Experts On Footage Released 2 Years After Ronald Greene Died 1

Experts On Footage Released 2 Years After Ronald Greene Died


Louisiana state police have released body cam footage of Ronald Greene two years after he died in police custody. Legal expert Elie Mystal and activist Jotaka Eaddy address this disturbing footage, in conversation with Tiffany Cross.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Experts On Footage Released 2 Years After Ronald Greene Died


  1. Naturally it was deemed justified. And people wonder why body cams are shut off all the time…

    1. @Romeo S Were those 35000 slaveholders American? If not then that’s a suckass whataboutism.

    2. @Romeo S One could make the case that not holding officers accountable is, in fact, bad for the blue.

    1. “He died when he crashed into a tree”, was the cops lie to cover their crimes, against the victim Mr.Greene.

    2. @bo gard They’re just not very smart, they all have body cameras, I guess you forget?? I dunno.

    3. @playablue yes….but you missed the point. If a person is killed in an accident, they generally are not removed from the vehicle. The officers check their condition then call for an ambulance (if needed) and notify the investigators. Do they have any record of the officers reporting the death??? There would have to be conflicting times between those records and the footage on body cams. Did nobody from the 911 center verify this? We’re there on photos taken of the accident scene? None of this adds up to anything but an intentional killing. The pain that mother faced then and now must be beyond horrific. This time I am all for charging all involved….from the officers right down to the 911 call center who didn’t verify the correct info. My thoughts and deepest prayers are with his loved ones. He smiles down on his family and wills them the strength to go on. God Bless Them All.

    1. They cry now because nobody cares. Do you pay attention to children that cry over things they have no concept of? Thats what your watching.

    1. @GBP4EVR That is NOT their job and before you mouth off one more minute you should remember just how much COP’s wives know- I was married to one for 28 years.

    2. @bo gard he didn’t comply because he was being killed. He was trying to survive the “arrest”.

  2. Colonel Lamar A. Davis
    Biography Information. On October 30th, 2020, Colonel Lamar A. Davis was appointed as the 26th Superintendent of the Louisiana State Polic

    1. Congratulations! Thank you for you preparations to protect and serve all the words of the rule of law in our government constitution. Thank you for always being ready to support humanity rights, with all the power you behold. always speak your thoughts to let others believe in common sense over propaganda God bless all civil servants for doing a great job until I realized MY CIVIC DUTY. TOO.

    1. @Robot plays eh, I do noticed black people are stopped more often than cops and that it is more common seeing innocent blacks being killed percentagewise. I just think BLM is exaggerating

    2. @Ayin Yasharahla nah. I am not saying discrimination doesn’t happen but it is definitely exaggerated

    3. @Robot plays BLM never said all officers are bad, so get your facts straight, also the stories are made by the police themselves and how they brutalize and murder people.. usually when they’re handcuffed with the cops need on their neck or back and they are struggling for breath and the cops always say stop resisting, when they are just trying to breathe. But somehow I don’t think you get it, I can tell by the way you post your “opinion “, what your “thoughts” are

    1. Why, the video shows exactly what happened and idiots are still claiming that saint was murdered by the cops? The video seems rather pointless when people are so vacuous that they can see every second of the incident and still interpret it as something other than what the video shows.

  3. The biggest problem is the cover up. ” the guy is dead because of a car crash ” Whaooo

    1. @l m
      Why do you believe those lyin’ azz pigs explanation for Mr. Greene’s initial stop??? – They lied on their official police report, so why would you continue to give them the benefit of the doubt???
      Dare to be different and stop bootlickin’!

    2. @Daryl Stovall mate, i suppose next your gonna tell me the black liberation movement isn’t racist?

  4. This is sickening. That man is screaming in pain as the police laugh and says, “yeah, that hurt doesn’t it.” Absolutely insane.

    1. @alex rogers I think that it’s absolutely ridiculous that you even had to point that out to him!…. That is the type of mentality that we are dealing with these days and its just sickening!…..

    2. @l m Maybe he was afraid that pulling over would result in him being beaten to death? Maybe he thought he stood a better chance of survival if he could get away? Rich white people don’t have to live with that fear. Short of murder, there is nothing that man could have done that was more criminal and evil than what those cops did.


  5. The senior officials at that department need to be charge for conspiracy after the fact for murder.

  6. what about the forensic report? who did the autopsy ? who signed their name saying that he died from a car crash??? they are all complicit!!!

    1. Death resulting from car crash resulting from suspect fleeing police. Which was Ronald Greene’s last FU.

    2. It didnt say he died from a car crash it said cocaine induced agitated delirium, complicated by vehicle collison, physical struggle, and inflicted head injuries.

  7. Once again, the video is released quickly when police appear to do nothing wrong. It does not get released easily when the police screw up.

  8. Anyone who knew about this and helped to bury it needs to be held just as responsible as the men who perpetrated this heinous crime.

    1. What heinous crime? Do you know the whole story? No you don’t. What about all the black on Asian hate crimes? and black on black hate crimes? Those are actually heinous without any question. Why not spend your time fixing that very fixable problem instead of thinking you have a clue what it’s like to be a law enforcement agent.

    2. @GBP4EVR lol Be You an LEO or a Homeless Bum..It is Painfully Obvious that these, Are Bent Cops that lost control of their emotions and Possibly Killed someone. So Be that Accidental or Purposeful, The actions should be addressed.. To Make Light of theses events and the belittling of the commenter contradicts that of an LEO…So, Before you get all High and Mighty and assert some Fabricated bravado and Ego (as most Pigs would actually be Expected to attempt as the Bullys they are).., You should take into account that Your own words here, Are suspect. You see, IF You hold your Dutiful Oath to The Law Seriously, You would simply Agree with the OP and Move on as One bad cop makes All cops look bad. Settling A Single issue with a Bad Cop, Is a Start on settling the Other Issues you so Kindly attempted to deflect with as you Attempt to assign that they are being Neglected More than Deserved…. .So,.Due to you feeling and Need to Express deflective issues in front of Covered up and Hidden issues, you exposed Your hand as an LEO that is Willing to turn a Blind eye on events that YOU Deemed Acceptable By You even though the Constitution and Law, Would Condemn those decisions and Actions. This may be the only Proof that You Are actually an LEO as Only a complete Boot licker would accept Crimes against the Citizenry as a way to Stop a Crime. GTFOH Pig.

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