Explosives set off to bring down rest of collapsed Florida condo 1

Explosives set off to bring down rest of collapsed Florida condo


Demolition crews set off explosives late Sunday to bring down the damaged remaining portion of a collapsed South Florida condo building, a key step to resuming the search for victims as rescuers possibly gain access to new areas of the rubble.

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    1. @Colleen R how can you be positive? crazier things have happened. is it impossible someone could have been trapped near some sort of water or be lucky enough to have bottles of water near by?

    2. @Cougar Bait If they didn’t they risk the storm dropping the building on top a larger area affecting more victims. That building is beyond compromised and there’s no guarantee it wouldn’t land onto surrounding structures or any potential survivors. A controlled demo allows the smallest potential collateral amidst a non-ideal situation.

    3. @Cougar Bait the building collapsed like a stack of pancakes , with no pockets of space , then there was several fires , all the smoke from them , then gallons of water to put them out , plus rain , IF anyone had somehow survived the initial collapse they would not have lasted long between their injuries , no food , no water for 11 days on top of everything else .

    4. @Jordan Kwasnycia the building was inspected last week, and there was no damage to that section.

    1. @Promotional Inc. I saw no such tweet. Link?
      Not to say there weren’t copies there, but as far as I know there was no specific tweet about this particular property. ???

    2. @꧁Cat G꧂ Basically a bunch of conspiracy theorists wetting themselves right now over their grand fantasy.

  1. My heart goes out to everyone in this horrific accident, I know there are likely no shrivels but maybe even if it’s a small percent change hopefully they find more who are alive.

    1. @thebuccaneersden
      Its extremely difficult but not impossible to survive for a fairly long time under a collapsed building. Lookup Sampoong Department Store collapse in South Korea. A young woman lasted almost 12 days under the rubble after a large portion of that mall fell.

    2. @Rj James you’re talking about human beings lives … oh just move on ? We got bigger fish to fry???
      Who the hell raised you?
      Slap her for me would you?

    3. This was a controlled demolition designed to collapse the building in such a way where it does not fall directly onto the existing rubble. Now that it’s gone, crews can work faster before the storm arrives.

    4. The whole idea of the demolition is to prevent rubble from being on top of the existing rubble pile if extreme weather were to bring it down

  2. Yea those 100 some missing are dead a person can’t survive that long under all that rubble so it’s just a body recovery at this point

    1. Very unlikely for sure. But there have been miracle recoveries before. Many decades ago I remember a survivor of an earthquake(Russia I think?) being found under rubble 5 weeks out.

    1. Yeah I’m sure a guy like McAfee with all his eccentricities would ever set foot in a building like that.

    2. Ya bro 7 wasn’t aired and it supposedly had to collapse for insurance coverage? These guys are using buckets! This building was Epstein’d. Is there a bitter feud for the property?

    3. @Va Nylla 7 was filled with CIA and NSA floors it was Basically a government building and was likely holding mass information which went missing when it collapsed.

  3. no chances for any barely clinging survivors now. also where is boston dynamics and there emergency response robots seeing as they were built specifically for tragic events like this

    1. This is no one’s fault but the builders and shoddy regulations that allowed this building to consistently pass inspection.

    2. @incipidsigninsetup They were warned of cracks in the foundation before this happened.

  4. Sounds like an insurance job and a quick rush to coverup all the other body’s. Wow, this sickens many I hope especially if their family’s lived in the other side.

    1. Not everything is a conspiracy theory. Considering the same problems are affecting the building’s twin, this appears to be a problem of systemic design flaws and poor oversight.

    1. If you’re talking about how they are removing the rubble then they have to use buckets. They have to be as careful as possible to not disturb pockets that might have someone alive in them. They just can’t take a backhoe and go at it, it’d be reckless and careless…

    2. I agree Jeffrey but I only seen one chute for debris, then again the buckets aren’t the boulders. Removing the big pieces would be terrible because of what you might see underneath

  5. The property value of all those condos on that stretch is likely 0 now. I would think all of them are compromised.

  6. can you image someone clinging on to life in the portion of the building still standing then all of a sudden…….

  7. Last week members of the IDF were there “helping” with search and rescue…did they also help with both demolitions of the building?

  8. Imagine surviving the initial collapse only to have the rest of the building be brought down on you 😂

  9. They need to tell family members that is is body recovery-only at this point. Hope in finding anyone alive is gone. Time to tell the families that also.

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