1. There’s gonna be more than that next year if politicians do nothing about it. My county is a fairly affluent county. Yet, 13.7% of renters in my county alone are eligible for eviction.

    2. @Donny Jalaal lets get real here. i would be totally ok with moving all democrats into cali, and then nuking it. wipe out soddom and gommorah forever. then we will be all good.

    3. @Deplorable Redneck 4.0 you are right, people should help themselves. But sometimes a person needs just a little help to get back on their feet, and that starts with giving them a room ( and surely not a whole house). No need to be jealous that you won‘t get a house from the government, you obviously do not need.

  1. 11 million renters means millions of leasors. They are people too who have bills. What happens then they sell off their property or foreclose because they can’t pay their mortgages. Those people will be kicked out anyways

    1. @Randy Bobandy or you could put that 20% down payment on the house that is your residence. You don’t need mortgage insurance. Then you can save another 20% for another mortgage

    2. @Captain Crunch it depends what you do for that money. Are you scrubbing toilets for $10 an hour or are you a ceo making 400x the workers wages. Or maybe a landlord with dozens of homes. Maybe you have an onlyfans or something. Who knows. Not everyone has to work hard

    3. @Jermaine Wright of course landlords have rights. These people didn’t pay, they were given the opportunity to rent a dwelling from the landlords. In exchange for quite occupancy they agreed to pay rent. The squatters received deferred rent for over a year when everybody else had to work and pay their rent or mortgage. Everybody is getting what they deserve. You should tell these freeloaders to get three jobs.

    4. @Randy Bobandy you need to read a lot more then you have and learn to use your critical thinking skills. You can rent to own. The seller charges rent probably above market and takes a portion of that cash and sticks in an account. When there is a sufficient amount of cash in the bank, the renter applies for a loan from a bank. If the renter has been timely with his bills he should able to buy his house.

  2. Between stimulus, unemployment and child tax credits everyone should have paid something towards their housing

    1. @Travis Stickler GIRL, personaI accountability? The lady JUST explained herself, STOP ASSuming. I said what I said, *CHOKE* MISS MAMAS 👋🏾, not arguing with no ALABASTER GREMLIN who needs to worry about her overdue bills and STD tests 🙄🤚🏾🧘🏾‍♂️

    2. @OldSchool Zone the comments ASSuming the woman doesn’t live within her means, and telling her she needs to stop buying Jordans and phones says it all. Don’t play dumb. GTFOH 🤚🏾

    3. @Lily Wright they do that to show their PUA they been looking in order to stay on free unearned income

    4. @New World Global Community yeah well my girlfriend and I didn’t get one so yeah 😂 i know a bunch of ppl

    1. @Leo1798 They’re both living for free in your example – why is the poor more important than the property owner? And where do you think homes for rent come from if not property owners, do they grow on trees?

    2. @Leo1798 No, it’s not being parasitic. It’s called being a smart investor, something you are clueless on. Nothing is free. The landlord had to work and save money to put a down payment on the property and the banks have to approve of the loan in the first place. That means the landlord has to have high income and savings and a current job in the first place. The landlord worked hard for that money to buy these homes, and then some rent it out as an investment. If the renter don’t like that, they can buy their own home, simple as that. And the owner can rent it to someone else, and if there are no renters or takers, then the owner can simply flip and sell the property. Something you are clueless on and don’t comprehend.

    3. @dhttube Renters can’t buy their own homes because landlords hoard them and make the market unnecessarily difficult to enter. Landlords objectively create a terrible housing market to indulge in person excesses while contributing nothing beyond initial capital. As I said once before, a person’s right to shelter comes before Becky’s right to own a 3rd home/rental unit to build equity and finance their own lazy lifestyle.

    4. @Selfish Capitalist Putting your incoherent response aside, absentee property ownership is a made-up construct that can be changed at any time. It is not the law of nature.

    1. No, they still can. They just get demonized and labeled as inhumane monsters for doing so. What people need to understand is that signing a legal agreement stating you agree to honor and abide by the terms of the agreement (ie paying your rent), doesn’t obligate you to meet the terms of the agreement if circumstances make it harder for you to do so. It’s the unwritten language all legally binding contracts include, but few know about… It’s called the “As long as I feel justified in no longer honoring my contract, I can exercise my rights under this clause, which are literally whatever I want them to be, as well as blame you for being an insensitive dickhead, and there’s nothing you can do about it clause” Google it. It’s really a thing.

  3. Maybe those people should’ve used the money they got from the government to pay their bills. If they didn’t have all of it pay what you can.

    1. @beatleme2 Me too! It takes a strong person to do it mentally and physically. You probably weigh 400 lbs and its just easier for you to sit back and call someone stupid for fighting for corrupt politicians. In my heart I was doing something for the better good of our country. Even if it was all 🐂💩!

    2. @Ms Something no, I’m size 32 30 and a smoker “my body my choice” right ?my freedom? Not in America oh yes, I’m a white male racist also nowadays, If you are any of the above and Love America and Patriotism, you are a “white Nationalist” also to boot and get spit on by BLM, enjoy, but not my idea of “freedom” to fight for.

    3. @beatleme2 then why you disrespectful to veterans when you have family that are veterans. Just no respect?

    4. @Ms Something My dad and granddad’s America is WAY Different from today’s America, I’ll leave it at that, I’m just pointing out the truth – and said it to their face, and My dad agreed, my granddad died in ’84 and his last words were “this country is crooked as h3ll” I was 9 …and that’s when I came “online”…edit: just trying to wake up people wanting to serve, let it go to h3ll – where you got me being “disrespectful- is putting words in someone’s mouth

    5. @Rach As a leftist, if this is in fact a conservative take you’re musing about, first of all, I agree. Homeless veterans were duped into serving a government that would just as easily dismiss them, but the fact is free housing IS a human right.

  4. And the great news is rejecting applications for being EVICTED is NOT discrimination. Turbo Tenant does a great job for background checks for prospective tenants and is FREE for landlords to use.

    1. Once people with IQ of less than 80 learns that you can get everything for free, they have learned not to go back to work.

  5. shelter is a basic human need but its not a “right” when you have to take from another in order to fulfill your need.

    1. But they already helped by handing out big stimulus checks, unemployment pays more than 80% of the peoples actual jobs, and they lived rent free for over a year. The government has never been more helpful than now and people are just taking advantage of it at this point.

  6. I know quite a few people who instead of paying their rent with all the extra money they were getting going on trips and going on shopping spree’s etc.

  7. Either way those tenants are gonna be homeless when the landlords can’t afford the mortgage and foreclose om the property. At this point it is inevitable, and what people really need to do is get back to work..

    1. There are more vacant homes than homeless people in America.

      Thousands of houses/apartment sit empty, accruing taxes that the landlord owes *whether the property is occupied or not.*

    1. Wasn’t it though the Trump administration saying don’t worry about paying your rent… hmmmm setup if you don’t vote for me. Personally I didn’t get unemployment checks of $900 a week, so I do not have sympathy who didn’t spend their money wisely. FYI our government sucks both parties. I don’t even know why we call them parties not like we’re having fun, country before party happy 🙃

  8. California politicians going on about moratoriums, meanwhile, in their own backyard, a high rate of homelessness with a state budget surplus….

    1. @Buck Fiden And although the eviction moratorium has expired, Biden and Harris continue to occupy that tiny space in your head…rent free.

  9. The supreme court has determined that the eviction moratorium is unconstitutional. This might have something to do with Congress’s nervousness about approaching the issue again.

  10. The “insurrectionists” were so well organized, they didn’t even have a single gun between them.

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