Expert reacts to Doug Ford dropping COVID-19 restrictions: ‘It’s everyone for themselves’

Expert reacts to Doug Ford dropping COVID-19 restrictions: 'It's everyone for themselves' 1


  1. i notice that you guys only talk to this guy when its about covid, is he the only expert in canada or something

    1. He’s a huge supporter of billionaires and they’ve Only gained 100’s of billons while Small business went under. Until all small business is gone, he will not sleep well

    2. @melissa chavez you get educated. An N95 mask needs to be professionally fitted for each wearers unique face and so tight it is uncomfortable.

  2. Just a mouthpiece for what the network wants to mouth for the government to continue endlessly with the “panic”.

  3. 2 years is early? And did this “expert” just mention children, as if they have been at any risk whatsoever all along…laughable

    1. @ProjectCambrian You’re right, it’s probably in the millions at this point. Look up the Great Barrington declaration.

  4. After two years if we don’t know how to keep ourselves safe from the virus, we haven’t been paying attention. There has been education. They have been saying wear N95’s, they have been saying it’s airborne, they have been saying to keep your distance.

  5. Ofcourse its everyone for themselves! This is/was a free country! Time to open up everything ASAP! Stop listening to the “experts.”

  6. No no no. We will take our health in our own hands. I can’t stand every time you think we are getting somewhere a new doctor says sorry can’t live you’re lives get lost

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