Experts Say Trump, Congress Members Could Be Targets Of Capitol Invasion Investigation 1

Experts Say Trump, Congress Members Could Be Targets Of Capitol Invasion Investigation


Glenn Kirschner and Frank Figliuzzi join Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss the latest on the Capitol invasion investigation. Kirschner, a former federal prosecutor, says the units assigned to the investigation indicate it could involve members of Congress, and Figliuzzi, a former FBI official, says investigators may scrutinize Donald Trump’s inaction during the insurrection. Aired on 01/16/2021.
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Experts Say Trump, Congress Members Could Be Targets Of Capitol Invasion Investigation


    1. @America Tolliver Lord Trump is godsend messiah to save us and lead us to the path of eternal life. It’s inscribed in the Holy Bible. God say “ When you hear the last Trumpet, Am coming”. Trump is a fighter for every American and for our sin and our freedom. Lord Trump sacrificed his health to COVID-19 and Jesus sacrificed his life to the cross, three days later, Trump recovered and Jesus rises, what a resurrection! Trump fought with deep state, liberals and Rinos, he is following the law of God. Without Trump in office, guess we are officially a communist country now. I will never vote again. The fraud states of America. In Trump we trust, in Trump we worship, in Trump we united Trump we trust, in Trump we worship, in Trump we united. Trump 2020, Trump 2024!

    2. @R L T – Hmmm, tRumpf paid more Taxes in Chynah this year than in the US. So he’s taking Chinese BRIBES, not Biden!

      tRumpf won 2016 using those _exact same_ Dominion machines and mail-in ballots! He STOLE the 2016 Electoral votes by FRAUD! What a criminal and a LIAR! 30,000 times since elected!

      Dump tRumpf!!

    1. @Ttd Ttd Will you people ever wake up to the fact that you have been conned. Not by a fraudulent election but by a fraudster named Trump. It’s what he does best!

    1. @Karl-Heinz Poppinger There is never a USA like liberals claimed and lied about for more than 200 years, this is Godland, this is Trumpland, Trumpland is Godland. Trump is Godsend to save us and lead us to the path of eternal life. In Trump we trust, in Trump we worship, in Trump we united.

    2. @Alaska Pirates Our democracy is officially dead, our freedom and liberty is dead. Local government, state officials, federal agencies, state courts, federal courts and Supreme Court all refused to hear the fraud cases and persecute those committed election fraud, what a democratic system we are in? Are we becoming the Fraud states of America?

    3. @Ngoc Nguyen wow, we are in a country where someone like you, an uneducated white male, thinks he can make choices and decisions without ANY REAL information or evidence….. all those things you listed, you think that they are all teamed up and conspiring against you and Trump? you need to go back to school, but not public school, because that is likely how you ended up with the point of view that you have

    4. @Alaska Pirates my question is why we still used all those China made genetic modified ballots papers, high tech surveillance ballots containers, back door enabled ballots suitcases, AI monitored ballots boxes, remote GPS controlled sharpie pens for this election? You know those remotely controlled robots could literally change my vote to someone else. Why even bother to cast my vote at first place? What confused me most is why Democrats used Dominion election systems created by former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez before he died for this election, and transferred millions ballots to China and let China count our ballots? My pastor told us Hugo Chavez’ dead sprite rigged our election. My pastor already asked Jesus Christ about this and got confirmed and our church is praying for president Trumpy now. You are welcome to joiner our daily prayers and praise Jesus for his mighty

  1. Everyone who entered that building should be charged with manslaughter they all were together- just like a group of bank robbers!

    1. @CJWolfeDrums grammar is not their strongest suit
      They always mix up “your” with “you’re” and it’s hilarious especially when last time one of them used it was to say “your uneducated”
      The irony obviously eludes them as well

    2. I’ve been saying that since I found out the first person died. Anyone involved in the commission of a felony where someone dies can, and should be charged with the death

    1. This time I think they might. This time they were personally involved. Pelosi looked really angry, even with a mask on. Notice that even Mitch is backing off and trying to create clear water between him and trump?
      This is not mere corruption, these insurrectionists have no idea what they started. They tried to destroy the USA by killing the most powerful people in the land. I would NOT like to be in their shoes.

    2. @Verruca I also wouldn’t want to be a trump when these people finally figure out what was really going on…pawns nothing but pawns !

