Experts Analyze New Information on Oath Keepers, Proud Boys Linked to Capitol Insurrection | MSNBC 1

Experts Analyze New Information on Oath Keepers, Proud Boys Linked to Capitol Insurrection | MSNBC


Investigation of the January 6 Capitol insurrection has yielded new information on Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, and military-affiliated suspects linked to the crimes perpetrated that day. MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner and MSNBC terrorism analyst Malcolm Nance join Jonathan Capehart to discuss.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Experts Analyze New Information on Oath Keepers, Proud Boys Linked to Capitol Insurrection | MSNBC


  1. When are there going to be charges for the instigators? Trump and trumpets, Rudy, Cruz, Hawley etc.?

    1. Trump’s injury lawyer’s defense when he is FINALLY criminally charged— “…please the court, no one in their right mind would believe this man.”

    2. @Buff Straw So what’s the deal “Buff”, you quote all these statistics, claiming some kind of superior knowledge, l wondering who you think funds these think tanks, who promotes the agenda for a one world government, a NWO, or is that beyond your thinking, is that all just a far right wing tin foil hat conspiracy theory? C’mon man, lets hear about it “Buff”, what do your think tanks say about that, Homeland security, or Georgetown University. Maybe you can quote some UN statistics, maybe throw in a little Brzezinski, Kissinger or maybe Rockefeller. Don’t know who you are trying to impress, but it sure didn’t work on me, “Buff”. Is that short for Buffy?

  2. We have to change the laws that protect people who work for the government from the laws that the rest of us are subject to. Politicians, police, military. There has been too much abuse of these protections obviously.

    1. The United States Supreme Court recently ruled that police can be sued, “No one, is above the Law”

    2. @Richie Tattersall They concluded that shooting a bullet into a suspect is considered “seizure” whether or not the suspect gets away. The 4th amendment protects against illegal search and seizure.

    1. @Randy Couch, After years of being a Russian troll, that’s the best you got? “They are dummies?” Holy crap, man. Are you in the Special Ed. section of the troll-farm? Do you have to wear a helmet indoors? Wow.

    2. @Brian Nave What, a video of Ted Cruz being told it’s against the rules to video on the facility, to which he then goes into a monologue of what he wants people to think is happening without any proof? Give me a break! He literally filmed a night-time scene in front of a bush where nothing could be seen, all the while giving his “commentary” on what he wants you to think is happening. And judging by that comment section, people bought into it.

    1. Oh yes, they just need all the links in the chain so it’s ironclad. They have much of it already, which is one of the reasons the Republicans are changing election laws in 43 states. Georgia was first because T is charged with election fraud there. Some of the laws changed are simply outrageous ones in order to focus attention on those so as to divert attention from the deadly to democracy ones. Outrageous example being one where you cannot give food or water to anyone in line. The threat to democracy one is where election officials can change out the election officials (going dem) and send in different election people and then call it when they get the count they want (rep).

  3. There’s a race in these groups to rat each other out.
    Conspiracy to Sedition is twenty years and fines and your only hope is turning State’s Evidence.

    1. Look up Felony Seditious Conspiracy… Its literally by definition trying to stop the government from doing what is required by law with the use of force.

      Open and shut cases. The verification of the electoral college vote is required by law… They left their authorized protest area and broke into the Capitol with force, and attacked the security forces on the site.

      That’s exactly felony seditious conspiracy, good luck affording a lawyer that’s ever handled a case like that before.

    2. @Radagast Brown HAHahaha, where are you from,,, Every EXe ORder has cost us. Biden can’t even save his or his family members lives, much less America. I’m glad more and more are seeing the MSM and the LEFT for what it is.

    3. @A T
      ANTIFA and BLM did not Conspire to stop Congress from verifying the Electoral College Ballots as required by Law. Under US Code 8 Section 2384 it’s a 1st degree felony. Look it up, it’ll take you just a few minutes. That’s a max of twenty years and a fine.

      If you’re active Military Service you can be Court Marshalled and sentenced to death. If you’re a Veteran you can be reactivated, dishonorable discharged, and either sent to Civilian Authorities for Prosecution, imprisoned for the rest of your life without parole, or executed.

    1. @DARIA ALEXANDER, We really need clear evidence that he cheated then. And now his followers are so worked up over his lies, they’re going to fall for every line FOX presents.

    2. @Augie Rockero lmaooo it’s funny you mention the pentagon but it’s what ever you think. I’m good over here. I can’t speak on certain things

  4. some of the police were hugged so hard their eyes popped out ,sarcasm ,and some republicans senators didn’t even want to commend the police for their heroism against a traitorous mob of insurrectionists

    1. @The Heretic if you honestly believe that those weren’t insurrectionists, then I sincerely pity you ! ! !
      chump’s got you right where he wants you… SMH

    2. @The Heretic are you going to blame Antifa for leading all those chump cult members into a secure Government facility to interfere with a Constitutionally mandated process ????
      The ones yelling where’s Mike Pence… where’s Speaker Pelosi…???

