1. curious why we are constantly told the forth wave is driven by the non vaxxers, yet every report on new cases include vaxxed folks aswell, usually around 1/3 non vaxxed, but still the reality is its everyone driving it.

  2. Well there will not be lockdown before Sept 20 . Because Trudeau needed this election which Trudeau won’t tell Canadians WHY !!!!!!.

    1. I partly agree with you, and I would add to the statement: “An opinion from a guy with years of experience in epidemiology, and a Professor at Toronto University”

    2. @Fernando Martínez García just has no understanding of grade 4 math lol .World wide pandemic statistics 4.5 million deaths in over 220 countries on a planet with 7.9 billion in over a year and a half .219 million have recoverd from a virus so deadly you need a test to know you have it,if you get it a 2 week stay at home is the treatment. Must just be in his sad clown fantasy that emergency vehicles are hauling the sick and dead away day and night. Never happened anywhere else on this planet. 27 000 deaths in Canada a country with 37.5 million in over a year and a half .

  3. What easing are they talking about? The idea of monitoring where everyone is with their health status at all times isn’t off the table of discussion. Is this like the calm before the storm of all their new authoritarian measures?

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