1. Respect for all Russians who oppose their dictator, and this unjustified war
    Long live Ukraine 🇺🇦

    1. Biden has 37% approval rating this week on Redfield & Wilton Strategies poll…he is TANKING

    2. Ich Bin muslime . Es gibt mehr menschen die muslime sind wie es menschen gibt in irgend einen land gibt. Es ist an der zeit euch mal Allen klar zu machen wenn muslimische familien was passiert dann werde ich helfe euch zu sprengen

  2. Putin is like a guy who’s girlfriend left him 30 years ago, and he’s never gotten over it. He still thinks he can get her back.

    Give it up Putin. She’s gone. She has moved on. She has had enough of your abuse. More importantly, she’s much happier without you in her life.

    1. @m crestwood Nope and I’m not Amerika or Russian.
      Doesn’t matter I support Putin or not, his words are just so dumb and pathetic.

    2. Biden has 37% approval rating this week on Redfield & Wilton Strategies poll…he is TANKING

  3. I love the fact that Putin himself has made the best argument as to why Ukraine should definitely join NATO.
    Because if Ukraine had been a member of NATO, none of this would be happening, and we wouldn’t be having this conversation. And all of the people who have perished so far on both sides, would still be alive. Because Putin would never invade a NATO country. He knows better..

    1. @Joe Costa Because he doesnt need them LOL. You are being fooled by Propaganda. He has more than 100 thousand still waiting on the Ukrainian borders. Only 5% of his whole army is being used right now. He also has 16 thousand Middle Eastern volunteers ready to attack Ukraine at any moment. Hes far from in need of help.

    2. If the yanks and NATO hadn’t insisted on going further and further east then maybe this dam war wouldn’t have happened. Those of us living in the western world need to understand that some countries like Russia Iran or China only function well when there is a strong government in power these three plus other countries have always had authoritarian type systems of government if Russia broke up then there would likely be a Russian civil war with the potential involvement of nuclear weapons which Russia has the world’s biggest arsenal. This current conflict that really goes back to 2014 is the result of instability in Ukraine and a Russia that well sees things through the lens of a different era the other thing is the yanks seem to think Russia is a weak power well yes it’s a shadow of its former self however it is still a power to be reckoned with in the west we need to get used to that.The US over the last six months or so should have stopped to think that maybe Putin will do something unpredictable which he has yes this Russian invasion of Ukraine has stalled but will it remain stalled imagine Putin appointing a smarter general who might just sort out the Russian armed forces logistics with the result well Ukraine will end up fucked the thing is if US President Joe Biden had told Antony Blinken his secretary of state to seek a compromise agreement with the Russian’s like Belorus and Ukraine the Caucasus and Russia itself as the Russian area of influence but at the sametime pointed out that countries like the Baltic states plus other eastern European countries are already signed up to NATO and won’t change such a compromise might have persuaded the Russian’s to accept such an agreement this would still have left the US and NATO at a big advantage but at the sametime the Russian’s with a buffer zone then this dam war may not have happened and then we wouldn’t be putting up with high fuel prices etc but what has the US secretary of state Antony Blinken done for the last six months or so flown back and forth between the US and Europe doing nothing but build up his frequent flyer points.

    3. @Anonymous Anonymous Sorry, that’s not how it happened. Europe was perfect until the endless bombing of civilians via Americans. Then you guys teamed up with soviets to hurt more women and children. You might be able to forget what your people have done, but I won’t. Think the Chinese forgot how you treated them? Lmao, that’s why you’re in trillions of dollars in debt to them. They turned you into debt slaves, nothing more. Lastly, let’s not forget who came crying to the entire world over a few hijacked planes. You forget that too? Lmao

    4. @Account Choculitis nope you Europeans with your endless wars had to come begging for help and us being the noble country that we are helped you. If it wasn’t for us you’d be speaking in German. I don’t care about the Chinese or what they think of us and I’m sure they don’t either. America is your daddy. And that’s okay. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  4. I pray for Ukraine 🇺🇦
    But make no mistake, the *biggest threat* to world peace is China 🇨🇳 !, not Russia.

    1. @MegaSmk come to Russia and say that they are bad… you piss when you hear the name of this country… who saved you from Nazism

    2. @Jeff Jordan wtf? how would you know where I am, when I piss, and whether I’ve ever had the need to be saved from “Nazism”?

  5. Russia: I take your country and people
    Finland: we will protect ourselves
    Russia: you are being unreasonable

    1. @Al Ru Hello Putin troll. I see you are covering all the usual Putin lies, well guess what we don’t believe you, in fact no one believes you so just go away.

    2. @Bert Brandon369 Who do you think you’re talking to? We know what the truth is, we aren’t Russians who aren’t allowed to do any of their own research. All your copy and paste nonsense, you shouldn’t have bothered we know it’s all lies.

  6. “if you attack us, you will see our faces, not our backs.”
    -Volodymyr Zelensky.

    1. Zelensky should just surrender. Ukrainian people are dying for nothing. Human life is more important than any “National pride”. Its Obvious Russia is going to win eventually, better he save his peoples lives now, before more of them die in this senseless proxy war caused by NATO.

  7. Finland: ‘I favor joining NATO’
    Russia: ‘there will be military and political consequences’
    Finland: ‘…Ok. I’m even more in favor of joining NATO’

    1. Guys, this is a troll obviously. Trolls don’t just exist in the east but also in the west. Don’t give him attention.

    2. @Евгений Сергеев Well, the Roman Empire had a lot of europe’s lands. So why doesn’t Europe give the lands back to the city of Rome ?

  8. Whoever takes out Putin will go down in history as a hero. Who’s going to take the chance and make the sacrifice?

    1. If every citizen of an EU and NATO country donated just €1 it would be enough to declare a bounty of €1billion on Putin’s head. For that amount the mercenaries Putin hired to kill Zelenskyj would turn around and „retire“ Putin. And for another €1 from each of us maybe his whole gang as well.

      We need someone to set up crowd funding!!!

  9. 1:10 after making the guy endure the humiliation of having to stand at a podium to explain his position , you can sit down now. 🤣

    1. Yeah, let’s hear a speech on Winston shall we? You wouldn’t mind translating them, would you? Better start getting drunk, british boy.

  10. There is great wisdom in constitutions that limit the term of the head of State. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    1. There was term limit for president in Russia. Remember after the term limit, Putin became the prime minister. Then the constitution was revised to eliminate the term limit.

    2. How on earth russians public still vote him into power with such blatant abuse of power by changing the constitutions to prolong his stay in power..

      Either the election is corrupt or putin propaganda is so efficient and flawlessly penetrating the russian society..

      Please stop putin destroy rusia

  11. Russia is about the saddest country on the planet. Sad, they had so much potential.
    Oh well… long live Freedom! Long live Democracy!

  12. Putin: “you will experience consequences that you’ve never experienced before in your history.”

    Japan: “just say the word and we got this.”

  13. 3:00 This is the essence of far-right, autocratic-nationalist leaders’ message. Our opponents aren’t just wrong about political idea, they are evil and a grave threat to our country.

  14. I care to differ. He hasn’t changed from the onset since he came to power in my perception. He has always said what his motives were. It has only taken the west some time to realize the kind of person he is, because they were together drunk along with Yeltsin.

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