Explosion at Hotel in St. Ann | Murders Unabated in St. James | TVJ Midday News

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    1. The younger generation? Crime as been Jamaica’s main problem for generations. Children live what they learn. Many of the youths of our time grew up in crime stricken communities with people who praise the criminals, as they feel they provide a false sense of security.

    2. @Stephanie Daniels but I was born in Arnett Garden and Maxfield and I never fire a gun yet,and most of the guys who use to call me coward are dead today

    3. @EWAN CAMERON Well, good for you. I wasn’t making a generalized comment. So comment is irrelevant.

  1. The 15th parish is very unnecessary. Perish that thought. The focus should be on more important things.
    I feel that mom pain. Kids need to listen to their parents.

  2. This mother I applauded you.
    That, unfortunately, u did ur best 👌 u got the vision, and you have prepared yourself
    Glory be to God for the Lord is to be praised 👏 .
    Hope the other mother and father will do the same. For parents know who they’re.

  3. It sad but good paret like this one come out when children don’t listen don’t behave like they are innocent it very sad that he was kill but if you can’t hear you feel and that what happen

  4. Jamaica in need of more than making port more become a parish
    Why do we need more parish leaders in a little island

  5. My grandmother used to say foul naa hear she will hear Pam ,mom you tried but he did not listen,condolences to you and your family,may God give you the strength to go on.

  6. Mother you did your best I could hear it in your voice condolences to you and your family hold on strong

  7. He was 28 years old yet STUBBORN. I understand what it is like to disagree with parents and they may not always be right, but when it comes down to making friends with other people, even adults must LISTEN to them and never befriend people with bad intentions.

  8. Sad for this honorable mother for her lost as she out spoke clearly he contracted to his demise because he refused to listen or take heed of more parents do so some of the murder in Jamaica can get a better investigation without out waisted resources

  9. Mom we feel your pain,the children often don’t listen . May god give u strength.Mothers try saving your sons.

  10. making money is an action. keeping money is a behaviour, but “growing money is wisdom” i heard this from someone☺

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