Experts Breakdown Why Violent Crime Is On The Rise 1

Experts Breakdown Why Violent Crime Is On The Rise


Jeffrey Butts: “Researchers can eliminate possible explanations. You could look at data and test hypothesis – one hypothesis that has been around is it’s somehow related to Defunding the Police. They looked at cities change in violent crime, particularly shootings, there’s no relationship there.”» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Experts Breakdown Why Violent Crime Is On The Rise


    1. @felixcoqui Yes, all are correct. And you forgot to mention he probably will be the first president to receive the Nobel Prize for medicine for inventing Clorox to be a cure of the virus.

    2. The Wealth-Hoarding Oligarchs who own the Media &ALL Presidents(Biden Trump Obama Bush Clinton…)want to keep us divided & start a race war to avoid a class war. They want to convince you that the poor person with NO power who is a different color, gender, sexual orientation than you and voted for a politician you don’t like is your greatest threat because the LAST thing the Ruling Class wants is for Americans to come together and realize we share a common enemy-the Ruling Class Sociopaths who are screwing us all

    3. @James Smith ….HAHAHAHAHA, spending US into oblivion…how’s that inflation working for ya!!!!

    4. @INCARNATE …witless leftist…Biden’s lead by Hunter need to be indicted….MSMBS has jellied your brain…

  1. A sociologist told me the crime rate tends to rise and fall in direct correlation to the number of males between the ages of 15 and 50.

  2. Oh, dear lord. With the country as divided as it is, with poverty what it is, with millions and millions of guns and these folks are talking about “defunding the police?” It’s a frigging non issue.

    1. Police department on the intercity were already struggling with the funding they were given, taking away funding is obviously gonna cause a rise in crime. They have to have less police officers on the streets patrolling. Can’t blames guns because we’ve had millions of guns for years, can’t just be the guns

    2. They are talking about taking some of their money and putting it into other programs that would help. One being making a mental health team to respond to 911 calls for people in a mental health crisis. Right now the police do this job with no extra training and many of the people they were called in to help end up getting killed by the police. They also want to take some of the money and put it into the communities that the police work for making it a better community. The police in most cities receive 60% of that cities tax dollars. Doesn’t leave much for other projects now does it. Kinda like our government, the military gets 60% of our tax dollars to run on. We spend way more on killing then we do on living

  3. Once in my life I had my house broken into. Twice in my life I’ve had a car broken into. In all 3 instances the criminals were drug users. I moved.

  4. Come on, I mean there may be other contributing causes, but it’s the pandemic! Have you seen the stats of mental health declining due to covid?!
    That is _not_ to say that America doesn’t have to get their gun and police violence problems under control.

    1. Stress is always a factor in this. I have an aunt who got covid and “recovered” but it hit her brain and now she has a very bad case of dementia and is in a nursing home. She can’t remember anyone. She had all memory before covid

    2. Amazing how many people not stressed to that point anymore after Trump left office.
      Yet the killings still happen.
      Why do you suppose that is?

      If the Pandemic the cause. Why killings increasing know that things opening up?

      Your argument is without merit

  5. Police departments waste so much money on paper pushing and protecting bad cops. They need to work more efficiently on a more reasonable budget and more money needs to be allocated to social services and drug rehabilitation as the police have failed miserably at dealing with these types of incidents. Handcuffing and verbally abusing 9-year-olds is an absolute disgrace.

  6. But really…. Look at the statistics. Every city that has pushed defunding the police has had a major spike in crime. You cannot change the facts.

    1. But nobody has significantly defunded anything yet. Slogans do not change crime statistics,

    2. @Jock Young actually they have Minnesota has New York has my state and also Seattle so with that being said you need to get your life together

  7. Defunding police, allowing open borders and an open tide of illegals along with other liberal actions have consequences.

    1. @Jock Young that hasn’t happened? It hasn’t happened in the last 4 years with 3,000 and it hasn’t happened in the last election through March which is the reason why the president or the VP won’t go to the border in the first place! Really you going to actually openly lie to yourself? You have to live with that not me

    2. These so called experts have no idea. They looked at the data and there’s nothing that ties the rising crime to defunding the police. Yeah right….and santa claus is real

    3. @Daniel Dos Santos Yeah, I think those experts may have been smoking crack and parmesan with Hunter

  8. Subjective morality, inability to deal with individual emotional state, victim mentality, general attitude of entitlement are a few possible contributing factors

  9. It don’t take a professor letting people out of prison letting criminals in our country Democrats cities

  10. I want to ask why the experts haven’t mentioned the 37 states where the minimum wage is still only $7.25 might and if that might have something to do with it. Those are the states where even the smallest crimes pay more than a full time minimum wage job. Can anyone in those states afford a one bedroom apartment while earning minimum wage? I’m willing to bet this is the biggest cause of crimes.

    1. There hasn’t been an increase in minimum wage since 2009.
      If minimum wage was tied to productivity wages would be $24 per hour.

    2. Did you really say that out loud? People are willing to jeopardize their job to go be criminals when that would hinder them from the job in the first place and eliminate all of their income? Did you not see that coming? OMG

  11. Not complex; rich people are destroying society. Fix it or it will get worse until it fixes it for you.

  12. There have been 234 mass shootings so far in 2021. This is about the proliferation of guns, nothing else. This is not a safe country for children to grow up in.

    1. has life ever been genuinely peaceful? Can we really make that assessment and say that that has occurred? Never has there ever been a time in the world where there was peace

  13. The mass casualty events are from military grade weaponry and either gang activity or political grievance

  14. Yeah, thank you GOP, you constantly look past bed behavior! You endorse a demonic person who wouldn’t know what truth is if he tripped over it.There is a civil, moral conduct we all must ALL abide by.

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