Expert analyzes Biden's $1.9 trillion economic rescue package 1

Expert analyzes Biden’s $1.9 trillion economic rescue package


CNN's Christine Romans breaks down what's in President-elect Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion economic stimulus plan and Mohamed El-Erian, chief economic adviser at Allianz, gives his take on what its impact will be on the economy.
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    1. @keith g w so what are they going to call Trump’s lifetime of failures three bankruptcies two impeachments 60 criminal cases rejected pick one

    2. @Falcon Adam wonder if u will be ok after ur 401k gets torn apart from poor economic choices. Is his presidential voice soothing to your empty struggling pockets?

  1. January 20 you better hurry up right now. Because I’m starting to really lose my patience and this is mentally killing me

    1. @Hodgeybob , great questions, and guess what they always disappointed them. And then they depend on the next President just to get disappointed again.

  2. what? u mean the federal government is actually going to help people?!?!?! How can we let such socialist agendas run wild in the US?!?!?!

    1. That money would be better spent on a wall that benefits no one.

      That’s the Republican way!

      You know what they say … “Starve a cold, feed your racism.”

    2. No, the federal government is not helping the average person, never has never will! Even though Trump tried, the swamp creatures put up every road block possible, anyone that can’t see that is blind or just ignorant!

    3. @RogerM pretty sure no company would condone the politicization of masks, a riot, and undermining one of the most secure elections compared to other countries.

    1. @MagaLuther King Actually a smart person invests their taxes over the year, instead of giving it to the government, and pays their taxes via dividends. But that is too much budgeting restraint for most other people. Otherwise the government is doing the same thing with your money until you claim the refund.

  3. Mom and pop shop on the brink of bankruptcy or closure. What do you think a 15 an hour min wage will do? Smooth move xlax

    1. The DG stores in Florida have already started self checkout do to the rise in Florida minimum wage increase.

    2. It was a smooth move if you stop to realise that the whole point of adding the $15 minimum wage was just to add a poison pill that the republicans would automatically reject. They need 60 votes in the Senate to pass the stimulus bill. The object isn’t to get a minimum wage hike but rather to deny any stimulus at all. They got your vote now they don’t care about you for 2 more years.

    3. Amazon wants it because machines do all the minimal wage jobs for them just more corporatist bs by dumbass Democrats and the ones even dumber their voters

    1. @AquaFireGames – Not Just Games
      Nope deleted.
      They were part of an established thread.
      Someone commented in that thread; I got the notification.
      Tried to respond…no record of my prior comments and they are gone from my history.
      I was a little snarky towards CNN, lol.

    1. @MagaLuther King get this even with Trumps trade war and Chinese tarriffs, American deficit with China is still expected to ve over $300billion in 2020

  4. Note that lower mortgage rates benefit those who are refinancing or selling houses much more than they benefit those buying a house because every time mortgage rates decrease house prices increase proportionately.

    1. @Steven C Highley tax corporations and billionaires equally to citizens and stop buying politicians Spend those billions from that waste and put those taxes back into the country….2017

    2. @Rusty Key “they are not jobs intended to raise a family on” yet people have to. You are forgetting the economic reality in America. Many places in Our country have people working at whatever job they can because of the pandemic.

    3. ​@Mark Howard so pay everyone less, and depress prices and the economy completely?, oh no you wouldnt like that either, so youre okay with serfs or slaves

    4. @Rachel they’re always going to be people in those situations that are working wherever they can get a job at the time it doesn’t change the fact those types of jobs are not intended to be full-time jobs that you would need to raise a family. We need to make sure we are protecting the most vulnerable and open our country back up.

    1. I think it would make eveyones day we need help and we need it now and i think biden will come thru for the americsn people

  5. my roomate has been a cook inside a rest home here in oregon and worked every day of this lockdown, and makes barely enough to eat or pay rent. This will help!

  6. “If we can keep spending money we’re make it”. —Joe Biden

    (Negative 2 trillion on first day of office)

  7. $15 minimum wage? Jeff & Elon musk made 200Billion dollars in a year! we’ve been in poverty for decades

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