Expected Charges Against Trump Org. Are Far From ‘Minuscule’ 1

Expected Charges Against Trump Org. Are Far From ‘Minuscule’


Free rent at a Central Park apartment. Free private school tuition in Manhattan. Free car leases. All for several years. The fringe benefits for which the Trump Organization and its CFO Allen Weisselberg are expected to face criminal charges are not "minuscule," as Donald Trump's criminal lawyer argues. Daniel Goldman, Daniel Alonso and David Cay Johnston join Lawrence O'Donnell to discuss.
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    1. By the time we’re through with tRump, if he’s not in the big house getting banged by Bubba he’ll be down in a make shift bunker trying to market his own tanning lotion called Impeach-Me with pocket change.

  1. The day traitor 45 is sentenced loyal Americans are going to have the biggest celebration since the end of WW II…

    1. @ILLEGITIMATE DEMENTED Joe but SUPREME COMMANDER IN CHIEF PRESIDENT BIDEN has bigger ratings than dementia donny ever had and has a 62% approval rating… bunker boy diaper don never saw above a 44% on his best day. buwhahahahahaha

    2. @ILLEGITIMATE DEMENTED Joe who cares about the dozens and dozens of civil suits awaiting dementia donny? IT’S THE DOZENS OF CRIMINAL INDICTMENTS THAT ARE PENDING AGAINST HIM THAT ARE THE REAL NEWS….

    3. @ILLEGITIMATE DEMENTED Joe I am not a betting person, but my money is on the filibuster changing..only time will tell..IF NOT IN 2022, 16 MONTHS TILL ELECTION..It will change or be eliminated…Then President Biden will have 2 years, to get bills past…..USA waited four years to get Dump out of office, we can wait 16 more months….

    4. @ILLEGITIMATE DEMENTED Joe Yeah, like the Trump Foundation and Trump University, which he won BIGGLY!

    5. @Chaos exactly except it fact. He can’t hide behind the office of the President of the USA. He lost.

    1. @joseph fuller I do remmber someone retelling that she thought it would not be good if Donald were to go into politics…

    2. @joseph fuller His stupid pity party rally is only about 45 min away from me. Im curious how many losers show up for it.

    3. @Willy Bones i would advise avoiding it as anyone attending is as stupid as donald himself and more then likely are infected with corona

    4. @joseph fuller Fully vaccinated. I kicked around the idea of going and documenting…posting it to YT. Think im gonna change the oil and sharpen the blades in my mower instead. 🙄

  2. Remember during the 2016 presidential election, when Hillary Clinton said Trump hasn’t pay taxes the past 30 years, Trump was bragging not paying taxes .

    1. @Sandy Allen no the reason why they do not go after them is because the republican party has reduced there funding to the point that they literally can not afford to go after them 80% of audits occur to people making less then 45k per year

    2. @Chaos let’s say investigations are burning trash cans, and Trump is the kid lighting matches and creating those burning trash cans. You’re complaining that the emergency responders are wasting money on these fires but not blaming the kid that started them???

    3. @Anna Purna Legally the case maybe just maybe weak against him but punishment will be thru scandal and reputation harm plus the banks may call in those staggering in the hundreds of millions in amount loans!I am sceptical that they will actually jail him!They will just put him out of business and stop 2024 chances you know for what politicaly 🚨But legally the cases maybe not that strong against him!That of course remains to be seen 🚨

  3. What about holding Trump and others responsible for separating and losing children at the border? Have they all been reunited?

    1. The Biden admin put together a task force for this. Reuniting them has been slow because TFG’s people did not keep records but Sec Mayorkas has been making progress. No records — how horrible!

    2. They can’t and won’t charge him for any kind of policies he did as president!The closest they could possibly ever (probably won’t) charge him on relating to his severe presidency is ofcourse the Georgia phone call to get more votes 🚨

    1. She probably won’t knowing her uncle. He’ll grab it for his pending enormous attorney fees.

  4. Just wait till the Deutsche Bank loan officer links Trump and Putin to their money laundering operation.

    1. @Peter Wilson oh, we’re watching the same thing. Did you hear what that guy said? “Weisslberg and Trump know there’s nothing that is going to charge him and put him in jail, so he is going to stay faithful. The only charges they have are “fringe” benefits. Hahahah Teflon Don WON again!!!! SUCKERS!!!!

