Experts Talk Economic Recovery, Worker Shortages As U.S. Reopens 1

Experts Talk Economic Recovery, Worker Shortages As U.S. Reopens


CNBC Senior Markets Correspondent Dominic Chu, Zillow Senior Managing Economist Chris Glynn, and 5th Street Group CEO Patrick Whalen discuss the state of the U.S. economy as businesses reopen, home prices soar, and the hospital industry grapples with worker shortages. Glynn tells Stephanie Ruhle that home prices will continue to rise, and Whalen explains what happened in his restaurants when he raised wages to $15 per hour.

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Experts Talk Economic Recovery, Worker Shortages As U.S. Reopens


  1. After surviving the pandemic, people are not excited about getting back into the rat race for poverty wages. If they want workers so bad it’s time to pay up and stop expecting people to live off of 90s wages!!!!

    1. @joseph ressa : That’s a falsehood that the GQP likes to say all the time. Most McDonald’s and other fast food restaurant workers work there because there is nothing else. And, no, it has nothing to do with Biden. Telling people to “go to college to get a good job” is also a falsehood. Besides a very few specialized degrees, a degree doesn’t prepare one to work anywhere. You need to join the 21st century.

    2. @Trumpocalypse hey einstein inflation is at 5 percent the worst since 2008 according to jay powell ,,unemployment is horrible ,,i am wondering where you sick that first day in first grade on basic math

    3. @Trumpocalypse oh really telling me about falsehood??? i never ever said about going to college ,i never went and i am a multi millionaire , so you want mickey dee to pay 100 dollars an hour ??you are not bright robots are replacing pe

    4. @joseph ressa Company owned McDonald’s are paying decent wages now. Franchisees are not on board with the increased wages yet. They greedy.

  2. I want to wake up one morning and find out that my portfolio is $1,000,000. I know it’s possible

    1. You can get him via WhatsAppk but you have to tell him I referred you so he replies your message…

    2. Really y’all know him?. I even thought I was the only one he has helped work through the fears and falls of trading .

  3. The cost of living framework for ordinary Americans is changing. Living wages and less shopping are good. How we have homes will change; must change.

    By the way, a question; What does the chart look like for how many houses are being shifted to the rental market? Which way are things leaning? And affordable housing?

    1. Not everyone can leave big tips because they are glad to be out eating. Living wages please. It is a lot easier to afford slightly increased prices than leaving tips. Sure fancy restaurants are built on the idea of theater, right? I would like to hear more about Patrick Whalen’s work breaking new ground in how to advance a workforce integral to prosperity.

  4. “Tip the kitchen…” In other words, the restaurant owner still doesn’t want to take responsibility for paying workers enough to live on.

  5. I’m curious how the tip the kitchen fund is monitored? What’s to stop the owner from pocketing the extra income. I mean the kitchen workers other than the chef staff should earn more but I fear the restaurants will become like the Airlines where it charges us consumer fir everything under the sun except flying the plane. So the cost will be handed over to us where we have to pay for the running of restaurants except cooking it myself??
    I have to pay for kitchen staff to do dishes onto my tab where all those costs were covered under my food prices???

    I’ll bet the owners who came up with the idea think they’re brilliant.. Yea..let the customers pay more by triggering their donation spirit!

  6. Coming out of the worst economic crisis in 100 years is going to take time. At least we have someone in the Oval who didn’t tell America to inject bleach!

  7. Nobody going back to slavery jobs. People starting there own hustle. Until wages go up there business will close permeant

    1. We can’t allow this. Joe ordered Americans back to work. We need good economic numbers to make Joe’s Administration look good. We all need to step up to the plate for Joe. Go back to work…now.
      We voted for this, now we need to ensure success. We need to sacrifice now for Joe’s Administration.

  8. Patrick what is the name of your restaurant. I would love working for someone who thinks about there employees

  9. Dogecoin is the future investing in it now is the wisest thing to do now especially with the current dip

  10. lies they tell, housing demand is huge because interest rates are too low and allowing corporations to but up massive amounts of homes and forcing the middle class to rent, more poverty for the middle class

    1. I’ve been reading that too. They buy all these homes and apartment complexes and charge big rents and do not do the maintenance or repairs. Just in it for the $$$. Rat bast*rds.

  11. speak for yourself, paying higher prices for the same meal, is not okay for those making less than 6 figures

  12. Workers refusing to be bottom cog in economic machine, while republicans trying to force them with dead end poverty jobs. Workers want a piece of American dream.

  13. Pay livable wages of $25/Hour and up for all jobs so we can keep up with cost of living, or let the fascist businesses permanently shut down!

  14. Pay livable wages of $25/Hour and up for all jobs so we can keep up with cost of living, or let the fascist businesses permanently shut down!

  15. Paying employees well and treating them like human being, results in better performance and less turnover. Perhaps the US should do like most of the world, and pay servers a better wage, and not force them to rely on tips.

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