Experts Debunk GOP's Attempts To 'Cancel' Critical Race Theory 1

Experts Debunk GOP’s Attempts To ‘Cancel’ Critical Race Theory


Many GOP leaders’ attempts to deny American’s racist history are debunked by experts in conversation with Jonathan Capehart. These experts explain how facing our nation’s original sins will make America stronger.

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    1. @Sea of Red Like claiming the Zombie MAGApocalypse never really happened, or that Antifa and BLM did it.

  1. Jool’s from Australia Come to
    Australia this is WORLD wide
    Be progressive strong stay safe
    A big Hollow to The First American’s
    Indigenous peoples y America
    Be progressive strong stay safe

  2. In order to function America has always needed a boogeyman somebody to print 2 and spread fear about and for the entirety of our nation’s history it’s been people of color first of Native Americans than the people of color

  3. Imagine way before Ted bundy, Jim Jones, John Wayne gacey and Samuel little existed that there were thousands of them in the 17 and 1800’s, no fingerprints, no special victims units, no homicide detectives and no crime scenes. Race theory

  4. History is getting abbreviated in our schools. Unless you take an in-depth class on a particular subject.

  5. The problem is vaguely gelatinous because one often encounters self-righteous denial upon trying to seriously discuss the issues. This phenomena is not unlike Kevin McCarthy’s recent claim that “no one” is denying the legitimacy of Biden’s elevation.

  6. Should never build on a weak foundation of lies and hate… anything you try to construct on such a flimsy platform will inevitably collapse.

  7. I will never tell my son he’s a victim nor will I tell him he can’t succeed because of the color of his skin!

    1. I tend to think for any loved one, it’s better not to let them think of themselves as a victim, even when they in fact are. Like – take a look at your cards, take a moment if you need to cry, then get busy doing the best you can.

    2. That’s not what Critical Race Theory is, your brain must be incapable of understanding nuance

  8. So many denialists love to preach moral high ground, but will do anything to avoid learning or acknowledging the truth about their history. Good or bad, people need to grow a pair and be vulnerable enough to learn why things are they way they are, and how they got there.
    For bad faith actors, no amount of learning changes their perspective, that burden falls on the offspring.

  9. In Germany & France it is a criminal offence to deny the holocaust; NEVER AGAIN, those that do not learn the lesson of history are destined to repeat it.

    1. As long as people are aloud to ask critical questions to their teacher that’s what’s important. I have Jewish background 2nd generation american and That was a bad time for Europe

  10. The whole point of teaching the correct history is to prevent taking actions that will repeat the past. Those who forget the past, are doomed to repeat it.
    The only way to move forward is the assimilation of history to make a better future. Eliminating all of the faults. Acknowledging that all are equal, promoting and encouraging every citizen to be an integral part of the common good. Ending poverty and strife all across the Country.
    The disparities that plague our Nation has to be eliminated.
    As long as major corporations and greedy politicians get their way, humanity will remain stagnant. All controversies can be remedied.

  11. I totally agree that the whole history of America should be taught.

    I’ve met too many people who actually believe that the US was some beacon of justice that never committed a single war crime or atrocity throughout history.

    The education system in the US is terrible as it is even without the complete whitewashing of history.

  12. We NEED SCHOOL CHOICE NOW… Whether you are Black, White, Chinese, or any ethnic category, you need to TAKE BACK the power to protect your kids. You start by getting SCHOOL CHOICE approved everywhere. Then you have a choice…. Other schools will promise to go back to basic education with not depravity and no race comparisons… The way it should be

  13. If history repeats itself, we can expect future army places to be named after Jim Jordan, Marjorie Taylor Greene and the Proud Boys.

  14. I guess that LBJ was right in the prediction he made about the victims of his Great Society Plan.

  15. There are still people who believe Columbus discovered America. There are still people who believe the pilgrims and natives were best friends. There are people who believe racial discrimination ended when Dr. King gave a speech. Americans have trouble accepting truth.

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