Expectation Of Litigious Delay Tempered Interest In Calling Impeachment Witnesses | Rachel Maddow 1

Expectation Of Litigious Delay Tempered Interest In Calling Impeachment Witnesses | Rachel Maddow


Rep. Joe Neguse talks with Rachel Maddow about the fact that there are House subpoenas going back to the Mueller investigation that are still tied up in court, so calling more impeachment witnesses likely would have meant more delay. Aired on 02/16/2021.
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Expectation Of Litigious Delay Tempered Interest In Calling Impeachment Witnesses | Rachel Maddow



    2. @Los Carlito I know his twitter feed is gone, so you’ll have to send that message to him via snail mail if you want him to receive it. You can find the address for Mar-A-Lago on Google. Trouble is, though, he doesn’t believe in God or the Bible, so your words would probably fall on deaf ears.

  1. The Lord says;
    ‘ The former President will never return & the Presidency of the current will be annulled as though it never happened. ‘

    1. @pdb Prior to inauguration, you were claiming that the Lord said neither candidate would take office. _Hint: The voices in your head are clearly not the Lord, unless you believe that the Lord habitually lies to you._

  2. Bringing up the matter of Representative Jamie Herrera Beutler focused America’s attention on her statement which is all that her testimony could have accomplished. Mission accomplished, it was time for closing arguments.

    1. Yeah, I don’t know why people have been going on about this – they actually could’ve lost votes if they’d extended the proceedings and they certainly would’ve lost momentum. In the end, the statement was entered and regardless of what Van Der Veen said in his closing arguments, it was agreed to and corroborated by Trump. There was no reason to prolong this further and it made for an even more impactful closing argument.

    1. Oh what a legacy to leave behind for his family and history… SDNY, NYAG, DCAG and now Georgia are going after the swamp whisperer. It’s going to be EPIC

  3. So, is Kentucky going to censure McConnell for delivering a scathing speech against Trump, or will he be left alone simply because he didn’t vote to convict Trump? Probably will be left alone. What a joke the Republican party is becoming.

  4. *Overwhelming Evidence? Ahahahahahaahhahahahaha, what Evidence? In four days you provided not one actual fact regarding the impeachment*

    1. Poor delusional MAGAS and QS – believe the most disgusting and sick conspiracy theories but pretend the don’t believe their own ears and eyes!!!

  5. Give me a break and what a bunch of primadonnas. The Judicial System needs to be made to work faster. Or at least there needs to be investigations into why they move so slowly. And how to fix that.

    1. I don’t think Congressional subpoenas should be able to be litigated and tied up in court for years. If they claim executive privilege then it goes before one of the committees that have the relevant security clearances and heard, or a decision made to determine if it is executive privilege. Don McGahn should have been made to appear in Congress, and so should have Eric Holder, to keep it fair. I’m sick of these people that slow walk by taking advantage of the snail’s pace of the courts.

  6. In both impeachment trials it seems that most all agreed that Trump was guilty but nevertheless refrained from convicting him based on that guilt. Thus impeachment, the Senate trial, and the verdict are politically driven and not it seems so much justice driven.

    The latter might require the courts and not the legislative branch and that may end up being where justice is levied… or not.

  7. Rachael, it only Tuesday after the impeachment was over. If you are going to talk about Trump every night let us know. I don’t want to hear his name every night….and that goes for all of MSNBC. Just thought I would let you know how I feel about this. Thanks

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