Expert: Climate change, human error played key role in unprecedented flooding in B.C. 1

Expert: Climate change, human error played key role in unprecedented flooding in B.C.


“We've really grossly underestimated what needs to be done to mitigate the flooding that is going to occur in the future,” one climate researcher says.

Edward Struzik, author of "Swamplands" and fellow at Queen’s Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy in Kingston, Ont., warned that floods in Canada are on track to get worse before they get better.

He says says human influences helped pave the way for the situation in British Columbia.

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    1. @Venture Ontario it wasn’t buddy boy, it is a flood plain, why do you think they call it that?

      What do I expect from someone who makes ridiculous claims without data

    2. @ARK CON ok than why was there so much destruction this time? Why have homes been destroyed that have stood for over a hundred years? Why have bridges been wiped out like never before?

      Claiming this flood is not unprecedented, is just plain wrong. And EXTREMELY ignorant

    3. @Venture Ontario hahahahahahahahaha you can very easily Google 200 mm of rain in 48 hours and get thousands of results. THOUSANDS this is a flood plain and this happens. Deaths from extreme weather are down over 90% since the 60s

      Explain bud!

      You’d think you’d learn by now you are no match for me in a debate

  1. H
    P = Artificially manipulating the weather to create another round of crises

  2. Let’s just ignore the history of flooding in BC and elsewhere. If you build in a FLOOD PLANE what do you suppose the risks might be?

    1. Huge and unprecedented flooding in 1990’s I remember being hired as a hydrological consultant to protest City restrictions against commercial building in those valuable bottom lands. The property owners were forced to sell at a large loss, based on the City’s environmental consultant _gaming the upland data,_ but that argument was way over the heads of the court. The downstream interstate corridor _never did widen the undersized culvert that backwatered all that property._

    2. I blame the sweep of human history, the human tendency to build near oceans, rivers and lakes. We seem to like big water for drinking, agriculture and transportation.

  3. Years of studies ignored. Lack of maintained of levies and roads and dams It is easier to here the politicians blame it all on climate change instead of raising taxes and investing In Upgrades

  4. Yeah I love these experts. The same experts that said looters shouldn’t be called looters because it’s racist.

  5. He may or may not be correct, but I’d think being an author with a book about flooding gives a certain amount of built in bias to promote what he has to say and his own book. And that’s exactly what he did at the start of the video. How about getting some actual scientific experts who have no personal axe to grind on either side of what really happened.

  6. One of the top climate scientists is a professor at York…too bad his scientific findings clash with CTV’s ideology

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