Extent Of Trumpworld Legal Trouble Defies Precedent In U.S., Maybe Anywhere 1

Extent Of Trumpworld Legal Trouble Defies Precedent In U.S., Maybe Anywhere

With the arrest of Donald Trump's friend and inaugural committee chair Tom Barrack, Rachel Maddow reviews the litany of campaign staff, personal businesses, Cabinet members, and lawyers for Donald Trump who have found themselves in legal trouble.
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    1. @raymondwise t had a corrupt DOJ which is why investigations never happened in many cases t couldn’t be charged until 6mnths ago. That’s also when the investigations went into overdrive.
      T was right, it was ‘legal’ for him to give Russians classified intel. During his reign we had to pull a deep imbedded spy from the Kremlin. So you’re ok being a Russian saboteur’s parroting sheep?

    2. @Ryan Johnson ……why would you call yourself crazy? Just because you take psychotropics doesn’t in anyway insinuate that you’re a loon. I was merely just doing a friend a favor by grabbing his skittles since he is busy trolling people for no reason on his puter. That’s all I was doing bud

    1. @Engage360 if your still complaining about the previous election, you’ve gone mad. No one cares. p.S. this was debunked several times. Even trumps top supporters like Sydney Powell even admitted they made it up.

    2. Hiring interview question, “Are you a crook?” No??? WTF are you doing here? Get the F* out!!!

    1. @Alex MacKenzie not all lies are equal, nor are their consequences. to claim they are is both dishonest and arrogant.
      humans have a long history of professing ideals that they fail to achieve.
      that doesn’t change the fact that we aspire to be better than we are.
      sorry oh jaded wise one but you are a lesser person than those imperfect persons that you sneer at.

    2. @Kanda Masaki- yep. Fauci lied to Congress and the Democrats are going after people who didn’t do anything wrong.
      Fauci murdered millions all over the world.
      Note you see why they projected that onto Trump.
      The truth always, always comes out

    3. It wasn’t just Barr, it was sessions, ROSENSTEIN, baldy dude, then Barr, oh wait who took barrs place? Him too.

  1. The record number of crooked Trump org. indictments, opens up the questions as to how deep and wide the criminality goes.

    1. @Hazel T- and yet you still don’t know that these people are falsely charged.
      You still don’t realize that the Democrats you support in government are Soviets

    2. @Origami Mambo You are absolutely correct! He’ll steal from anyone he can to continue this “Campaigning” and speeches to keep himself Relevant for the next 3 years and then he’ll run in 2024 and Continue Bullying everyone in the Government, the Courts and everyone in the Country! Trump is nothing but a big, fat, loud Bully!

  2. Trump had all the villains in the White House. That’s Lex Luthor, Dr. Octavius, The Joker, Skeletor, Magneto, Megatron, Mum-rah, and he was trying to be Thanos.

    1. Please write respectfully of the office, if not the man.

      I’m always careful to write “former President Donald Trump”.
      Especially since I heard he hates to hear “former”.

  3. ‘Trump’, a brand synonymous with sleaze; corruption; incompetence; illegality; deceit; nepotism; collusion with enemies; incompetence; abuse of office; Presidential interference with an election; obstruction of justice; venality; treason; tax-fraud; fraud; brazen lies and so much more.
    Wanna buy a business?

    1. @Kieron Johnson
      Whether Trump understands polysyllabic words is surely irrelevant to my comment. Ignorance of the Law is no excuse.
      My comment uses English words, which can be found in dictionaries (also polysyllabic), both printed and online and are readily understood by English-speaking people who are not called Trump.

    2. @Protista protista Sorry, I was being slightly less than 100% serious there. It’s often the case when this individual is mentioned. Don’t take it personally. I’d add mendacious and perfidious.

    3. AND abusing WOMEN, what happened to the 25 accusers, did he pay them off, or have them bumped off?!! I will add, a concience~LESS narcissist, who is a pathological LIAR, he does not know truth and is the MOB BOSS of his corrupt, tRUMP REPUBLICAN PATRIOT PARTY, who want to dominate us and our free country kinda like ISIS!!! AND IF WE DON”T FULL SCALE VOTE IN 2022, THEY WILL DOMINATE OUR GOVERNMENT, THE DEN OF VIPERS!!!

  4. The only country that could do this is the US meanwhile 80% of the GOP think Trump can do no wrong.Its collective madness.

    1. Not 80% only 65% of gop voters… the other 35% joined forces with Dems & independs to get scank T out of office.

    2. @anita windbigler And that percentage is dropping by the day. Registered Repubs have been leaving in droves – 175,000 in Arizona alone.

    3. I think they know they are in to deep and now this is a point of no return..so voter suppression laws is a must to try to save their corrupt party!

  5. Trump his administration and followers are complete disasters and failures. Its unbelievable how corrupted they all are.unfortunlately people in rural america are still the number one buyers of snake oil from fast talking new Yorker just like the old days .fall for anything.

  6. Good Job Rachel for compiling Trump Corrupt history’s tenure. This sums it all up what the current GOP values are.

  7. …and yet there is still a wide swath of Americans that have drank so deeply of the “kool-aid” that they STILL believe it’s some conspiracy. *eyeroll*

    1. There won’t be for long, they are dying of the COVID, their autocrat deliberately spread, oh well, fewer votes for this corrupt MOB BOSS!!!

    1. That’s because this is fake news. They can’t talk about the government they elected. Because why would they make the own people they elected stupid and criminal?

  8. Trump:
    “I am going to drain the swamp”
    American People: “You and your associates ARE the swamp!”

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