Explosive find for boy magnet fishing on Lake Erie 1

Explosive find for boy magnet fishing on Lake Erie

10-year-old Brandon Bastien and his grandfather were shocked to find an old military mortar shell while magnet fishing in Lake Erie.

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    1. not “wow” it was a training round. It never had explosive in it. it was meant to practice targeting and range.

  1. It’s NOT a “bomb” dude. Stop being so dramatic

    It’s not that it’s inactive, It never had explosives inside. It’s a training round hence the blue colored plastic casing so calm yourself Mr. newscaster, it was NOT a “bomb”

  2. you have salvation and eternal life believing in Jesus Christ read in the bible Romans 10: 9 and 10, John 3: 15 to 18

  3. There is something very creepy when you have a middle eastern news anchor using the word “bomb”…

    1. @Guapo Savvy Stop saying that. He may be Canadian now but he was NOT born here. That is clear by his strong accent. One he would not have if he spent his whole life in Canada.

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