Explaining Trump And Giuliani’s Allegations Against Joe Biden And His Son | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Explaining Trump And Giuliani’s Allegations Against Joe Biden And His Son | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


We make some sense of Hunter Biden's ties to Ukraine and the allegations Trump and his attorney Rudy Giuliani have made. Adam Entous of The New Yorker joins. Aired on 09/20/19.
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Explaining Trump And Giuliani’s Allegations Against Joe Biden And His Son | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. I thought Donald didn’t need any help in a campaign. Wasn’t the chosen one an epic person that could win the election all by himself?

    1. Time to destroy JOE
      The Dims chosen one who is linked to ZERO ???

      The DON  has set up  the  Dims like the Dims  set up General Flynn  

      This time  the Don  has allowed a Whistle blower to hear    the DON  getting  information  from Ukraine  on Joe  Biden ?  

      The  “assumption”  /sizzle  /smoke / bait is that  this information  is  on  political rival Joe Biden  and was  paid for it ?? 

      The  proof  of Joe Biden s  political  “Extortion” with Ukraine  is confirmed , on film , he brags about it and that CNN continues  to  run it  ?  

      Getting this information is not a crime  but Paying for this dirt  is the crime ??? 

      A DOJ  senior officials has seen / heard   the transcript   of the DONs communication  and found no “Quid pro quo” by Trump ??? But the film by CNN specifically shows that  Joe  Biden  admits and boasts to  Extorting the Ukraine with  ZERO’S  concurrence  ?? 

      Imagine Joe  the ex VP and ZERO going off to  jail ???

      This  is exactly what HRC did  with the steel  dossier report  and is being investigated   for at this moment ?

      The dims are running head long into a vice  embarrassment –  

      And CNN will have to investigate   Biden in Ukraine and China ??? again  ? And CNN  don’t get it ???

  2. But here is the thing, his idolizers will tell you that it is your obligation to respect the POTUS irrespective of what he does. Of course those same sheep will all bleat that Obama was a disgrace.

    1. Proud Democrat here, I do not feel obligated to “Respect the Potus” because of this issue. I am a grown woman and know how not to take the bait..BUT as a proud Democrat I also do not feel obligated to defend everything any one in my party says or does. I am not happy at all with Joe Biden’s son monetary gains from his father’s role as VP. By the way, it did not take Trumps underhanded methods to make me aware of this fact. I know Trump is a lier and chief, no news there. Fortunately, there are still enough honest journalists left that have been reporting on Joe Biden’s Son benefiting from his father’s position. If a democratic candidate does something questionable, lets ask solid questions of him and her, not be defensive or circle the wagons, Biden should stay calm at let the media and voters ask him about this issue,,as many times as we chose. Who know, if he talked about this freely and answered the questions for the public without dodging I might respect him more. I do not expect him to throw his son under the bus, but just be honest and stop playing victim.

    2. @Coby’s Mom I agree – corruption is corruption irrespective. But do not lose sight of what is at stake here. trump asked a foreign government to investigate a US citizen. What that citizen did or did not do is another story. But going outside of the country. Well where does one start…

    1. @Dave Schultz Grasping at straws again, Dave? You will grasp desperately at any conspiracy rather than growing a pair of balls and admitting Trump is a con man. You’re a weak man buddy, i see what you see in Trump, he is just as weak as you are. Since you’re such a Deep State expert, who exactly is in charge of it, and where are their headquarters?

    2. If Trump is innocent it must be a partisan whistleblower His logic is undeniable. Lets see how it plays out. Biden might have committed a crime. ouch

    1. Biden is bought and paid for Democrat – no different from a bought and paid for Republican.

      You Americans need to regain control of your country! Otherwise, the rich and powerful will steal your retirement and your children’s future.

    1. kelly barnhouse are you one thos white democrats that push the word racisam ,trying to speak for the black voter telling us how bad the potus is. that we can only vote for the democrats that only waants our vote! I dont know if you have been payinq attn. but a change has occured it started in 2016 we now have a potus that really cares about the black voter other than just to get our vote I am going to vote for trump , my whole congregation at church will also !

    1. @Jack Wertz Highly unlikely ! Trump is supported now only by 40 % of the worst of Americans.The rest of them realized what a mistake they made.

  3. What’s missing is the possibility of Ukranian meddling in the 2016 election in the form of the Black Ledger that got Manafort fired. Funny it should find its way here at such a convenient time. Did Joe’s son have any expertise in Ukranian natural gas?

    1. Biden is bought and paid for Democrat – no different from a bought and paid for Republican.

      You Americans need to regain control of your country! Otherwise, the rich and powerful will steal your retirement and your children’s future.

    1. The “scandal” here is that most of your politicians, on both sides of the house, are bought and paid for.

      The super-rich run the USA. The rest of you are their slaves.

      This situation will continue to get worse until you do something about it. And, by “do something”, I don’t mean rant on social media…. you need to take action!

      Either that or surrender you and your children’s future to slavery.

    1. Your use of an extraneous adverb is extremely amusing.

      Pay no attention to the polls or the Dumbster’s popularity numbers.

    2. @Randy Wright I used to think Trump was Alex Jones level crazy with the fake news bit he did. Now I see he was correct. What a silly narrative that anyone actually wants Biden. You don’t need to look further than social media to know that we aren’t drinking the cool aid like we used to. This is the information age.

    1. I remember the days that we were governed by the “Deep state”. We were all so much better of.

      (“Deep state” as defined by Donald Trump. That’s “career officials” for the rest of us)

  4. So wait he finds out his son is being investigated by an AG in Ukraine then tells the president to fire him or he won’t get 1 billion dollars from US? And you’re trying to tell me He didn’t know his sons problems being investigated?!?! Stop please stop

    1. Gus, it’s 250K and it wasn’t Mr Trump who said that. It was another person. We will hear more about it later.

    2. Sure he did But Pelosi is happy so long as there is truble for Trump she is in climax!!! It is her monupulating everyone.

    1. If it proves to be fake, There will be no stopping Trump it best be real or no deal. America will no longer believe anything the media says. This will drive up President Trumps numbers well over the top.

    1. @A Engo don’t tell me 50 year of free gov’t food not enough to keep joe look good, maybe bernie care will pay for face lift and dental glue.

  5. Biden is the unmitigated master at buffoonery. He is such the poster boy of the DNC. Even more laughable than Hillary!

  6. If it sounds suspicious that Biden would shape US-China policy as his son Hunter — who has little or no experience in private equity — clinched a coveted billion-dollar deal with an arm of the Chinese government, that’s because it is. “Radio Silence” at unbiased media

  7. i don’t recall from the scant readings The President asking for dirt on Hunter Biden as alleged by this clearly biased correspondent..I have read The President said the Ukraine should Investigate Hunter Biden. Not Joe Biden..

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