Experts Debate Pros vs. Cons of Vaccine Passports Saying They’re Desired By Business, Not Government 1

Experts Debate Pros vs. Cons of Vaccine Passports Saying They’re Desired By Business, Not Government


Vaccine passports are not supported by the Biden administration, despite right wing accusations decrying any COVID-19 vaccination credential. Experts on public health weigh in with the pros and cons on vaccine passports, and the truth that the biggest supporters are big business, not the government.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Experts Debate Pros vs. Cons of Vaccine Passports Saying They’re Desired By Business, Not Government


  1. i run a literally one employee makeup/personal care type business and i will certainly be requiring hard proof of vaccination before i work on ANYONE. i need to protect my other customers and this will be a hard line.

    1. @I.M. Greg
      Refusing to be vaccinated has nothing to do with getting it.

      What about an airborne disease do you not get?

      Also, you can get COVID with the vaccine.

    2. @Demetria Karnavas
      I am not willing to put COVID into my body unless I know the long-term effects.
      Demanding a vaccine passport is literally fascist

  2. Ain’t nothing like a little right wing hypocrisy. At the big Repugnacant Donor retreat in Florida this weekend all attendees are required to have a negative Covid test before entry.

    1. @Ashley Horne ah look at the pathetic conservative spouting off whatever BS they last heard on fox. Pathetic. Your party is a cancer that is killing this country

    2. darena12; us independents are killing the country. Interesting. Not all of us need a party to tell us how to think. We can do it for ourselves.

    3. @Ashley Horne all you’ve done is spout off right wing BS. If you are actually an independent (you aren’t. You are just another lying conservative) then you are a foolish one who doesn’t actually research any topic.

  3. On this side of the pond, both Business and Government want them, as do most people. Not all, but people would rather have them and a gateway back to business and social life than not, as well as knowing that people who won’t get one are excluded, thus reducing the chance of Covid reinventions or spreading. With independent watchdogs and regulators, once the pandemic is over, the passports will be dropped. It’s not a big deal, but a practical, needs-must solution.

    1. Ver, he’s called Ryan Wentz. Look up the story to understand what’s happening, and take a few moments to ponder it. All the posts are reproduced.

    2. Ver Coda the governemtn does has NO plans for vaccine pass, it is businesses that want them.

    3. @TheDiamond2009 and when you do the search all you get is right sites that push lies all the time.

    4. Psycho, try switching your browser to a more neutral one and your search will open up vastly. It’s being reported all over the world. This is the future, your future.

      The guy in question is on the left too, that’s the irony.

  4. They’re desired by many of those who already got vaccinated, and families of those who have elderly who don’t want to risk their elders from catching it from people with no concern for the elders health and only for themselves.

    1. @Hankakah Doesn’t stop transmission. Get with it. Free bonus …”Pfizer has been a habitual offender, persistently engaging in illegal and corrupt marketing practices, bribing physicians and suppressing adverse trial results.”

    2. @Hankakah south korea is much healthier than we are. the root problem in america is our diets. no masks nor vaccines can fix that. good luck with the shot. ill be focusing on diet and exercise. if i get sick ill eat raw garlic. i have not been sick so how can i spread it? if i get sick trust me i will stay home til better.

    3. @Hankakah masks have never been used to prevent viral transmission. they are used to block large droplets of spit from going into open wound and or mouths. viruses are airborne and fly right through the stitching of the masks. n95 has the best chance but even that is questionable. good luck dude. ill be smoking weed and eating raw garlic. no fear dude

  5. Fox: “Biden wants to mandate vaccine passports and take away your freedom!”
    Biden: “We are not issuing any such vaccine passport mandate. That is up to the states and private businesses.”
    Fox: “Uhh, err….Mr Potato Head is a MAN!”
    Biden: 😎

    1. Belly, what about my corrections to your boyfriend’s grammar above, when he was calling somebody out for their grammar? That’s poetry, right?

    1. Michelle, you think so? Read about Ryan Wentz then. You’ll need to get off this site, because they’re not reporting it.

      He posted a comment on social media that he was “underwhelmed” by AOC’s comments in an interview about the Israel/Palestine problem. Nothing more, nothing egregious at all. He did it anonymously. The Feds turned up at his door to arrest him for threatening violence.

