Exposed: Police Double Standards Under Scrutiny As The Trial For The Killing Of George Floyd Begins 1

Exposed: Police Double Standards Under Scrutiny As The Trial For The Killing Of George Floyd Begins


While George Floyd was choked to death over 8 minutes and 46 seconds by police officers, the historic insurrection by Trump supporters on Capitol Hill was met with police leniency, a documented contrast to police treatment of other protesters — both in Washington and around the nation. In this report, MSNBC’s Ari Melber documents double standards in policing, with new reporting on how Black Lives Matters protesters were arrested at far higher rates than the people trespassing at the Capitol, despite many of those protests being peaceful, and contrasting other aspects of policing and escalation. Melber questions if America will do anything about this double standard. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 03/29/2021.
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Exposed: Police Double Standards Under Scrutiny As The Trial For The Killing Of George Floyd Begins


    1. Exactly, whilst the US of A continues to worship the “Constitutional right to carry firearms” it will never change and even get worse year after year.

    2. It should be is this America the police departments all over america they want to prove their worth no matter how stupid they have to be all that ari said about law is true except those in charge have their own opinion

    1. Exactly! They refuse to acknowledge so they don’t offend the racist biased fanbase. The day faux news acknowledges the obvious double standards in this country their views/money will plummet, and that’s a big no no to these greedy racist morons..

    2. @Creative Coder there is an epidemic within the entire police force of this country that has to be stopped….the qualified immunity has to be removed from all police force’s… has become the standard to a cop reach for your gun qualified immunity will protect you is BULL DUNG….if it’s not we are essentially living in a police state…. GET RID OF QUALIFIED IMMUNITY

    3. @Dave Clark when you are the only one with a hammer while surrounded by nails!.. I share your point.

  1. It is made so much worse by the cops getting away with it. The ones that do this are murderers, plain and simple, so they should be treated as such and sentenced as such. Police immunity MUST go.

    1. Police immunity is just something that racist put into place so they can go around killing people & get away with it

  2. Please don’t include ALL white people because it’s a certain group of white people, a certain PARTY of white people and I, for one don’t belong to THAT group. I myself am fearful of THAT group.

    1. Are you talking about stereotyping? But on the contrary, white people include ALL us in one group, so why should there be partial evaluation?

  3. A “forgery in progress” turned into a broad daylight murder perpetrated by a cop over a prolonged period, all recorded on video. Guilt was established all around the world long before the overpaid and morally vacuous legal “profession” interfered, wasting many months as the memories of eye witnesses were allowed to fade.

    1. Yup…no need for a trial or anything… in fact, let’s just do away with all those expensive time wasting things like trials, appeals, let’s just all decide immediately if a person is guilty or innocent based on what we see on TV….
      What could go wrong???

    2. @jeff nomad, There you go with the extremist thought process only used by Magats and dishonestly by Russian trolls.
      If normal people say, “We need to expedite the process of our Justice system and hold murderers accountable no matter WHO they are…”
      You morons say, “So you want to abolish the court system entirely?”
      GTFOH with that trumpian logic.

  4. Something that seems more and more apparent is that people choose to think “we” are better than “them.” So a white officer is going to treat a white suspect with the benefit of the doubt because they feel at some level that as a white person, they can’t be that bad, because that means they themselves aren’t good.
    Or maybe I’m overthinking this, and they’re just flat out racists.

    1. @Timothy Morgan like I said the same thing that makes you laugh will make you CRY that EVIL miserable DEMON day is COMING soon

    2. Store owner said it looked like floyd was under the influence of something. Wait until the occupants of the car testify find out floyd was O.Ding even before the cops got there

    3. @Motorcity DEAD , joke’s on you, Motormouth….guess reading isn’t one of your skill sets.

  5. No – No – No! Being a ”young democracy” has nothing to do with it. You’re either a decent human being or you’re not. The US has too many who are not and those are the ones who get rich from using poorer people, taking power from them and leaving them in the dirt. The time for PEOPLE POWER is now. Vote out the whole of the GOP. Stand up to huge corporations. It’s now or never.

    1. thank you Margaret for putting into words what my heart and my mind has been telling my soul. Your words should be sung for everyone to hear

    2. @Richard Raymond Oh I think people are becoming more aware and disgusted with what’s going on. Every single person needs to vote in local elections from the PTA upwards! The little local votes become the bigger votes for the future so best to get them when they’re new instead of only voting once every 4 years. Keep a watch on what’s happening locally and it will grow into better things later on. Vote, vote, vote at every opportunity!!!

    1. It’s not like they have to chase anybody or tussle with a “bad guy”. They just shoot them.

  6. As long as the police have qualified immunity nothing will change. Cops will fall behind the unions, the shield, and politics to get away with their own crimes.

  7. Bull crap, a casino gave me a counterfeit $20 bill. Most people don’t know that they have a counterfeit bill, arresting him is ridiculous

    1. @Deborah Freedman Ink wasn’t wet on the bill Floyd used to buy cigarettes at the Cup Foods store.

    2. Exactly. There are counterfeit bills circulating everywhere. A store might get one but instead of taking the loss, they’ll hand it out as change to somebody else. Very rarely is the one who’s passing the counterfeit bill, the one who printed it. Some are in circulation for years without people knowing they’ve had one in their wallet at some time. And George Floyd certainly wasn’t a counterfeiter. If he was, they would have said so.
      Nope, he was just killed for some vendetta we’ll find out soon enough.

    3. @Deborah Freedman Even if Floyd was a counterfeiter, he should have gotten his day in court as afforded to him by the Constitution. And as Ari just said, a counterfeiting conviction doesn’t carry the death penalty. If the exact same story about the killing of Floyd were from any other country, say Iran, Russia or Somalia, we would all be calling it outrageous savagery, and rightfully so (even you).

  8. And Biden sending his team to talk to China about their atrocities and China told them to worry more about the unarmed blacks getting killed by the people that supposed to protect n serve them at an alarming rate

  9. Spot on there Ari Melba. You hit the nail on the head about the “TWO AMERICA’S – THE UNUNITED STATES OF AMERICA”.

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