Exhausted Health Workers Overwhelmed By New Wave Of Unvaccinated Covid Patients 1

Exhausted Health Workers Overwhelmed By New Wave Of Unvaccinated Covid Patients


Rachel Maddow shares video of an interview with Mississippi ICU nurse Jen Sartin, who is struggling to preserve her physical and mental health in the face of a seemingly endless wave of sickness and death from Covid, this time with the added frustration that vaccines could have prevented this surge.
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    1. I’m not sure she has any sadness left. She sounds like a combat veteran who is completely burned out.

    2. The same folks that think it’s all fake… will be shocked when nursing staff pull a BK crew-style exit…

      “How dare they abandon their *jobs* they are supposed to *serve me* !”

      Pure selfishness.

  1. GODSPEED to all the nurses and doctors. i got vaccinated in february so i would lower the chance of getting sicker and putting more work on y’all. i don’t blame those nurses for leaving the ICU.

    1. @Joseph ozturk Are you serious? Do you even know any nurses? ICU work is hard enough on a normal day, and the public has proven they don’t care about the health, safety, and mental health of healthcare workers. If people don’t care, the healthcare workers need to protect themselves the best they can.

  2. Imagine if politicians worked as hard and with as good faith as nurses? America might be great….and Donnie DeSantis simply would not have gotten out of the used car lot….

    1. @Michael Bray I’ve found, for a special group of folks, *nothing* will ever be real, until it directly impacts them.

    2. @YouTube Censorship Sux um one party accepts reality, science and facts. The other scream freedom when asked to wear a mask, mock science and obviously hate medical providers

    3. @Bryan which has nothing to do with this
      I worked with mentally ill that often blurted out disconnected thoughts. Maybe you need trumpcare

    4. @YouTube Censorship Sux guess you failed biology and health in school
      So many rethuglicants proud of their ignorance

  3. One overlooked aspect of this pandemic is the housekeeping, clerks, & security officers that work in those same areas. They all deal with different parts of this pandemic. I’d like to thank them all!!

    1. Exactly. The E.R. in my state with the I.C.U. ofcourse connected to it in my state was pretty quiet on Saturday morning. Not one mention of covid other then to wear a mask.
      The states mentioned in these huge numbers of cases are ones wear big high league Trump supporters are also.
      I don’t believe them.

    2. @El Mero Mero That’s rich, seeing as you’re implying that all medical staff, media, etc etc, are lying and faking the whole thing. I’m not American – I’m Irish, here in Northern Ireland, so explain why both governments in this island have mask mandates etc etc if Covid isn’t real? Again, shame on you.

    3. @Ver Coda Supporters usually think everything revolves around America… Hyper individualism/nationalism.

      Also, they usually do not recognize shame.

    4. I work in the kitchen of a nursing home, and last year we were at ground zero in the Boston suburbs, and I can assure you, it hit all of us badly

    1. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith Such arrogance..Show me a nurse,any nurse who had the experience of working through a pandemic, when they trained..Show me one..

    2. @Sue Howie
      That is an unfair to say because we are living in a pandemic now, so every day is living through a pandemic.

      But any disease can spread at any time. Nurses are there to help the sick. Don’t know if they take the Hippocratic Oath, but denying patients care is breaking the spirit of that oath.

      Don’t want to work with COVID patients – quit.

      I’m sure the AIDS nurses have similar concerns

    3. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith she doesn’t have a bad attitude and she’s still helping people she’s seen more death then she can handle. You are the problem.

    4. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith How many hours in each an every day would you expect them to work to meet your expectations?..And they are quitting..

  4. Cultural wars versus saving your family, ooops looks like cultural wars win again, exceptional america

  5. The nurses/medical staff are just exhausted. Some of the leaders political stances are appalling and is detrimental to Public Health.

    1. @Dementia Joe Kid Touch
      “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” ~~George Carlin

    2. @El Mero Mero
      The severely unethical and delusional behavior of Republicans progressed so close to destroying
      🇺🇸AMERICAN Democracy ~~ check your moral compass.

    3. define public health……….anti-bodies aren’t tested, essential workers didn’t get comp’d $600/week yet risked lives picking up garbage, delivering booze, keeping lights on……those who tested positive aren’t even told what variant they had…..public health? not my responsibility……nor do i owe anyone a report on my vax status……sorry, time to grow a spine….

