Experts Urge Dialogue on Maroon Impasse | TVJ News – Jan 13 2022

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  1. All of these wordsmiths can talk all they want, the treaty signed back then has little to do with modern day Jamaica.

    A state inside a state that is in a sorry state of affairs. How much of a sovereign state do they hope to be? We’ve allowed the ability to talk and express an opinion to fool us into thinking reality doesn’t matter much.

    1. There needs to be civilized dialogue between the maroons and the government, that’s the only way this debate can end.

    2. 🤣🤣🤣 you all need to know the law because intl law protect to the letter.
      Go read right of maroon International human rights law. Jamaica is no state. Elizabeth is the Queen of ja. You people need to go read and stop talk!!!

    3. The 1738 Treaty clearly states that the Maroon land and its people are independent and sovereign
      Respect them and stop trying to steal their birth rights by stealth
      Pure wickedness the Chinese already have the port and you you all kill off the police force with your jabs they will bring in through the port their new “robot soldiers” which they are currently showcasing on the Tibet boarders

  2. Tell Currie go settle things court and see . One Jamaica, one elected leader at a time . Let the maroons continue to live as before with no Currie power grab

  3. We are very proud of our Maroons and we don’t want them to be interfered with. I however think what the PM means is Jamaica is one country. THEY DO IN FACT LIVE IN JAMAICA. They however have a right to self determination in Religion and Culture.We have no need to interfer with them.

  4. Most Jamaicans are descendants of tribal people and indigenous people. Jamaica is one country, don’t start this foolishness like they are doing everywhere else.

  5. I don’t care about the maroons..but instead what are the governments intention for the water shed areas that they occupy.?

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