    2. @John Smith Will they mention the $1m that Don Trumpleone skimmed off a children’s cancer charity?

    3. @scott jaul Did you hear when Trump said he won the 2020 election? Only suckers believe the Big Lie lmao

    4. @scott jaul dream on. We have been hearing crazy predictions from cult center for a while now. Get a brain and drop your hatred and you’ll be a lot happier and more stable.

  5. Trump writing the book “the Art of the Deal” or him being a good businessman is like the blind leading the deaf.

    1. I think 🤔 the word deal was a misspelling. It was meant to be…The Art of the Steal. And he was even conning everyone with that book. He never wrote it. A lot of Covefe.

    2. He’s gotten by in life being a total fraud and got away with it so got cocky and flaunted unapologetically about it. That tends gets these mob guys In The end bc their ego is bigger than their brain

  6. If we don’t count the corruption, we’ll have no court cases, or something like that. Of course…

  7. The trump org. Is the trump family (Ivanka/Jared, Jr, Eric) and his CFO.
    Looks like only one of them “can” flip.

    1. And that is what may be his downfall on end. He’s brazen and cocky and thinks untouchable. That makes these mob guys get comfortable and make mistakes. Ego over brain

  8. Trump is a habitual scammer and cheater, I don’t see him putting that aside even as he was president… in fact, I believe he cheated even more during his time in office

    1. @Cornelius Gal all you have to do is google donald trump crimes just because he can keep the cases locked up does not mean he is innocent and fyi settling an allegation out of court is basically the same as admitting to it but wealthy are allowed to do so if a poor person did that they would get obstruction of justice and probably a tampering with the witness charge

    2. @Cornelius Gal imo he deserves far worse then what they are attempting to do he has multiple child abuse charges where he was allowed to buy off the victims get a clue stupid child

    3. @Cornelius Gal Do you want proof? Trump University and Trump Foundation. He paid $27 MILLION in fines. Google it. Now before you say he’s not guilty because he didn’t admit it, who settles for $27,000,000 if they are not?

  9. The don and family members should be sent to jail for stealing money from the country IRS and for the hate they incited …..come on Vance do your job right😤😤😤

    1. @Alvaro Rivas WTF are you talking about? who said anything about hating? oh… only YOU did… which proves you’re a hate monger

    2. “HATE was part and parcel of the methodology of the djt campaign to destroy democracy of the country. The HATE was always there….djt just made it ok to VOICE OUT LOUD AND ACT UPON IT.

    3. @Sydni Downey yeah….it was Trump not the democratic party who called the riots last summer by Antifa and BLM peaceful protests. There was only 42 people, including police officers, who were killed and over a billion dollars in damages….that’s peaceful right. Antifa still holds the city of Portland…that’s of course Trumps fault ! And vice president Harris who was at that time attorney general for California, actually made bail for some of the rioters. I suppose you think Trump gave her the bail money. This went on all summer and is still continuing to this very day.The Portland riot squad just quit…all of them….but that’s Trumps fault to.i I guess it’s really is going to take a civil war to straighten this mess out with blind ,wet behind the ears fools such as yourself running around.

  10. Trump’s defence team trying to downplay what is a significant problem for the Trump Crime Organisation.

  11. White-collar crime is always complicated and confusing. The system allows it to be that way, so that white-collar criminals can get away with it. Steal a loaf of bread from a Walmart and the system comes down on you like a hammer.

    1. So trump already has fraud schemes on the books his company and Allen weisselberg were connected to, So they have prior bad acts on their records?
      obviously didn’t learn any lessons?

    2. @Anna Purna Isn’t that more a story about a vindictive police man who later realizes the error of his ways?

  12. So he skates again .
    You can’t tell me lying about asset values to both banks and the IRS isn’t punishable by law . B.S. I know I’d of been in jail long ago for doing 1/4 of what he’s done .

  13. If banks don’t want their loans tied up in litigation, they better call in those tRump loans right now!!!

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