    1. @A LT prayers and well wishes are meaningless, we need to stop giving care to those that denied covidx yelled about masks, just let them go

    2. @Belly Dancer Em 100 percent agree. I feel so bad for the nurses and doctors. I’m think of setting up a Twitter to somehow reward people on the frontline. That they should get a raise and perhaps some sort of an award or medal for all their work.

    3. To all the nurses who might be reading this: I wish I had the words to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for doing everything you have done for all these months, to try to get us through. You’re the ones who hold the hands of the ones who would otherwise be dying alone. I cannot think of a more sacred task on this earth. And I so appreciate your work, your kindness, your expertise. I am trying to reach out to folks to convince them to get vaccinated, to try to do a small part to help. May God bless you and protect you.

  6. I truly don’t blame them… I’d have quit a long time ago… I was a nurse for nine years… I can’t imagine working under these relentless exhausting conditions.. no way!!!… medical personnel are people too and everyone reaches a limit… this nurse sounds like she’s at the gunline… but for those that continue this useless fight to save lives that really don’t want to be saved… many blessings to you 🙏🏽

  7. It’s like the FBI raids a kidnapper’s cellar and the little girl says: “Just leave me here, I don’t trust you.”

    1. @Fat Freddy’s Cat In this case, it’s more of a Jim Jones Syndrome. This pandemic is gonna end up killing them because they can’t do simple sensible covid prevention measures, most notably masking up and getting vaccinated

  8. My God she sounds exhausted. I’m so so sorry for the
    medical staff. Every one of them are heroes and look how they’re being pushed to the brink , it’s disgusting. Every one of them needs to be honored cherished and pampered. Thank you to all the doctors nurses hospital staff ⚕️ to everyone that keeps the hospitals running. God bless each and everyone of you.

    1. Yet the MAGA SUPPORTERS want their liberties in freedom of Defiant just to keep these nurses working in overwhelmed. I hate this country 👎🏽

  9. Now that is a strong interview. They need to find a way to control Covid in those states or look like they will be without nurses to take care of them. Those governors need to be voted out of office.

    1. Maybe health care workers should protest and go on strike en masse as a statement to local officials who can’t understand how said politicians are making their lives more difficult. When people start dying, be sure to point out idiotic culture war driven policies as the cause for these worker’s torment.

    2. They engage in breathless, convulsive, self-righteous paroxysms of “authenticity,” while projectile-vomiting cliched, trite and duplicitous words/slogans. The disingenuously opportunistic Social Justice Warriors with absolute moral authority, are “selflessly, and unconditionally, saving the world and making it a better place!” Cringe-inducing chants of the indoctrinated, self-sabotaging, vindictive, resentful, ungrateful, beguiled victims of life: Victim. Authentic. Empowered. In Service. Speaking Truth To Power! Strong and Independent. Disparity. Disenfranchised. Oppressed. Brave and Courageous! Trauma. Comprehensive. Transformative. Reclaim My Power! Walking In My Truth! Marginalized. Fundamental. Invalidated. Accountability. Finding My Voice! Unconditional. Embrace. Social Justice…

    1. Do you know this nurse being interviewed? I have HUGE respect for nurses. Many of them are in my family. She sounds so very tired and worn down mentally. My heart is with all these folks. I wear my mask faithfully. And my entire household was vaccinated immediately when it was our turn. She is right, they are NOT robots. They are human beings on the brink of breaking. The worst mistake ever made, was making this pandemic a political debate. Public health is nonnegotiable!! Come on folks, mask up and get your shots! Don’t you ever want our country to get back on it’s feet? It won’t happen if you don’t take action. Death will make it’s way into your family without it!

  10. This is absolutely uncalled for. She’s totally exhausted trying to save lives & she’s not alone. Health care workers have run themselves ragged trying to save lives ..too many of those lives are those who refused to cooperate with medical experts in the first place thinking they had all the answers ..just look what they’ve helped to spread ..🙏God Bless Those Angel Care Givers ..They’re Heroes ..

  11. They deserve a break. If anyone deserve paid leave, or bonuses for services rendered during the pandemic, it’s definitely the health care workers and medical professionals.

  12. Why are people so willing to endanger their children just to “own the libs”? Something is so wrong with a good percentage of our population.

    1. @Wark Mahlberg So risk breaking our healthcare system for your empty stats?
      Cancer kills around 300k Americans a year. Covid killed over 600k in under a year.

    2. One in three are trying to sink the ship. Pro-virus folk helping it spread and prosper.⚓ Absolutely selfish.

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