Expect more residential school grave sites to be uncovered, warns Sinclair 1

Expect more residential school grave sites to be uncovered, warns Sinclair


Former Sen. Murray Sinclair says that Canada needs to prepare for more gravesites to be uncovered at residential schools.

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    1. @Rusty Shackleford It’s hard to accept this open secret in Canada. Yeah, we should all be grieving together. Come on, this is pretty horrible.

    2. @Stormrays dad
      This mess belongs to the government and the catholic church. I wont be lectured for something I had nothing to do with

  1. This week on digging at old wounds…

    Hey when do we get to hear about the horrors that continue to happen on reserves to this day? Do we not talk about that?

    1. @Rusty Shackleford so what? You have nothing to say. Do you get high off indignation? Is that your thing?

    2. @Rusty Shackleford uh huh, but you never said what else REALLY bothers you. You’re not a one-note whiner are you?

    3. @C H
      Oh no! Peer pressure! I better fold and do as you say.
      Anyone with half a brain knows what I’m referring to. I guess you’re out of luck

    1. @juliette Irene Whats your source? Not that I dont believe you, but I would like to read about it.

  2. Sad reminder and let’s all help each other succeed going forward. F years government. Your neighbor can be your friend

  3. I hope they look at all of those school everywhere in Canada, they may find grave sites at all of them.

    1. All religion should be outlawed, gets in the way of progress and rational thinking. But given our species is prone to psychotic behavior, That’s unlikely. If you believe in religion you are crazy end of story.

    2. Not the governments fault I love the indoctrinated government it was the church the government is innocent. Today in 2021 the government still commits crimes against indigenous

  4. Sending my condolences to those who lost loved ones in this horrible act. May they rest in peace

  5. In my location where I live there was a residential school, and there was always talk of …there’s alot of bodies buried out there, alot of bodies in there…but Nothing was done about it, just talk. Now maybe the horrible truth will be uncovered among those whispers and questions.

  6. Future history will speak of atrocities of the present. A time when corrupt governments pushed and forced our youngest children to take an experimental drug when there was zero chance of serious illness. Don’t let this happen to another generation of children!

  7. Expect the news to cover up the government genocide of indigenous like they’re doing on every news network

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