Experts: Former CIA agent victim of microwave weapon in Moscow 1

Experts: Former CIA agent victim of microwave weapon in Moscow


CNN's Kylie Atwood reports on a former CIA officer's claims about an invisible attack in a Moscow hotel, one experts now claim was likely a microwave weapon.

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    1. @R Torres oh well deep state sucks I can’t argue now that we were duped! We should have destroyed Saudi Arabia! All but 3 of the terrorists were from there! I cannot argue with this logic!

    2. @Professor Moriarty the Canadians were victims of accidental poisoning/overexposure to insecticide fumigation in the
      embassy and embassy neighborhood and not victim of a microwave attack. It is also likely that many such microwave (not all) are confused with accidental insecticide poisoning. There has been a substantial increase in these kinds of poisonings among foreign consulates and foreign tourist hotels in recent years. Because people living in developed societies have an hyper-aversion to insects and the recent increase in resistant insects to harmless but gross insects “bedbugs” and pathogenic insects “mosquitoes” that carry west nile & zika virus as well as malaria there in accidental overuse/improper use of insecticides in some countries in places frequented by foreign nationals.

      The symptoms of insecticide and microwave exposure can be similar. The tissue damage however is not the same. However, neither show up very well on brain imaging. The difference can be established on autopsy but understandably that’s not possible unless someone dies.

  1. That has to be a nightmare. To try and make people believe you and all the while they may think it’s psychosomatic.

    1. Ppl with chronic illness or pain go thru this esp woman in pain. You are not believed for years. Getting That diagnosis is a relief.

    2. Yes, like 9/11….The BULK of us know Israel was in it up to their EYEBALLS and let the dancing Israelis go home where they said on live tv they were there, “to DOCUMENT THE EVENT”.

      Its right there for all to see, but ya gotta deal with a lieing media, and govts calling you names to cover THEIR involvement.

    1. Dictator of life Putin from Russia is an international urgent and great risk, even for the US of America!

    2. @Francis Schreurs I suppose we should take him more seriously, then. Most of us see him as a sort of clown–a novelty or oddity. Personally I kinda like him, and I think most Russians like him, but no one except hysterical leftist buffoons think of him as a true threat to the U.S. Maybe Ukrainians should fear him, but that’s about it.

    3. @Texas Jack Y’know aside from how he’s arresting his own peaceful protesters by the hundreds to release his opposition leader running for his position, and using novichok poisoning to people who he sees as a threat to him. As well as the invasion of crimes. I guess people have different likings to that.

  2. This is just like living for decades with a psychiatric problem, and even family is telling you “you’re feeling sorry for yourself”, while you want to die every day because they pain is so bad.

    1. Start talking to Christ, no religion involved, he’ll make u feel great, im like in a void now, all the wicked are going to fade away into brimstone eternal

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  3. this is common among veterans , they are like ok just take Tylenol and see you next year, next year passes get a new doctor and start from step one.

  4. I would say trumps brain needed a trip around the microwave for being so disorganized, but I think it’s already happened

  5. Lt. Col. Vindman should get his job back. And Fiona Hill is still a badass, and I hope she gets her revenge on Rudy. Big time. And remember, Crafsman does not own a microwave.

  6. Send politicians and agents with microwave detection alarms when they travel. It’s highly unlikely the beam is so focused that it wouldn’t be wider than a few feet, and is likely easily detectable

  7. ‘Mysterious microwave weapon’ Remember when the US wanted to use their microwave weapon on protesters? Not so mysterious now, is it?

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