1. we knew this the day delta came out. covid is like windows, updating itself every month so we can get our anti-virus notifications.

    1. @Langton Industries Omicron is a loyal, hard-working Decepticon who is respectful, yet not afraid to challenge authority. He will do what ever is necessary to further the Decepticon’s conquest of the Universe, even if it costs him personal harm. He dreams of someday being the Decepticon leader, yet doesn’t scheme against his current commanders

    1. @The Tech Well in all honesty it doesn’t take much sense to realize that repeating the same actions over and over and getting the same result is useles

  2. YOU MUST publish the SCIENTIFIC ISOLATION / PURIFICATION RECORD of the NEW “VARIANT” . THERE WAS 4 DIPLOMATS IN BOTSWANA WHO GOT POSITIVE . Now the new “variant” spreading all over the world with a “tremendous ” speed .

    1. Nah, its the New Religion
      it will be another 2000 years , like Jesus was the Old Lord
      We are being converted again

  3. I dont think you guys needed an “Expert” to announce which that we had already knew that our nation would be tainted with the same stratagem.

    1. Thank You Dr. William.
      “It is too easy right now” to travel from any
      place that has dangerous variants to the United States. It is not a matter of if but when one of these dangerous variant will come to the United States. It could spread worldwide within a couple of months as of today 11/26/21 because everyone is traveling. I am concerned.

  4. If you think the only way out of this is to vaccinate every person in the world… I hope you don’t mind being extremely disappointed.

    1. Many doctors and scientists say how we can’t vaccinate our way out of this. And with what has happened so far it would make sense. Though much data has been manipulated I’m sure.

    2. @Joseph Dell _Many doctors and scientists say how we can’t vaccinate our way out of this._

      We NEVER needed COVID vaccines at all. COVID was and is mostly a disease of the elderly.

    3. @Primmakin Sofis hey hey hey don’t bring logic into this , if you’re healthy you have no chance of death but we’ll act like you will die . so get back in line and get those 23042903458 booster shots.

  5. That’s a surprise absolutely didn’t see this coming it’s as shocking as gas going up before a long weekend.

    1. @Alan Ross Exactly. That’s because we’ve been taking precautions. If we just let it run wild it will overwhelm healthcare systems again like it has in so many places around the world. It’s very obvious you don’t work in a hospital and are NOT a healthcare professional.

  6. So how many variants ?
    How many booster ?
    Who’s testing for variant?
    Who’s testing for natural immunity?

    1. So how many variants ? No one knows or cares.
      How many booster ? TBD
      Who’s testing for variant? No one that we would know.
      Who’s testing for natural immunity? No one.

  7. Variants are desperately needed to be responsible for whatever happened due to some mandated object with a needle on the top…

  8. considering we don’t owe them the ability to travel to our country, it’s a weird perspective to think that it’s our obligation to sacrifice our health for them

  9. I really want to hear from experts on why these quick mutations over such a short amount of time. It’s almost like it was designed to do this.

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