US Armed Forces battling HIV. You might find a boot shoved up your a…

    1. I have a really creepy feeling Liberals will be lining up to take the vaccine willingly 😳
      tinyurl.com/yx9gfrba 👀

  2. TRUMPS LAYWERS: “We were not afforded an opportunity to write our brief or argue the case in front of the Supreme Court,” the Nevada GOP said. “Full denial of legitimate due process and appellate rights is truly unprecedented, shocking and extraordinary.”

    JUDGE: I think you forfeited those rights when you neglected to include any evidence, thereby relegating your case to the dumpster……..😉

    1. Yes….we all know how you anti trumpers want us to just take the knee, give it up, turn the head away from voter fraud, and just do whatever fake news says and just take it. Lol, you guys would luv that. There was voter fraud. And we have every right to challenge it. Same way how you clowns screamed russia for 3 years about bogus election interference. When you clown can even handle a couple of weeks of challenges on voter fraud? Lol. Clearly who are the week ones when you do that math ? Lol. Not only are you clowns the cowards. But beyond hypocrites as well..

      P.s Big tech was the real ones with election interference this year . With world wide proof. Lol. You in denial zombies

  3. MSNBC – The title of your video is deceiving. I clicked on this video because it led me to believe that Maryland was trying to prevent the vaccine distribution… Take care in your wording – unless you meant to deceive.

    1. @Tech ti pretty like your account is Russian owned, you should take your fake account and go back under your rock

  4. BIGGER NATIONAL PROBLEM: COVID-19 WHO’S TAKING THE VACCINE? To the point of Covid-19 and who the MEDIA reports-on as recovering or dying: It is no wonder the public is reacting in many behavioral manners that have the U.S. in a state of confusion about the best coarse for getting though this pandemic. Key points: It appears only Black and Brown Americans are portrayed in the media as dying from the virus; so why would White Americans worry about the virus? Why would they even care to wear a mask? Almost every White person I’ve seen on TV has either recovered or is recovering from Covid. Psychologically, this has an effect on the behavior of the populous, especially politically. Another point, also related to the former, is who’s going to take this vaccine: African Americans, and many Hispanics are not going to be jumping-the-line to get this vaccine, and it’s not for the reasons the media is regurgitating! IMO they wont because: “Trump’s CDC,” just cant be trusted. There has been too much flip-flopping from facts to, what I kindly call, best wishes. Many of the flip-flops IS NOT due to better understandings of the virus! Example: Now the public is expected us to believe that children do-not transmit this virus! So we jamb kids them back into classrooms and lunchrooms. This kind of leadership is crazy. I believe, in part, these kids are being pushed back into schools because parents don’t have a clue how to parent any more, and they just want to get back to work! In addition, it appears that officials will do just about anything to get the public back to work, and this does not leave a vacuum for Democrats. It appears that any official, that is facing any form of economic adversity on their constituents, has in some form capitulated on the best healthy course of action for the populous as a whole. Of course they won’t state it in this clear term. About the Vaccine: Where’s the DATA? If we are to take two or three doses of the vaccine, will all doses be from the SAME manufacturer? Do I get to choose which vaccine, from which manufacturer, I am willing to take? IMO, something is fishy about how suddenly all of the big Pharma’s came online with their vaccines in the same week. Suddenly, Pfizer had to come back to equal Moderna’s stated % of efficacy; this is really about the Billions of $$$$! If someone gets really sick form one of these vaccines, there will be no legal recourse, no matter if its mass endued… ?WHAT WOULD COMPEL ME TO TAKE THE VACCINE: I need to hear a great deal more about the FINE_PRINT data about these vaccines as well as answers to my aforementioned questions and concerns. I do appreciate the efforts of those who are trying to produce a vaccine!

    1. I am in the 50 year old range and I look forward to the 2 shots I can get. I don’t care about the media or dems or others. I really don’t care about you either. I park as far away from the entrance to stores because I don’t trust you. I never had chicken pox so I wouldn’t get a shingles vaccine. I also don’t get measles or polio. I had my shots.
      Hey good luck doubting or being pro life, but anti vaxx.
      Maybe I’ll see you in the ether later on, I intend to be here for a while longer. 👍

  5. 10 months govt screws covid response and vaccine supply and vaccine distribution and the peoples covid relief…. can this govt do anything without screwing Americans?

    1. no it does not, don’t you understand what prevention is. It is the prevention of covid by taking the vaccine

  6. I love Maryland. One of the most sane, educated and progressive states. A shame about the city of Baltimore though…

  7. South Dakota’s Governor still out campaigning for Donald Trump, work in South Dakota go to get actual help…

  8. THE COVID-19 Big Media and Big Pharma propaganda hype is losing momentum…….
    Why??? 2 million + deaths in the USA in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and in 2020 with COVID-19…….
    Also, stated clearly in the Johns Hopkins data for all to know……Is the yearly number of deaths in the USA…….

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