Experts Break Down Looming Trump Organization Charges | MSNBC 1

Experts Break Down Looming Trump Organization Charges | MSNBC


Former U.S. Attorneys Chuck Rosenberg and Joyce Vance explain the criminal charges the Trump Organization is expected to face this week by the Manhattan District Attorney's office. They also discuss new reporting that former Trump Attorney General Bill Barr called the ex-president's claims of voter fraud “bulls***.” Vance tells Stephanie Ruhle, "This should be the final nail in the coffin of Bill Barr's reputation."

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Experts Break Down Looming Trump Organization Charges | MSNBC


  1. I sure hope the Dems are going to pull out the Muller report! If they don’t hurry up the clock will run out! The American people payed for that report! Muller said he could be charged as soon as he was out of office! What are they waiting for!

    1. @Terry Kane I bet it did, I sure didn’t watch the snake. I don’t do faux news, I get into trouble over there😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣

    2. @Don Adams exactly and he’ll be in prison before that. I like dominos. I like to watch them fall one by one by one by one😎😆

    1. yeah? any evidence of that? like, at all? when was the last time a so called common person was in charge of a multi-million dollar empire? name one. How about so called common people with the influence to start an insurrection? The founding fathers of the US were never ‘common’.
      “this kind of thing’ sounds very technical but i’m pretty sure no ‘common’ person has ever had the opportunity to do ‘this kind of thing’ before so no one can really say what would happen to them.
      it doesn’t matter if it is fraud, tax evasion or murder: prosecutors will always be more cautious in their approach if the defendant has the benefit of a horde of defense attorneys, cash and other resources. lets face it: anyone charged with an identical crime that has no cash for quality representation will not be given the same cautious approach.

  2. They are going for the Corporation first. The individuals will follow. The corporation’s assets can be seized and the banks will come for major assets to cover Trump’s enormous debts. Ultimately, Trump and his kids will see their cash cow dry up.

    1. Exactly. I’m glad to see at least SOME people who respond here are capable of having thoughts not prechewed for them.

  3. We keep discussing the conduct of despicable people, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone given the truly awful things they have done, and they never seem to be held accountable, so why are we bothering? Frankly, I don’t ever want to hear the name barr, tRump, or any of the rest of them unless it’s to hear that they have been indicted!

    1. LOLOLOL its tiny, very tiny, so tiny that the Judge has said that he cant believe he is having to judge it. Its all news driven and left wing radical karen talk that MSNBC is known for

  4. It’s funny how Corporations are people, when it comes to the benefits of being a person, but when it comes to being held responsible as persons, they’re suddenly not people, and can’t be, good job america

    1. Yeah, this whole “limited liability” shield that powerful groups with zero oversight use to have their way with us without any consequences has got to go. Corporations, cops, our dozens of national security agencies–you name it, they all rely on it.

    2. Yes, good ol’ lousy Citizens United decision, which has harmed every actual citizen in the country..

  5. Months of Gaetz = nothing
    Years of Trump = nothing
    Wish the Democrats would do something already instead of inquiry after inquiry but no balls to do something about these Con men and grifters.

    1. @jvsnyc Oh, for Heavens sake that was HILLARYlarious! You go girl, even big girls deserve love!

    2. @jvsnyc Im not Democrat caught buying the Fake Steele Dossier from Russians! Oh, wait, what? You didnt know it was DEMOCRATS COLLUDING WITH RUSSIA! BWAHAHAAHAH BWHAHAAHAHA BWHAHAAHAHA

  6. I fear the Trumps are going to walk away without any jail time or major injury.
    They will pay a fine and carry on.

    1. It’s highly likely that the criminal Trumps will never feel any real consequences from the law. Of course they have to live in their own filthy skins.

    1. He DID speak out. On December 1st. Which, in case you cannot math, is more than 1 month before the insurrection attempt.

    1. @Mark Greenfield I am a studier of the use of magic phrases that makes reality go away.

      Tell me more about this “fake news” spell. Is there a material component to the abjuration? If so, is it expensive?

      If you find the time, please explain the magical stuffassociated with the NPC, TDS, MAGA, Deep State, Fake News, and ‘Do your own research’ magic phrases.

      Do you use a form of Stockholm syndrome as a shield? How do you keep reality from leaking in? Repeated castings of the spell?


      Magical denial politics curious

    2. @Vince F As a political adviser and political operative it is my job to pay attention. I pay attention to politics. Clearly you are another one who cannot provide any information or any evidence whatsoever of any crimes that Trump or the Trump organization have committed. You cannot provide any information whatsoever. You are an empty suit.

    1. Which won’t happen, you can tell because they keep pushing the deadline back until the trump administration agreed to meet with them.

    2. Until Trump is physically behind bars after being found guilty, it’s not going to happen.

    3. If they end up broke and unable to borrow or do business, then that would be helpful. They would have to go back to the Trump Tower Baku…

  7. Bill Barr incriminated himself by admitting that he colluded with Moscow Mitch to influence the GA runoff election and use trump to do it despite the fact that he was trying to overturn the Constitution.

  8. I’m tired of all the talk. As my dearly departed mother would say, “S**t or get off the pot.”

    1. Thank you. I agree completely. These television hot shots making money for all this hot air. Enough already.

    2. We’ve seen this all before and nothing comes of it. Everything is always “All About To Happen”.

    3. It’s a developing story. The wheels are in motion. For better or worse, they tend to move slowly in this nation.

  9. I want all of the Dump’s to be impoverished. Be like us “common folk”. To not have the money to afford a high dollar attorney. To make them all rely on a public defender for representation.

    1. When trump loses his money, he would turn into he Dan Ackroyd character from Trading Places….anyone remember the Santa Claus scene, stealing the salmon lol

  10. His University was a scam, his charity a sham, two lawyers charged, one suspended and people still believe a word that leaves his mouth. Wake up America

  11. In America, “Corporations Are People”, according to a court ruling in favor of McDonalds.

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