    3. @m senger I think some of them are beyond just pawns. There are people who saw it as a way to power and profit. They know it’s all lies – but it suits them. Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, Manafort come immediately to mind – but there are many more, both outside and inside government.

    1. @Brendan Farrell seems like you like the pathological liar, narcissist, draft dodging traitor, Con Artist who would sell anyone out without even thinking about it that much.

    2. @david arms still on the cocaine huh? Are you one that thinks the military is there to help Trump? I encourage all Trump supporters to head down there and try to enter the building then and see for themselves, don’t think you’ll be living for too long after.

    1. Don’t forget those pesky BONE SPURS!!!!and being 300 pounds of chewed bubble gum disgusting fatt body obesity is a lingering problem

    2. @Rob M I lost my brother to agent orange he got killed in Vietnam and didn’t know it cancer got my brother

  2. Is that even a question? Terrorists are terrorists whether domestic or foreign. When September 11 happened, America didn’t stop at identifying the individual terrorists that hijacked the airplanes. The catch for the terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden continued.

    1. @Justin Troudcul ummm. They caught several White police officers damaging property to blame BLM. Funny how you and your kind find information that suits your character. How convenient. Go find facts, truth and reality.

    2. @Kaiber55

      That is an open threat.

      Call 1800 CALL FBI if you know someone who participated in the #insurrection.

      Or if *you* participated in the insurrection.

      The most appropriate place for the #DomesticTerrorists you are so fond of is the #Supermax in Colorado.

      Guess what? Terry Nichols didn’t do the *actual* #OklahomaCity #DomesticTerrorist attack. BUT he helped #McVeigh, and for that, he has the same address as the Unibomber, the guy who bombed the World Trade Center the first time, and El Chapo.


  3. They should be the FIRST people investigated. They are the instigators. We all saw them do it for FOUR YEARS! How is this even in question!?

    1. Because Republicans are treated differently, above the law. We have seen it with out commander in chief for last 4 years

    1. @Jonathan Dewberry They were trying to stop elected officials from certifying the will of the people by supporting a wannabe dictator.

    2. @Josef Newsom No… this was NOT treason. This was SEDITION. You all sound so silly when you’re hollering about something that’s so inaccurate. Treason cannot be charged here… Read the institution. You devalue and diminish the real argument against these seditionists when you cheapen your language.

    3. @Boss Anova NO. It was sedition… NOT treason. Educate yourself. Let’s get the real legal charge applied. Treason is only applied during a formally declared war with another government. Don’t shout for the wrong thing.

    1. yes the US is currently a no-brainer 😛 That’s how you’re viewed around the world anyway. Hopefully for you that might change on Wed

  4. Everyone behind the “stop the steal” lies about the election, all of them, are guilty. No evidence, no facts, no court wins, and even on 1/6 they were still lying. Next to Covid denial, these are the most damaging lies of US history.

    1. @carpenter roofer History is waiting for you. Sorry, but you haven’t seen any evidence because there is none. Do you think Rudy Giuliani or Trump himself would have hesitated to publish all the “evidence” they have if it really existed? You just can’t face the truth because it conflicts with the lies you’ve been hearing over and over until you have come to believe them. If I had seen one shred of verifiable evidence, I would have given Trump the benefit of the doubt. But when over 60 judges across the country, many of them Trump appointees, aren’t shown any verifiable evidence either, I have no choice but to accept the truth. History is writing it all down, right now, and Trump and his supporters are going to look like criminals in the eyes of generations to come.

    1. @Marvin Guigar She was breaking into the capitol bldg smashing windows. The police gave several warnings to stop. What are the cops supposed to do, just sit there while the mob breaks in & kills people? Sorry she lost her life, but she put her own self in that position.

    2. @Marvin Guigar if she was a protester she would have been outside protesting. If you’re confused about this I’m pretty sure you’re wrong about me being evil. In fact, I bet you can’t remember the last time you were right about anything.

    1. @Susan Gehler Try to use logic honestly. You have simply made the “false equivalency” logical fallacy. You are comparing apples to oranges. Chanting is fine. But rioting and breaking into the Capitol, hanging a noose, and chanting “Hang Mike Pence” is terrorism. When people chant “No borders, no walls, no USA at all,” they are stating a basic principle set by our founding fathers. In other words, we destroy the very foundation of the our republic when we ignore the Statue of Liberty and its message, and we are left with “no USA at all.”

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