Extent Of Trump Pressure Campaign In GA Puts County D.A. In Key Investigative Role | Rachel Maddow 1

Extent Of Trump Pressure Campaign In GA Puts County D.A. In Key Investigative Role | Rachel Maddow


Rachel Maddow explains that Donald Trump's effort to overturn the election results in Georgia involved so many officials that the only person left who isn't implicated, targeted, or otherwise a witness, is Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. Aired on 02/12/2021.
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Extent Of Trump Pressure Campaign In GA Puts County D.A. In Key Investigative Role | Rachel Maddow


  1. Trump actually thought that Georgia’s Secretary of State was just going to throw out 11k votes, and replace them with 11k fake votes for him. Apparently he believes that everyone is just dying to go to prison for him.

    1. @Troy Mitchell that was the only option they had, they wanted to scrutinize the ballots because the kick out rate dropped off but the total count was way up

    2. @Constituent A that wasn’t done, the system was flooded so there was no way to check the ballots against the voter rolls.

    3. @CoconutKev Not on the recount there isn’t, no. But the signatures are checked before the envelope is opened. That’s the first work station. Then it goes to the person working the cutter, which is a machine that slices open the envelopes which are hand-fed, one at a time. If there’s a “privacy sleeve” it’s removed by the person at the cutter, who just slices open envelopes and stacks them, they don’t take out the ballots. That happens at another work station, and counting takes place at another work station. For the recounts, you’re just counting ballots, not matching signatures. You can’t. That is done only once.

    4. @Billy Goat if the recounts were off, don’t you think the REPUBLICAN people in charge would have loved to present that as evidence?? They were literally on trump’s side & wanted him to win! In fact, GEORGIA is the ONE state that everyone in charge of, all things related to election, were republicans & on the side of Donald Trump!! It just so happens that they happened to be TRUTHFUL Republicans & thought their oath was more important to protect rather than lie & cheat to help out one poor sad man win a state that he DID NOT WIN!!!

  2. Wow! What a brave DA and what a crooked past president. Considering the threats other Republican officials have gotten for “doing the correct thing” I wish her well and hope she stays safe.

  3. This is just rich. An array of strong, capable Black women are vying for the honor of seeing him in an orange jumpsuit. Come on SDNY! Go get ’em Fulton County!

    1. Am loving that Karma has revealed itself as two strong black women….. go get him ladies! Show the world that no one is above the law!

    2. @mike briganti No, because of covid, he’s been released from jail and is under house arrest at a friend’s house in Venice, California. He’s facing a ton of legal trouble.

  4. Ms. Willis sometimes things end up with the right person. With corruption of this magnitude please stay strong and follow up. Many people are behind you!

    1. Sending prayers for her safety. Sounds like she already has all the inherent courage and wisdom she will need.

    1. @Billy Goat Trump has committed numerous crimes and he is not immune from conviction and imprisonment in New York or Georgia.

    2. @Jimmy Crackcorn Fooools done voted for Biden and a liar prosecutor that jailed more blacks than any two people holding office. Only Foools would vote for more repression, just to hang a rich white man. You are too afraid to use your real name, I assume, punk.

    3. @Billy Goat he won’t have the gop senant to protect him on this case don’t forget sdny always a calm befor the storm… I voted my mail and got the Orange cheedoo foo removed….. Nixon got cought in tape… Ooops

  5. Wouldn’t it be poetic justice if it’s an intelligent black woman who finally gets Trump indicted, convicted and locked up!

    1. @Hopsta “The Democrats are playing you for a political chump and if you vote for them, not only are you a chump, you are a traitor to your race.” Malcolm X spoke these words and was assassinated two days after expressing this.

    1. Morning Sky no he didn’t, if you actually listen to entire call that included lawyers on the line on both sides, he explains 200k In fraudulent votes and says we only need 12k… zero there, zero crime, bad wording I’ll admit but in context and even out of context you are making it what you want and not what it was. If it were soooo bad and such a crime why didn’t any lawyers on the call step and and say anything?? It’s literally their job on that call… and the finally damming part is when trump says maybe we have are info wrong can we sit down and go over it and they all agreed… zero wrong with that call

    2. @Billy Goat you are completely lost. I see why he likes his followers so much. He said he loves the uneducated. He even asked on January 6th why do they look like that. To him you are the bottom feeders not the elite. Let’s see hiw many pardons he five out to yall for what happened at the capitol. Oh, wait he gave out NONE…

    1. Yeah it will, he didn’t commit any crimes…. will be just like the impeachment AGAIN…. nothing will happen because he didn’t do anything wrong… thanks for playing though

    2. @Billy Goat WRONG!!! ever heard of political trial VS legal action/proceedings or lawsuits??? TOTALLY different. The political trial is a criminal trial with only political implications.

  6. Every case brought against him brings the stink of corruption closer to sinking him for good,get all the cases going and shame the gop so much they run for the hills

    1. @Billy Goat Stop lying!! We all heard the audio recording of the phone call. Trump pressured the Georgia Secretary of State to “find” 11,780 votes — just enough votes to win in Georgia. He broke the law, and you know it. The lies need to stop. People died at the Capitol insurrection because of Trump’s big lie.

  7. That moment when your corruption goes so deep that no one can investigate it…

    We were just one short of that happening…
    So i give it 3 months before an investigation is opened where we do cross that line where a witness would have to investigate it…

  8. Whilst this level of “cross infection” is not unheard of, it is astonishing (although in the case of Donald Trump, not surprising) that it should apply to an American President.

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