      Does that not at least make you ponder the problem? Go and check the story out, because this is the future.

    2. @John Pardons 600,000 dead Americans and 3,000,000 dead humans is not fear mongering, just a recognition of facts. Of course, Republicans have made facts equivalent to the mark of Satan.

    3. @TheDiamond2009 sounds like a bunch of made up conservative NS that is missing the real story. Try again cultist

  6. I have to laugh when people say the government is tracking you with things like this passport, when they can track you via your smart phones which 90% of people have. You’ll also find it will be required for international travel.

    1. @No Show Joe I took my safety into my own hands. I got vaccinated and I wore a mask now for over a year. You’re doing nothing like wearing a mask or getting a vaccination or taking any responsibility for your own safety does nothing that’s not taking any kind of adult responsibility for knowledge of infectious disease whatsoever. Like others have mentioned here, and also continues to endanger the rest of us but you go ahead and being a responsible free moron if you want. Don’t talk crap about people who get vaccines and follow the rules. People like me had to get a vaccine with we wanted one or not because of people like you. Not playing Russian roulette with my health.

    2. @badbearwatch I am not “talking crap” about anyone who wants to wear a mask or get a vaccine. If you read what I said, I support that. I support your decision to take health into your own hands. Literally the entire point I was trying to make. But let others have the freedom to do the same as they choose. It’s not the governments job.

    3. @No Show Joe It is your job as in you have one job as a human to help stop the virus. Don’t spout freedoms and say you are going to do what you want and blame the ” government can’t tell me what to do”. YOU aren’t willing to take precautions for whatever dumb reason and the rest of us are taking what action we can as sensible humans on an infected contagious earth while
      You do nothing and talk about freedom. You have something against common sense at the very least.

    4. @No Show Joe you think you’re so free, and you don’t like the government telling you what to do. I hope all your taxes are paid up. That’s one time when the government tells you what to do and perhaps you should do it. I’m sure when recovering from the pandemic and having paid out all the stimulus checks, they’ll probably go over the tax information very carefully to make sure everybody paid their fair amount. So good luck with your freedom there.

  7. I got my Pfizer shots and had my card laminated. It has the exact dosage numbers on it. I plan on shoving the card in someone’s face if they give me a hard time over the vaccine.

    1. Pfizer! Excellent choice: “Pfizer has been a habitual offender, persistently engaging in illegal and corrupt marketing practices, bribing physicians and suppressing adverse trial results.”

    2. What exactly would a hard time over vaccines look like? If someone asks if you’d had them just politely hand them your card. Why do people have to make everything so aggressive and difficult.

    3. You should be ashamed of getting the vaccine.

      Imagine putting an untested virus into your body in order to placate morons.

  8. America has been using paper vaccine passports for years for schools, colleges, military, many different careers in the country and travel!

  9. The police can find out everything about you with just your name and birthdate…that helps
    keep us safe.

    1. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith Only a puppet would be so emotionally invested in whether other people are choosing to get a vaccine.

    2. @Demetria Karnavas
      People who choose to get a vaccine are putting faith in something untested and unverified AND demanding that others must be coerced into be vaccinated

  10. *Direct quote from Pfizer EUA:* “risk of vaccine-enhanced disease [i.e. the next time you encounter a coronavirus you have a dangerous/deadly reaction] over time, potentially associated with waning immunity, remains unknown and needs to be evaluated further in ongoing clinical trials and in observational studies that could be conducted following authorization and/or licensure.”

  11. I think the subject of Vaccine Passports are a moot point. People are already selling fake Vaccine Passports on line.

    1. There will eventually be an app through CDC that proves legit vaccination. The VA is also creating an app for Vets who were vaccinated through them. Thats my case. It will likely be a requirement to fly international. Delta already looking into how to have it added to flyer profile like your Known Traveler Number for TSA precheck

  12. The last time we heard ‘Show me your papers’ was in Hitler’s Germany. Next we will have Biden’s Gestapo demanding we show proof of vaccine before we are allowed to ‘freely travel’ within a once free nation.

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