Experts Blast Texas And Mississippi For Ending Covid Restrictions | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Experts Blast Texas And Mississippi For Ending Covid Restrictions | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


MSNBC Medical Contributor Dr. Kavita Patel joins to discuss the Republican governors of Texas and Mississippi announcing both states will end all Coronavirus restrictions. Aired on 03/03/2021.
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Experts Blast Texas And Mississippi For Ending Covid Restrictions | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. The United States is going to occupy a singular losing space in the world history of this pandemic.

  2. Why did we make them stay in the Union again??? Could have been addition by subtraction.

    1. @ManBearPig AMERICA. This is what no personal insight, swirled with narcissism and a dash of sociopath looks like. He named HIMSELF “ManBearPig” and yet he feels it’s acceptable to disrespectful others.

      Oh, to roam around in the dark must surely be an adventure.

    2. @Diana Hulstine Owaaaange man bad. You losers still whining about trump and he aint even in office no more. Grow up. You are pathetic.

    3. @Poke Poke Poke how many hours of CNN you watch a day? just curious because you sound really stupid. Quit trying to act smart. I am pretty passionate and empethetic about tyrant control freaks telling me how to live my life and because Im going to call a spade a spade that you all are useful idiots does not make me a narcisist. Enjoy your mind control

    4. @ManBearPig Ooo, AND your vocabulary is soo large; it’s that of a 10 yr. old stuck in 3rd grade. You would think my replies sound highly educated yet they really are very basic observations of the lack of discipline and self-control you have yet to master as a man; as an adult.

      Tell me, do you children really believe, your little words actually have an effect on emotionally stable adults.

      When REAL adults engage in productive, effective communication with others, regardless of the level of passion, the discipline of self control, decency & respect for others is never cast off to the wind.

      Had you any foresight you would have known that NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU. No one is willing to listen to a disrespectful silly adult. Why would we believe you have anything tangible to offer! Whereas you think getting louder and uglier with others under the disguise of being “passionate” gets your babbling considered; you’ve always ended up getting nowhere with others and you can’t even see that STILL!

      No one hears you, no one sees you, no one respects you. It’s time for you to invest in growing up and becoming an insightful adult whom has something passionate to offer society rather then your bitterness, hate, lack of self responsibility and divisions.

  3. Go ahead with the selfish and arrogant to keep putting our Frontline workers at risk and stress, not getting to be with their families.. America, the country of selfishness and never about fellow man.. If you’re going to listen to a politician over a medical expert, there is something wrong with you..

    1. Oo, oo, question!! What if the only “medical experts” the media will platform are also politicians?

    2. And oh, there goes their economy recovery… and so the South remains delinquent and behind the rest of the states which always seem to pull ahead. Go South! Ye F’ing Hauh!

    3. I can see how this going to go belly up and the Republicans in Texas are going to blame the Federal Government for not rolling out the vaccine quick enough. The Republicans won’t take accountability, just the same as how they treated the winter energy crisis.

    1. Now Texas is a super spreader state , Everyone stay out of Texas vacation other places unless you want to catch COVID-19

  4. The proof will be in the pudding. We’ll know the result of the great experiment in about 8-14 days.

    1. @Gregg Oh, I’ve done plenty of research.

      Including the fact the person who started that whole thing outright admitting he doesn’t have any proof.

      But don’t let reality get in the way of your narrative. I could use a laugh.

    2. @Gregg I guess that how people talk out in the woods… anyway, the gentleman’s name is Joe Biden and he is your president; deal with it. Furthermore, do you people actually think your ignorant possum-moss insulting chatter offends us, emotionally stable adults. I’d pay you grow up and at least perpetrate like you’re an adult but I know it’d be a waste just like the deplorables of this nation. Enjoy you kerosene filled moonshine.

    3. ​@Poke Poke Poke I’m a Canadian, Quid Pro Joe is not my president thank God. I guess you wasted all those insults huh? I don’t know any gentleman who is a systemic racist. Who gives communists a pass on ethnic cleansing because “it is part of Chinese culture.” Oh he’s a real gentleman isn’t he? What kind of gentlemen likes little kids to run their fingers through his hairy legs that turn blonde in the summer? Only dead voters and a few socialists can claim him as their president lol. Which one are you? You best get upstairs, I can her mommy calling you for your din dins. Our chatter doesn’t offend you at all does it?

    4. @Gregg sorry I wasn’t stupid enough to read past huh! LoL

      “…I don’t know a gentleman who’s racist.” LoL! Justin Trudeau!!!! Go scout out a nice 2” of ice & tap dance your way through this additional blunder. Such is your life!

    1. Expert just means 30 year old college indoctrinated authoritarian doctor with no life experience in 2021

    1. I also think that would be better than living in a banana Republik as usa turnied into . .. I would flee to.. but Nice to hear you will stay and feedback bidens 11 millions refuge. And narko kartels.
      Just Hope the will free the children from the cage first . But I think biden loves children to much . And now the lolitaexpress is gone . He might need them

    2. @hanne sørensen Sorry but I couldn’t Understand?? what you are talking About? Republic is only spelled with a K (as kkk)in Eastern Europe!! Diffferent time Same Planet

    3. @Dixie Thompson oh yes i know. Only republicans / Patriots understands me . Thats the difference between iq. Greating grandma from Denmark

    1. then stay home and war a mask you tumb turd. or are you saying masks don’t work?

    2. @Dems Killed Me For Freeing The Slaves I’m saying theres conflicting messages and people need to draw the line somewhere . first its wear a mask with little scientific explanations as to how transmission really works. Then its wear Double masks of K90 something. With still little explanation . now it’s “weve got vaccines (less than 14% ish).and stop wraring masks. That’s still prematurely decided . why if many counties are still getting 100 -300 cases a day, why is it suddenly an All Clear to omit everything weve tried?

    1. then stay home and war a mask you tumb turd. or are you saying masks don’t work?

  5. Be on guard the rest of America the problem is they don’t just stay in Texas. Its a great distraction though from their third world failed State infrastructure.

  6. The irony of Fled Cruz fleeing to Mexico for a better life for his family where there is running water, food supply, electricity and heating.

    1. then stay home and war a mask you tumb turd. or are you saying masks don’t work?

    2. @Dems Killed Me For Freeing The Slaves We got ourselves a Disinfectant Donnie Disciple full of alternative facts and full of

    1. It was a news report that the federal government allowed 108 foreign national who entered the USA illegally and who tested positive for COVID-19 to get on the bus and enter the interior of the USA. It would appear that our federal government does not care for the lives of Americans.

    1. But even 4 weeks might have taken us to Easter. Remember how impt to Trump last year’s Easter was?

  7. STOP THE MASK MADNESS! Texas is lifting its mask mandate, Gov. Greg Abbott said Tuesday 03/02/2021, making it the largest state to end an order intended to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. “This must end.” Gov. Abbott says it is time to reopen Texas. Effective next Wednesday, all businesses of any type are allowed to open 100%.

  8. Oh who will save me from this ship of fools? How come citizens of the nation that put men on the moon over 50 years ago be so bad a science ?

  9. That’s a great idea: we think ALL DEMOCRATS SHOULD STAY INSIDE FOR ANOTHER YEAR. Or two. How about forever!

  10. The Photo of the Germs on the clip terrifies me! Remember when Zim had the Glasses that allowed to see all the GERMS around him and he went crazy !. Walking around with a spray disinfectant everywhere he went. LOL..

    1. then stay home and war a mask you tumb turd. or are you saying masks don’t work?

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