    3. I dare you to post any video of the mob that stormed our Capitol on Jan. 6 “hugging and kissing” Capitol Police. Go ahead. I’m waiting.
      While seeing plenty of video of idiots storming the Capitol, including off-duty police officers & military beating the daylights out of Capitol Police with batons & for the love of our Country- flagpoles!
      Go on- prove your point.

    4. @AmberWaves But….but…the former president said they were hugging & kissing the Capitol Police…so it MUST be true, right???

  5. Hopefully the FBI is also looking into the GOP politicians who were giving private tours of the building in the days leading up to the attempted insurrection; as well as any communication between them and those who’ve been arrested.

    1. @Smellyweasel23 ! Something smells at your house. Why did it take OVER 3 hours for the national guard to dispatch. Someone in the tRump administration held them up hoping the insurectionist get the job done!!!! Who was behind that. Any guess.

    2. @Terry Perr After the filibuster is gone, no republican will ever be elected again…most republicans will be in prison anyway by then so I wouldn’t cry about it…it will take about 4 years for all of the investigations to end

    3. We had a BLM March in our suburban neighborhood and they were absolutely peaceful, other than streets being blocked off and police were helping them do a nonviolent protest.

    4. @Wubba Wubba I love how quickly the left and right point fingers at each other. You claim right wing people are crazy and stormed the capital and that the left wouldn’t do that. Yet Seattle would beg to differ. The left acquired multiple city blocks and the capital building along with a precinct. None of this is okay. And none of this gets fixed by acting like your chosen side has done everything correct.

  6. Two of America’s smartest, toughest, most knowledgeable patriots appearing on the same show. Thanks MSNBC, you da best MSM outlet.

    1. Isn’t it convenient that minari is releasing? America is full of conspiracies, yet they’ve trained society to be anti conspiracy, because a few goofs create outrageous conspiracies.

  7. There’s a new Sheriff in town. Merrick Garland and the new heads of our DOJ will be looking into ALL those involved, especially with the GOP for conspiracy!

    1. @Rod
      C’mon enough already! If there were one scintilla of evidence that a crime was committed by Hunter Biden, you can bet the farm Trump’s cohorts would have broadcast it on Fox News, along with Trump tweaking mindlessly about being a victim of injustice. Instead, they came up empty. Let it go trumpite. Let it gooooooo.

    2. @Rod
      Because that is a BIG FAT LIE, there is no corruption of the Biden’s Family. That would be the Trump’s

    3. @Rod Pretty sure the current conversation is about the Jan 6 failed coup. So I must assume your comment means Bidens family was part of that? Or you are simply playing the whatabout card.

    1. HILARIOUSLY HILARIOUS !!! And, with that comment: YOU are the ” SUNDAY NIGHT COMIC of the WEEK !!! ” CONGRATULATIONS Your check is in the mail… LOL

    2. @Cam Ross hey cam, if you believe Tara reed, I’ve got some ocean front property in Arizona for sale. Moron

  8. I wish Mr Kirshner and Mr Nance would have a show or a podcast together, they’re two triple A grade patriots.

  9. Zero-empathy man claims there were zero-threats.
    So was Brian Sicknick killed by the hugs or the kisses ?

  10. I can’t believe that Trump thinks the rioters were hugging and kissing guards and Police. Next he will say that no one died.

  11. Only a man known for sexual assult history cannot differentiate between kissing /hugging and forcefully attacking another human being.

    1. @Mortac lacks any semblance of self-thought. What a lackey. Without the liberal media, Mort wouldn’t know what to think. Mort must be a lamb on a stick.

    2. Siddy Sid I’m going by what videos I’ve seen of her saying “No reasonable person would believe the things I was saying about election fraud”. I imagine she wants to drop the lawsuit 1) because she doesn’t want her socks sued off and 2) she was lying through her teeth about election fraud and got called out on it. I don’t pay any attention to entertainment/propaganda from fox, newsmax, or oann. You know why *ucker Carlson is still on? Because fox said no sane reasonable human beings would take what he said as real news.

  12. I hope n prey the citizens of this country are not gullible enough to believe the Republicans that are trying to suppress the rights of Americans to vote and have a free election and not allow them to put themselves in a position to throw out the people’s Choice in an election and be able to just appoint who they want in office which is exactly what was just past in the state of Georgia and up to pass in many Republican states all over this country.

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