1. Libs, like me, can’t think for ourselves. So I believe anything the media spoon feeds me. I’m not dupid 🤪

  2. If only we could move the water to all the places suffering from “100 year” droughts. Build some crazy drainage pipes and pump stations.

  3. It shouldn’t be plainer to the religious Americans suffering under the earth’s rath It’s time to take care of the land, the water, the air and the infrastructure of our lives Americans have the tools and the knowledge to prevent further deterioration of America’s and American’s infrastructure If we fail god has given us a view of what failing to act will bring to America and Americans God helps those who help themselves God does serve fools lightly

    1. Grow up debra, god is the same as santa, never existed all just fantasy.
      This indoctrination is the cause of our collective stupidity and inability to tell fact from fiction and truth from lies. It is why we can’t vote wisely and accept science and experts.

  4. …far out on an ocean in a leaking rubber raft. Some are fighting each other trying to push the other into the cold waters. Some are trying to figure out where the shore is, paddling like crazy to get there before the air runs out

  5. “We can’t use Virus Panic forever. So we have to be ready to push another Panic to keep the rabble in line. It’s all about flexibility.”
    – Rep. Gregory “Goebbels” Meeks

  6. No one saw this coming but every scientist that studies our climate.Congress is leading our climate in the Waltz mosh pit dance to Countdown to Extinction!

  7. Been coming out of the Ice age for years. Still getting warmer. You can’t control it but you can react to it.

  8. It’s not just NY. The country as a whole is long overdue for an overhaul. We can’t have these kinds of situations ruin the livelihoods of people like this.

  9. I keep hearing we need to support our President do what he is working on doing. He is doing stuff that people need & we need to support him.

  10. Part of what’s hard about passing anything to do with climate is that the results are all but invisible. We won’t see the fruits of such labors for decades, possible centuries to come. It’s hard to convince people to get behind something that doesn’t give them instant gratification. We need to be less selfish, or we’re all doomed.

  11. Most basement apartments in New York City are illegal, and officials from the Department of Buildings, Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) and other city agencies will vacate the homes and fine property owners if they discover an unregulated unit.

  12. Senator Mannequin gonna wait until the next grid and power out to pass the bill??? West Virginia people hate TX and Louisiana people??? This is real life and not some football game coach…

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