1. Surely you know this is propaganda? I just showed y’all two days ago the lviv explosion was actually in Edmonton Canada in 2021. That’s irrefutable , therefore you should question EVERYTHING.

  1. They are so courageous. I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite like it – no thought of giving up! Respect to the mayor and the people of this city and condolences for the dead. 💐

    1. @XVI There were many Nazi officers who were Ashkenazi Jews in Germany during WW2… someone has not been paying attention in history class.
      Just because you are Jewish it does not mean you can’t be a National Socialist. Blood to dirt! Zelenskyy supports Azov. He even personally awarded Kotsyubaylo the “hero of Ukraine” medal. Do you know anything about the Right Sector? C14? Dude… you need to keep up with history otherwise propaganda will get the best of you.

    2. @Cranberry Eater
      Many ?!? 🤣😂🤣
      One colonel, one admiral and 3 generals … in the whole Nazi Army …
      Your revisionism doesn’t stand scrutiny one second !!!
      Also, have you ever heard of the Russian Orthodox Army ?
      Talk about Nazis …

    3. @Cranberry Eater There are some Nazis in the military, not many though. There are none in the Ukrainian government though. No reason to invade Ukraine. Unfortunately, the US have some extremists that call themselves Nazis as well. If Russia invaded us their military would be crushed like a dandelion.

    1. With friends like your western “leaders”, having an enemy is blessing, they’re cowards – the other countries are doomed, just like yours it is a matter of time if you do not act more bravely. For decades your fight for democracy continues while selling your asses for gas, oil and money the values put above anything else, to eventually say what, my heart goes out?!?!?!! Empty words, grow up!!, the world should wake up nobody is gonna protect others, “NATO has never been united as as now” – b**lsh*t. You have no strong leaders, like in the past, Thatcher, Reagan you are governed by cowards like Macron who capituates at the first sight of danger, Johnson, Scholz etc. Pathetic!!!

  2. The translator is doing a really amazing job. Her English is very easy to understand, and she is translating on the fly. Kudos to you ma’am.

  3. Heartbreaking! May God shower his blessings on Ukraine. Praying for the families and loved ones over there! You have my support from America!

  4. He must have nerves of steel, he didn’t flinch when that explosion happened. I was anxious just waiting for it to happen 🤯

  5. I felt sorry to all Ukrainians people , I really felt how hard and pain it is for them , How I wish I have a power to stop this war !!

  6. dictators always fail, but unfortunately, sacrifices are always needed before this happens.I myself was born in the middle of the cold war and I have not always understood the soft approach towards Putin. I understand that each of us longs for peace and prosperity, but we had forgotten that this is not free

  7. This is horrific, and they have to talk to them in peace talks, while they are aggressive trying to kill them.
    While some European countries seem to think they should go back to normal diplomatic talk’s.
    This to is staggering.
    Does any of these peoples lives matter 😡, so little we can just forget and pretend it did not happen, where does this leave all the talk about outrage etc
    It’s mind blowing in a Very bad way 😢

    1. To Putin, no these people’s lives – his own people’s lives don’t matter. All that matters is power and what he’s willing to do to hold on to said power.

  8. I don’t think this reporter knows what the word destroyed means. Many, if not most of those buildings burned and hit with large bombs are just as destroyed as the ones laying on the ground. In fact, as far as cleanup only, not safety of people hiding in them, obviously, the buildings that are still standing are going to have to be demolished before new buildings can be built. I suspect we are going to see demolition crews and construction crews from all over the world going over to help. Can you imagine just the scope of the job to demolish all those buildings and remove the debris? And that’s BEFORE they can start building on any given site. The job just boggles the mind.

    1. And let’s also not forget getting rid of unexploded ordnance before citizens move in again and infrastructure is being rebuild.

  9. Long live a free Ukraine 🇺🇦…..GODSPEED to all the help you need and an END to the madness caused by the home invaders

  10. Slava ukraine 🇺🇦 ♥ strong united people the world loves yous , shame on the Russian government and army

  11. Thank you for reporting on Chernigiv! ❤️ I lived there for three months many years ago. Wonderful city with great people! 💙💛

  12. Incredible Mayor. 
    Showing true leadership by standing upright even in the worst circumstances and not hiding in silence waiting for some miracle.

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